29 November 2019 – today’s press releases

  • Boris Johnson admits no deal still on the table
  • Chuka Umunna: Boris Johnson continues to let down Nazanin Zaghari-Ratcliffe
  • Statement on Lib Dem campaign following London Bridge attack
  • Lib Dems are the only party that can stop the Conservatives

Boris Johnson admits no deal still on the table

Responding to this morning’s joint press conference with Boris Johnson, Michael Gove and Gisela Stuart, in which Johnson admitted that no deal preparations will continue, Liberal Democrat Shadow Brexit Secretary Tom Brake said:

Seeing Johnson, Stuart and Gove back on stage together will give people flashbacks to the lies of the 2016 Vote Leave campaign. But, after three years of Brexit chaos, the difference is the promises peddled by Vote Leave have now been exposed as a fantasy.

And today Boris Johnson has let the cat out of the bag. If he wins a majority, the UK will be headed for a disastrous no deal Brexit in 2020, damaging our economy, NHS and public services.

The only way to stop Johnson is to vote Liberal Democrat and deny him a majority, so we can stop Brexit and build a brighter future for the country.

Chuka Umunna: Boris Johnson continues to let down Nazanin Zaghari-Ratcliffe

Commenting on the letter written by Richard Ratcliffe to Boris Johnson regarding the ongoing detention of Nazanin Zaghari-Ratcliffe, Liberal Democrat Shadow Foreign Secretary Chuka Umunna said:

I encourage every voter to read the heart-breaking letter by Richard Ratcliffe. It is clear that Boris Johnson is totally unfit to be Prime Minister.

Johnson has still failed to correct his untrue and inaccurate comments in Hansard regarding Nazanin’s case. He must learn that his words have consequences.

He has let Nazanin down at every turn. It is time that he steps up and does all he can to ensure that Nazanin is brought home to the UK and reunited with her husband and their young daughter, Gabriella, who is just starting school.

Johnson promised Nazanin’s family that he would leave no stone left unturned in his efforts to secure her release. So far it seems he is happy to break that promise and undermine the trust that this family have placed in him. The situation is absolutely unacceptable.

Statement on Lib Dem campaign following London Bridge attack

Following the attack at London Bridge tonight, the Chair of the Liberal Democrat General Election campaign James Gurling said:

Our thoughts are with the victims and those who have lost loved ones. Out of respect for those affected, the Liberal Democrats are cancelling our ‘Stop Brexit’ rally tomorrow afternoon. Canvassing has also stopped in the local area tonight.

Lib Dems are the only party that can stop the Conservatives

Following Jo Swinson’s performance during the 7-way BBC Election Debate, Deputy Leader of the Liberal Democrats Ed Davey said:

Jo Swinson demonstrated clearly that the Liberal Democrats are the best choice for voters who want to stop Brexit and build a brighter future.

While the stand-ins for Boris Johnson and Jeremy Corbyn argued over whose version of Brexit would be more damaging and whose spending plans are least credible, Jo Swinson made the clear, positive case for remaining in the EU.

Boris Johnson is hiding from the voters, trying to dodge accountability for his lies, his extreme views and his disastrous Brexit plans. He doesn’t deserve to be Prime Minister, and only the Liberal Democrats can stop him by winning seats from the Conservatives.

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  • Richard Hatton 29th Nov '19 - 11:22pm

    Whilst I agree that in the main The Lib Dem’s are the best places to win Tory seats there are still many 2 way marginals where Lib Dem votes will allow Tory’s to win Labour seats which could be crucial to giving Boris a majority.
    This can’t be allowed to happen and I implore you now in the remaining 2 weeks to come to some agreement with Labour on tactical voting to keep Boris out.

  • Alex Macfie 30th Nov '19 - 7:41am

    Any perception that the Lib Dems are helping Labour out would drive Lib Dem supporters back to the Tories in our target seats (remember 1992?). It also wouldn’t particularly help Labour in seats where Labour is the main challenger to the Tories. In seats like Canterbury and Uxbridge, Labour already have the anti-Tory tactical vote and the single-issue Remain vote. There, the Lib Dems are a useful receptacle for soft Tories who are pro-Remain but would never consider voting Labour while it is led by someone like Corbyn. Our absence from the battlefield there would result in them voting Tory or abstaining.

  • Nonconformistradical 30th Nov '19 - 8:00am

    @Richard Hatton
    Haven’t you noticed – it’s Labour who don’t want to do any deals with others…?

  • Peter Martin 30th Nov '19 - 8:49am

    @ Richard Hatton,

    It’s too late now. Agreeing to a Tory request to have a Christmas election was always going to be a risky strategy. It doesn’t look like it’s going to pay off even in narrow party political terms for the Lib Dems.

    Stand by for 5 more years of Boris!

  • Five years of Depeffle and Brexit, Lord that is a lot of humble pie our poor Brexiteers will be eating and no amount of ” This isn’t my Brexit/Lexit” will deflect the responsibility. In the school for fools the question ” Who voted for this” will soon become a pressing one. Thankfully I will be able to say not me, not an option open to some though and they are not good at handling responsiblity.

  • John Marriott 30th Nov '19 - 9:57am

    I know that, with nearly two weeks to go, it’s a bit early for post-mortems; but, at least in England and Wales, if the opinion polls are to be believed, things are not going well for Remain. I speak as a very much detached observer this time, for a variety of reasons. What makes it worse is the fact that so many Lib Dems are working so hard to prove me wrong. Good luck to them. I just have that sinking feeling that we are seeing lions being led by donkeys.

    Unless Johnson, or at least those advising him, make a massive mistake, a Tory majority government at Westminster could be on the cards. How it got there could have been avoided if the opposition parties had not allowed themselves to be suckered into a general election, when the FTPA gave them an opportunity to avoid what could turn out to be the final victory for Leave, at least in this round.

    Of course, once it became clear that the Brexit Party was turning out to be a busted flush, the writing was on the wall. A Tory Party hoovering up Leave voters from both the Brexit and Labour Parties is being opposed by a quite frankly fragmented Remain movement, not helped by the fact that the Peoples Vote campaign, whose legitimacy, as embodied by the thousands who have marched recently, appears to be in doubt now that its leadership, or what appeared to act as such, appears to have imploded.

    I could go on. I only hope that, as has happened on so many occasions, I am proved wrong. However, from where I stand in largely Tory voting, Brexiteer riddled Lincolnshire, the omens are not good.

  • Our Poll ratings have been in steady decline since September, an earlier Election would probably have seen us do better & a later one, worse. Our Campaign seems to have had little effect either way, Nationally. We have to wait to see what the Target Seats look like.
    On the bright side, we seem to have expanded our Core Vote significantly since 2017.

  • Peter Martin 30th Nov '19 - 1:42pm

    @ frankie,

    “Five years of Depeffle and Brexit”

    Yep. In the summer when Boris took over I was expecting just over two years of Boris and Brexit. It would have been much easier to win an election in 2022 with Brexit out of the way. But thanks to the stupidity of Hilary Benn and Alistair Burt, with what has come to be called the Surrender Act, in Leave circles we’re now facing a further three years of Boris!

    And for what? We’re still going to get Brexit.

  • nvelope2003 30th Nov '19 - 2:45pm

    The problem for the Liberal Democrats is that most people do not want a hung Parliament ( see the results of the 2015/17 election if you do not believe it). They want what they are used to which is a single party Government which does not depend on the support of a possibly unreliable smaller party and I cannot see that ever changing. I suppose if we had PR they would eventually get used to it but it is most unlikely to be introduced except if there was some complete catastrophe which no one wants to happen. The Conservatives were determined to destroy the Liberals and were delighted when the Labour Party came along and did the job for them in 1922 and neither of those 2 parties are going to help the Liberals recover by bringing in PR. I often wonder if the Liberal Democrats would do it if they won the election when you see what happened in Canada, unless they depended on one of the Nationalist parties but by then the Scots, Welsh and Northern Irish would either be gone or decided to stay in the UK.

  • Bless Peter Brexit out of the way, the consequences will last for decades and people looking for a scape goats will either be blaming the EU or those that voted to leave. We are entering the school for fools. I know you think you are exempt but actually you are one of those most likely to suffer, a small, poor, isolated country can ill afford the economically inactive.

  • Innocent Bystander 30th Nov '19 - 5:16pm

    I think Peter has mentioned before that he has Australian citizenship. I travel a lot to Europe and the drop in sterling has already caused me suffering and I expect worse to come. As to Mr 2003’s catastrophe, I see that as now a certainty. As I am too old to go to Oz myself, I will have to keep myself warm by burning wads of million pound banknotes that our govt will end up printing.

  • Peter Martin 1st Dec '19 - 8:38am

    @ Martin

    If you feel the Benn-Burt Act has worked out well then, of course, you’re entitled to explain why. It is though, I must admit, a difficult task.

    Much easier to impugn my political motivations, but which do remain, as ever firmly of the left.

  • Peter Martin 1st Dec '19 - 8:46am

    @Innocent Bystander,

    Please don’t burn your £ banknotes. I’ll take them off your hands. If you send me enough, I’ll happily pay your central heating bill! That would probably be better for the environment too.

    Incidentally, its not the first time I’ve made this offer to someone who thinks paper or computer created currency is worthless. But so far no-one has taken me up on it. I really can’t think why 🙂

  • Innocent Bystander 1st Dec '19 - 9:31am

    The UK actually has a (=1) £100,000,000 banknote but when we all have wallets full of them I might as well send them to you.
    I have on my notice board a 100,000,000 Zimbabwe dollar note as well as a 100,000,000,000,000 one (for those larger purchases – like a packet of crisps).
    Clearly, Zimbabwe could have turned their economy around if only they had thought of printing longer banknotes (to get more zeroes on them).
    Our turn is sure to come while we cling to ever more ludicrous economic theories, like MMT. Meanwhile, the nations of Asia are now supplanting our economic status simply through new ideas, enterprise, innovation, hard work, sacrifice and a respect for profit.
    All of those terms are political anathema in the UK, especially on this forum.

  • Peter Martin 1st Dec '19 - 9:50am

    @ Innocent Bystander,

    You’re not the first person to predict hyperinflation. Ten years or so ago, when the US Fed and the BoE were into QE to bail out the banks, there was a flight from fiat currencies into gold. The price spiked at close to $2000 per oz before it all collapsed. Those who made money were those who were smart enough to create the scare in the first place and sold at the right time. Those who lost were those who believed in it.

    MMT simply says that $,£ and Yens etc are IOUs of government, typically created in a computer. It’s not a theory of what should be. It is a theory of what is. If you have a better one then please let’s hear it.

  • People do not vote for hung parliaments. They are an accident of electoral statistics. That’s all they are. People vote for the party and policies they vote for. The first duty of a political party is to represent the people that actively voted for it. Otherwise it would pointless voting for them in the first place. The Conservatives have always understood this. The other parties less so, which is why they tend to end up disappointing their own voters. You will not find the Tories making “hard”, “brave” and “realistic” choices that actively go against what their voters voted for. In power their “hard”, “brave” and “realistic” choices are always aimed at the voters of their political opponents.

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