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Stoke election result upheld

Stoke’s The Sentinel newspaper reports the latest in the case of an election won by one vote with one ballot apparently missing:

The public inquiry, which began on Monday, looked into why 742 postal vote envelopes were counted before election night, of which 26 were rejected, leaving 716, but only 715 were accounted for after the official count.

The petition was rejected by electoral commissioner Richard Mawrey, who said it had led to cumulative costs of six figures for both parties.

He said the “missing” vote could be explained by mistakes in the recording of information on the records.

“They seem to be

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Hearing starts into the case of the missing Stoke ballot paper

From The Sentinel newspaper:

A PUBLIC inquiry has opened into whether a Stoke-on-Trent City Council election was held according to the law…

In October, Election Commissioner Richard Mawrey counted the ballot papers behind closed doors and ruled a public hearing would have to take place in Stoke-on-Trent. The two-day inquiry began at Hanley Town Hall yesterday.

Ms Maley, of Eaton Street, Northwood, lost out to Liberal Democrat candidate Dave Sutton after several recounts – by just one vote…

It has previously been discovered that 742 postal vote envelopes were counted before election night, of which 26 were rejected, leaving 716. But only 715 were

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