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Opinion: Do we really want politicians to be “ordinary people”?

Recently Ed Miliband’s Labour Party TV broadcast expressed his frustration that the world of politics wasn’t like the real world. Considering that the entire broadcast was along the lines of painting Ed Miliband as an ordinary guy, it got me thinking on the subject of whether we really want our politicians to be ordinary people. It seems common sense that we want the people who represent us, to be like us. I would question this assumption, especially when we look at some of the other requirements we place on them.

The first requirement is obviously that they are knowledgeable about the …

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Opinion: the Lib Dem identity crisis

Most parties have identity crises after being kicked out of power; we are having one upon gaining it for the first time. This crisis is not an internal one, as most Liberal Democrats seem to be holding firm, but rather a crisis of what the public perceive us to be. Tough decisions of power have meant for our long term electoral success, our basic thinking and ideology needs to be made clearer to the public.

Having voted for the first time this general election, I found many of my first time voter friends simply did not know what the Liberal …

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  • User Avatarrichard undehill 24th Jan - 4:05pm
    I have just finished reading "The Struggle for Europe" by Chester Wilmot (an Australian was correspondent attached to the BBC, travelling with the troops starting...
  • User AvatarJohn Peters 24th Jan - 4:02pm
    I understand Lib Dems are into self identification. I am not. May I point out that a lot of the above seems to make the...
  • User AvatarInnocent Bystander 24th Jan - 4:00pm
    Bernard, I have always had a great admiration for the friendly hard working Dutch, with whom Britain has only had a few wars (mostly short...
  • User AvatarNick Collins 24th Jan - 3:52pm
    I'm confused. Is this a farmer who trolls, or someone who farms trolls? is there a market for trolls?
  • User Avatarrichard underhill 24th Jan - 3:52pm
    and restore the Beeching cuts.
  • User AvatarJenny Barnes 24th Jan - 3:51pm
    You can pretty much guarantee that it will go ahead. The Tories always get it wrong. 100 billion here, 100 billion there, pretty soon you're...