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Find Tory David Amess’s £1,500 website and win an LDV prize!

The Southend Echo reports (hat-tip to Peter Welch):

SOUTHEND West Conservative MP David Amess claimed more than £1,500 on expenses for website design and hosting. However, the only website the Echo has been able to find dedicated to Mr Amess contained just one picture and no information about him, besides the statement he was the MP for Southend West.

Yesterday, a spokesman at MP’s London office was unable to confirm the web address to which of Mr Amess’s claim related or if it had ever gone live. He said he would ask Mr Amess to call us back, but the

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The Tangerine Book reviewed

Alex Wilcock has a characteristically thorough review of The Tangerine Book on his site. Not sure if you agree with his review? Buy the book here and find out.

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The Tangerine Book reviewed

Matt Wardman has reviewed our book over on The Wardman Wire:

I enjoyed reading the pieces – there was a good mix and nothing too obscure that would be lost on a non-Lib Dem audience. I was left wanting a touch more – particularly one or two more “meaty” pieces, as I explain below.

And a Gold Star for having spent the time and space to include a decent index.

You can read the full review here. One of the points he picks up is how the book is rather light on Scottish and Welsh content. That’s a fair point, and reflects …

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How to explain blogging to technophobes

Simple: get them a copy of The Tangerine Book. With added explanations of hash tags, ICM polling methodology and policy bits too. You can buy it online right now at Lulu.com. Go on, you know you want to.

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The perfect present for yourself, your family or a friend

The Tangerine Book. 153 pages of Liberal Democrat goodness. You can buy it online right now at Lulu.com. Remember – only by buying direct can you guarantee yourself that rarest of political book versions – the unautographed one.

Just in case you need more reasons: Lulu.com have extended their Christmas deadlines. If you don’t need it for Christmas, you can economise by going to economy shipping, and pay only £3 for P+P.

And, exclusively, I can now attach a copy of the entire index for your perusal. Please buy a copy, even if you’re not actually …

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Have you purchased The Tangerine Book yet?

All the best of this blog from the last year. In a book. The perfect match of 21st century content with 15th century technology. You can buy it online right now at Lulu.com.

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Buy our book!


The Liberal Democrat Voice Annual 2008 The Tangerine Book is now available for purchase through the Lulu.com self-publishing site.

Click here or use the button below

Support independent publishing: buy this book on Lulu.

The 153-page paperback features nearly 80 articles taken from Lib Dem Voice from last December to this November. The book costs £5.99 and Lulu want another £6.30 P&P. LibDemVoice make a small profit on each book which contributes towards our running costs.

We think that the

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Tangerine Book: Good news and bad news

Good News: it is with an enormous sense of relief that I can announce the book is now available for publication, and can be bought directly from the lulu.com website. Here, finally, is the link you need.

Support independent publishing: buy this book on Lulu.

Bad News: if you want a guaranteed copy for Christmas, you need to hop along to Lulu on or before Friday and fork out six quid for postage (the express option).

Other Good News:  the surprisingly expensive postage seems to apply whether you buy one copy or 20.

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Tangerine Book – G-H

With any luck, the news that LDV are publishing a book will now come as no surprise to you.

It’s paperback book with luridly coloured covers and 153 pages. 6.14″ x 9.21″, perfect binding, white interior paper (55# weight), black and white interior ink, white exterior paper (90# weight), full-colour exterior ink.

Here’s another glimpse at the index. We’ll be promoting this all week so if you wanna see particular letters in the index, shout up in the comments.

We are self-publishing through lulu.com and are currently waiting confirmation from them that the …

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EXCLUSIVE: a peek at Tangerine Book’s index!

Yesterday, we gave you a sneak peek at the back cover of The Tangerine Book, Lib Dem Voice’s answer to the Blue Peter Annual.

Now, in an attempt to get you to BUY BUY BUY! here’s a peek at part of the Index:

A peek at the index of LDV's The Tangerine Book

Hopefully, it’s a good taster of the book as a whole.  Yes, there’s a comprehensive index.  Yes, there are a mix of quirky and serious stories from the blog this year.  Yes, there are at least 140 pages, …

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EXCLUSIVE: More on The Tangerine Book

Last night at the bottom of Catchup, I exclusively revealed that Lib Dem Voice is publishing a book.

I even gave you a glimpse of what the cover looks like.

Now I can exclusively reveal it has a back page too:

Regrettably, a slight technology glitch means I am unable to tell you precisely when it will become available, but I can definitely tell you that it is soon.

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