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Opinion: an easy £25 billion to cut

I’m sorry I couldn’t join you at Liverpool, but my absence hopefully left more of the wine lake provided by our generous sponsors for the rest of you. As ‘cuts’ were in the air and in your conversations. I’d like to suggest an easy one.

HS2. Or High Speed (Rail) 2 to give its full title. The proposed new high speed rail link from London past Birmingham to the great cities of the North, such as Leeds. I’m told it may go near somewhere called Manchester as well on its way to Scotland.

Now I am no engineer. If the …

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Conference policy motion: “Safe standing at football matches”

Introducing the first in our quick gen-up series of policy motions to be debated in Bournemouth. And we kick off (hehehe, geddit?) with the Safe Standing at Football Matches motion (F20) outlined for us by Peter Jones, who will be summing up at the debate.

What is the motion trying to achieve?

Allow folk to stand up to watch football matches.

Er…is that all?


So what’s the problem?

Where seats are provided, for instance in most top-flight grounds that are ‘all-seater’, people aren’t allowed to stand up. Many people prefer to

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