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Media ownership: what have Liberal Democrats said?

Flicking through old general election manifestos of the Liberal Democrats and our predecessor parties at the weekend, I was surprised to find how recent references to concerns over the pattern of media ownership in the UK are. It really is only with the 1997 general election manifesto that explicit policies about protecting or improving the diversity of media ownership feature.

Given the number of technological innovations over the years, it is no surprise that some of the manifesto policies now read as very dated – 1983’s concerns over the impact of video tapes in particular. Yet the actual or feared power …

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    And the remain vote was split , us and 2 indepents (not sure of the local platform they stood on ) Malc poll
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    Advancing in brexit land ! The Tories lost 0.1 percent of the vote ! We took it all from labour ! Figures dont lie !