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Michael Crockart MP’s maiden speech

LDV is continuing the tradition started on Cix of reposting maiden speeches of new Lib Dem MPs for the delectation and comment of our own community. We’ve been reserving them for the weekend, and amongst the new boys speaking this week past, we will be bringing you Michael Crockart, Ian Swales, Stephen Lloyd and Stephen Gilbert.

Thank you, Mr Deputy Speaker, for giving me the opportunity to make my maiden speech. I want to pay tribute to Steve Baker for his considerable knowledge of the banking industry. I cannot wait to hear more about that in future debates. It is …

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  • User AvatarThomas 29th May - 12:54pm
    Frankly the Conservatives deserve a Pride's Purge.
  • User AvatarThomas 29th May - 12:53pm
    Evidence from Canada also shows that death toll in private care homes is like 4 times greater than in municipal-run ones.
  • User AvatarGeorge Miles 29th May - 12:14pm
    YOUR TYPO IF It we thought that all government rules please correct then delete this comment
  • User AvatarPeter Martin 29th May - 12:08pm
    I'd have to say the answer to the question is 'yes'. The obvious answer is to replace guidelines by regulations. Lib Dems seem to have...
  • User AvatarAlice Thomas 29th May - 11:38am
    @Gwyn - I assume you're talking about the individual complaints panels? These are made up of adjudicators who are party members who volunteered for this...
  • User AvatarLiz Green 29th May - 11:27am
    Chris Cory, it is not that I think all nature reserves should be run by Councils. However, we believe that Councils should be able to...