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Musings on campaign direction

Since Chris Rennard coined the groundbreaking concept of ‘pavement politics’ the party has struggled to move forward and evolve with regards to innovative and modern strategic frameworks. Whilst no one individual holds the monopoly on this, I would like to share a few thoughts on the matter.

First, it is important to acknowledge that things have changed considerably since May 2010. We can no longer package ourselves as the anti-establishment party and must accept that our voter demographic has altered significantly. The days of lentil-eating, sandal-wearing members are over. We are now a fully-fledged, professional, suited-and-booted organisation that has demonstrated its …

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Opinion: the way forward – with Clegg at the helm

As soon as the Liberal Democrats bravely stepped in to coalition with David Cameron’s Conservatives we knew tough times may lie ahead. Whilst the coalition’s majority party has sailed through relatively unscathed, the junior partner has suffered an incessant flow of unfair and unjust criticism. Just as we thought this was beginning to wane, this month has witnessed an increase in anti-Clegg rhetoric.

First to weigh in was the Lib Dems’ very own Lembit Opik (as eccentric and publicity-seeking as ever), who has outlined in his new book a plan for a Lib Dem resurrection. He states that Clegg must …

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Opinion: The good, the bad and the ugly of the Lib Dems

This week has been something of a mixed bag for the Liberal Democrats. Aside from getting over the fact we have lost one of our most respected and feared heavyweights in Chris Huhne, we have been forced to accept that a serious reassessment of our position within government is required and necessary.

Needless to say, the ceaseless commentariat and Westminster gossips are not helping matters. There have been three stories – all different in topic and angle – that have focused attention on the junior coalition partner in recent …

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Opinion: Clegg should hit the ejector button

Scott’s piece is a continuation of this post from yesterday.

Whilst most coalition disagreements to this point have remained contained, the AV referendum managed to trigger vocal friction. The Conservatives funded, and strongly supported, the ‘No’ campaign. The Lib Dems were passionately backing reform of the voting system through the ‘Yes’ campaign. Let the conflict begin. Initially, David Cameron agreed not to get involved in the referendum. However, following strong early support in favour of a ‘Yes’ vote, he chose to step in. He caused hostility by accusing his coalition partner of “broken promises” and urged the general public to …

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Opinion: Clegg’s conundrum

Following the embarrassment of losing 695 English councillors, 11 Scottish parliament seats, 1 Welsh assembly seat and a resounding 68% of the country voting against the AV referendum, the time has now come for Nick Clegg and his party to leave their unpopular coalition with the Conservatives. The British public have retaliated against Nick Clegg in a monumental fashion, begging the question, has it been worth Clegg’s efforts getting the Liberal Democrats to Downing Street?

Nick Clegg has faced an uphill battle since joining forces with David Cameron’s Tories last May. Following his meteoric rise after the televised leader’s debates, …

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