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The EU referendum is stuck on repeat, it’s time to change track

Julie Smith LDCFSo far in the main referendum campaigns we have heard the same arguments on repeat from the same people. Economics has dominated discussions, trade is becoming the nation’s most used word and pound signs are flying all over billboards, news sites and buses.

Out on the campaign trail, voters seem to be getting increasingly confused, tired and frustrated with the campaigns. They’re after something different.

A couple of weeks ago, David Cameron tried bringing morality into the debate by describing a vote for Brexit as ‘immoral’. He was quickly shot down by his Eurosceptic colleagues, Iain Duncan Smith describing it as “not an honest assessment but a deeply biased view of the future”.

Have morals really got anything to do with it?

Through my work with the Liberal Democrat Christian Forum (LDCF), I’ve been talking to hundreds of Christians up and down the country about the referendum. I’ve noticed a yearning amongst the Christian community for a bigger picture debate about what this referendum will mean for the kind of world we want to live in and what impact the vote will have on others; a moral case for Brexit and remain.

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