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Conservative donor to stand against shadow minister

Stuart Wheeler, the man who gave the Conservative Party £5 million, is forming his own political party and standing for Parliament.  Prominent anti-EU campaigner Wheeler, who was expelled by the Tories last year after making a donation to UKIP, will announce tomorrow that he has set up the Trust Party and will fight Bexhill MP Greg Barker at the General Election.

The Trust Party is aiming to stand just three candidates, one each in England, Scotland and Wales. It will have a manifesto based on cleaning up the ‘corrupt’ expenses system and proposes a new Parliamentary court, with the power to jail politicians. Other ‘highlights’ of the party’s policies …

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More Euro troubles for Conservatives as donor backs UKIP

Fresh on the heels of the news that Conservative MEP Caroline Jackson is thinking of quitting the Conservative Party comes this news via The News of the World:

The Tories’ top donor today told the News of the World how he has defected to the eurosceptic UK Independence Party.

Spread-betting millionaire Stuart Wheeler has written a cheque for £100,000 to UKIP and said he will be voting for them in the June Euro elections …

In 2000, Mr Wheeler gave the Tories £5m – their biggest single donation.

He has continued to back them since, but has become increasingly angry at leader

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