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Daily View 2×2: 4 March 2010

Good morning and welcome to Thursday’s Daily View.

There’s a huge chunk of exciting things that happened today in history, so it’s an auspicious day to welcome a baby Cullen. Our technical editor Ryan has been tweeting progress, and as I write this there’s a lot of pushing going on. Best wishes from all at LDV to the Cullen family – I’m sure LDV Towers will soon get used to night feeds. I’m dusting off my copy of Gina Ford as I type.

Male swans from Matthew Bourne's Swan LakeSo, today in history: the US Congress met for the first time in 1789. In 1790, France was divvied into départements. In 1797, John Adams succeeded George Washington, the first ever peaceful transfer of power between elected leaders in modern times. Chicago was founded in 1837; Tchaikovsky’s Swan Lake premiered in Moscow in 1877 and in 1882, East London saw Britain’s first electric trams. The first Daimler car was unveiled and in 1933, the first woman joined the US Cabinet.

March 4th birthdays include Vivaldi, in 1678, Sir Patrick Moore, and Nottingham novellist Alan Sillitoe (I was at the meeting of Nottingham City Council that made him an honorary freeman of the city, incidentally)

2 Big Stories

Evil Gays update

Civil partnerships – gay marriages – could soon be registered in places of worship – something currently expressly banned by statute, which is particularly unfair on those faiths which don’t have a problem with gay relationships, including Quakers and Reform Judaism. The Times has one version of the information; the Telegraph on the other hand manages to paint a far more bleak version of the havoc that could be wrought by litigious homos.

Meanwhile, David Cameron has averred that his party’s tax breaks, maternity and paternity rights planned for married couples will also be available to their civilly partnershipped brethren. Not quite sure how this tallies with last month’s pronouncement that would be no new gay rights under the Tories.

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  • User AvatarJames 27th May - 9:00pm
    Possibly our only actual achievement in Wales in a number of years.
  • User AvatarTheakes 27th May - 8:40pm
    Let’s talk of the future and not remind Labour voters of the recent past
  • User Avatartonyhill 27th May - 8:40pm
    It would be really useful to have a list of all the LibDem achievements during the Coalition that were subsequently negated by the Tories when...
  • User Avatarnvelope2003 27th May - 8:30pm
    A deal with the Greens might have saved Westbury- on- Trym & Henleaze
  • User Avatarnvelope2003 27th May - 8:25pm
    Peter Martin I am not a writer for the Guardian. Anna Soubry was being sarcastic as she knows the Brexiteers do not like talk of...
  • User AvatarPaul D B 27th May - 8:16pm
    It seems to be very easy to criticise the coalition, but never to criticize the cause of the problem, namely the Labour Party, who spent...