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  • User AvatarTony Greaves 27th Feb - 12:36pm
    I assume (after looking at its website) "Radix" is another attempt to divert the Liberal Democrats into becoming part of a soggy meaningless centre-right mish-mash....
  • User AvatarFred Orme 27th Feb - 12:24pm
    Can anyone here stop the Lib Dem council in Bath from doing something really stupid? Other avenues got nowhere, hence writing here in desperation.
  • User AvatarPeter Hirst 27th Feb - 12:11pm
    We could start with our purpose that is to win seats to implement our policies. How we do that is our strategy? We do tend...
  • User AvatarHumphrey Hawksley 27th Feb - 12:06pm
    Michael Kitching is totally on the nail. It might be an idea if the Party sets up a separate institution to look into how the...
  • User AvatarGlenn 27th Feb - 11:52am
    David Steel is not being scapegoated. He is being asked some questions. That is what happens when politicians make errors of judgement. Personally, I think...
  • User AvatarDan M-B 27th Feb - 11:51am
    He's admitted in evidence (and years ago in press interviews) that Smith told him the reports were true, so his statement is splitting hairs at...