Danny Alexander: “We are delivering on our number one election pledge”

Danny Alexander has just emailed Liberal Democrat members about the Autumn Statement, emphasising that the Liberal Democrats have delivered on their key election pledge, to raise the tax threshold to £10,000. From next April, workers will be able to keep the first £9440 they earn, meaning that someone on the minimum wage has had their tax bill halved by the Liberal Democrats.

Danny asks members to share the picture on your right on Facebook. Already the Voice’s timeline is full of them.

The Autumn Statement set out the tough decisions Liberal Democrats are taking in government to build a stronger economy and fairer society.

We have to fix the economic mess left by Labour and the banks, bring the deficit down, maintain our international credibility and create a platform for jobs and growth.

We are asking the wealthy to pay more. We are bringing down the cost of our welfare system and cutting Whitehall waste.

We’re helping small businesses too, by cutting taxes on new investments they make. And our actions to keep fuel duty down help small businesses and families alike.

The road to recovery is longer than we hoped, but we are committed to finishing the job and making Britain’s economy strong again – so that everyone can get on in life.

We should be proud of the role Liberal Democrats are playing in sorting out our country’s economic problems.

If you missed it, here is Danny’s recent video, filmed in his Inverness constituency, in which he talks about the importance of meeting this key pledge. If you agree, you can join the Fairer Tax campaign here.


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  • An entire video about nothing more than cutting taxes. Is this the tea party?

  • Jason J Hunter 5th Dec '12 - 3:41pm

    I fully support these fairer tax policies, especially the raising of the tax threshold. But I do think we should make more of how they are being paid for and clearly state That its paid for by Danny Alexanders ‘Affluence Team’ at HMRC that is closing tax avoidance loopholes for the most wealthy in society raising £7 billion a year of previously avoided tax.

    By stopping evaded tax going to Switzerland, and in fact getting a repayment back from Switzerland of £5billion.

    AND a further £3billion from Lichetenstein through HM Treasury LDF programme..

    The message is clear.

    This government with Liberal Democrat tax policies at its heart is fairer, and more tough on tax avoidance and evasion than any other government in the history of our great nation.

  • paul barker 5th Dec '12 - 3:50pm

    @ Dave Page. Same here.

  • Caron Lindsay Caron Lindsay 5th Dec '12 - 3:56pm

    Dave, they are in the process of doing so. This won’t change overnight, though. The technology will take some sorting. It’s a symptom of too few people trying to do too much. Things will get better, though, eventually.

  • This is good news but it’s a shame that if a low paid worker is on benefits they will lose some or all of this due to these increasing below the level of inflation.

  • One out of so many but then you are bullied by Tories and you way you help Tories today in the smoke screen about budget autumn statement I think you turned Tories and not for first time you gave that impression wonder how many of you will walk across that floor to the Tories if they win next general election in which you are going to get hammered in I wonder

  • Joe Bourke 3 Reasons not to be in Europe 1: The cost we are a net contributor 2: Competition rules laws an preventing us trading with countries outside EU (designed to trap members into the Euro club) 3: The undemocratic way Europe is run I could give many more reasons and don’t accept the bull we cannot survive without being in Europe Nonsense

  • Martin Lowe 5th Dec '12 - 7:04pm

    You seem a bit lost and confused, Terry.

    The Daily Telegraph is that way <—-

  • Austin Rathe 5th Dec '12 - 9:14pm

    Dave and Paul, can you please email me the addresses you should be getting LD emails on? My address is forename.surname at libdems dot org dot uk.

    I’ll then take a look.

  • This is classic, ‘ Giving with one hand, taking away with the other’.

  • Terry Gilbert 6th Dec '12 - 7:28am

    Unfortunately, the cuts in in-work benefits for the low paid will outweigh much, if not all, of the gains from yesterday’s increase in the tax allowance.

  • Terry Gilbert 6th Dec '12 - 7:39am

    Danny Alexander’s performance on C4 News last night was awful. He refused to debate with his Opposition opposite number, even while she was sitting next to him! A more abject admission of failure would be hard to contrive. The key reason our party leadership has been giving when
    defending this Coalition – that it is necessary to conquer the deficit – is now in tatters. Growth has been so low that the deficit has actually been rising again, because of falling tax receipts. Blaming the Eurozone is unconvincing when Germany has a growth rate four times as high.

  • David Evans 6th Dec '12 - 8:01am

    I thought we only had one election pledge?

  • David Wilkinson 6th Dec '12 - 8:01am

    A wasted e-mail to members, lacklustre and dull as ditch water.
    It sounds and reads like a Tory press release.
    Can Lib Dem ministers in future when they send e-mails to Lib Dem members show what they have done to push the Lib Dem identify and policies in the Budget and in government, if you don’t do it no one else will.
    Also use someone with good Press/PR skills in future.
    If benefits for the poor/unemployed can reduced, can the subsidies in H o C bars be reduced as part of the MP’s contribution to the reductions.

  • Caron – this is another symptom of wrong decisions made in May 2010. Loss of Short money was a key factor to take into consideration then.

  • @Terry Gilbert
    “Danny Alexander’s performance on C4 News last night was awful. He refused to debate with his Opposition opposite number, even while she was sitting next to him!”
    OK so the guy may have been tired of being shadowed around the studios, but Rachel Reeves was only doing her job and Danny Alexander seemed to regard her more as a stalker. Monotonous and mono tonal (and doubtless exhausted), he was probably right not to engage with her on C4 News judging by her quite impressive performance when they did finally lock horns on ‘Newsnight’.

    @David Wilkinson
    “A wasted e-mail to members, lacklustre and dull as ditch water. It sounds and reads like a Tory press release…..Also use someone with good press Press/PR skills in future.”
    Regrettably, it sounds like a LibDem press release either composed by or cleared with Tory Communications as a vehicle for Danny Alexander to trundle around the studios rather than a message to Liberal Democrat members. I agree with the point about the improvement in PR, but isn’t it sad that by implication the message of the leadership has to be spun for its members.

  • Tony Dawson 6th Dec '12 - 4:31pm

    @Terry Gilbert :

    “Unfortunately, the cuts in in-work benefits for the low paid will outweigh much, if not all, of the gains from yesterday’s increase in the tax allowance.”

    Terry, that’s not really that true ( a lot of people in low-paid work don’t get much if any in-work benefits) and even where it is, ‘outweighing much’ means a standstill or better which, in the present environment, is better than many are facing.

    Though hardly DA’s greatest fan, especially as a media performer, I have to say that he would find it difficult to find anything that was batting towards him as it had so little coherence. She really needs to go and find Margaret Thatcher’s voice coach, pronto.

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