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Independent View: votes for prisoners

At the last general election, I voted for the first time, and gave it to Diana Johnson Labour MP for Hull North. When it came to the local election I voted for the Lib Dem candidate. Notwithstanding Dizzy Thinks posting this on the 1st of April, I just had to have a go at it: “For anyone confused about how they might vote at the General Election, Vote Match 2010 has now been launched. It’s pretty straight forward multiple choice survey that will match what you think against what the political parties have told Vote Match they think”. …

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  • User AvatarJames Belchamber 6th Jul - 10:04pm
    @Mike Read:
  • User AvatarMike Read 6th Jul - 9:59pm
    Quite often the very people that criticise Nick for joining the evil Facebook corporation have themselves Facebook accounts!
  • User AvatarJoe Bourke 6th Jul - 9:58pm
    I spent yesterday afternoon at a barbecue. What became clear about the 2019 election was that a good number who were unimpressed with the prospect...
  • User AvatarGordon 6th Jul - 9:52pm
    David Raw – I’m certainly NOT saying the Lib Dems are more competent. They are clearly far, far less competent than even the low bar...
  • User AvatarJoe Bourke 6th Jul - 9:44pm
    Peter Martin, Torry is precise in his wording. He says "the additional income that lower-income households would receive would increase demand in the economy. This...
  • User Avatarcim 6th Jul - 9:12pm
    @Julian Tisi "Why? Because once the public see us holding back the worst of those parties they might want us to do it more. "...