Edward Timpson

Edward Timpson, the Conservative candidate for the Crewe & Nantwich by-election, is busy calling himself local. So I thought I’d take a look at his official biography on the Conservative Party website. And here’s what I found:

Edward Timpson biography thumbnail

(Click on the thumbnail to see full size version.)

Update: just to provide a little background as I commented below: the reason for picking up on this is that the Conservatives are running the message that their candidate is local whilst also saying ours isn’t. That seems to me a fair target for criticism, particular as both parts of their message are being made at the same time in the same leaflet, which after all amounts to applying different standards on different pages of the very same leaflet. It all makes the paucity of the actual constituency references in the Conservative candidate’s official biography rather striking.

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  • Cinnamon Pyre 4th May '08 - 8:16pm

    So, one of your criticisms is that he has run marathons in New York and London ?

    Yeah I’d hang him for that too…

    best of luck

  • Mark, glad to see you’ve got Iain Dale rattled!

  • Its so nice to see how quicly LDs engage with the issues!

  • God – how desperate are the Tories to win this by-election? I guess we can expect more of this nonsense over the weeks to come then?

  • Cinnamon Pyre 4th May '08 - 8:47pm

    No one will ever accuse the Liberal Democrats of being desperate to win – quite the contrary…

  • You’re sounding more and more desperate Iain. I’d call it an early night if I were you.

  • I am Soooooooo pleased that all the pathetic Lib Dems have to throw at Ed Timpson is some sophistic argument about locality. You bummed in the local elections against conservatives, and frankly even entertaining a hope you might acheive something in Crewe & Nantwich is risible, even allowing for underhand and defamatory tactics like the present attack. Good Luck Ed. For the first time in an election I’m going to come up and stay with my sister locally to campaign.


  • Our excellent candidate was chosen by local members in accordance with party rules. She was not imposed.

    I know, ‘cos I was there.

    Where DOES Edward Timpson live? He seems very coy about saying … wonder why? I’ve heard suggestions of Tarporley or Kelsall. Neither are exactly distant, but neiher are they in the constituency.

    Why not just be straight about it?

    (By the way, our candidate lives in Newcastle, 20 minutes or so in the car – and an hourly bus service).

  • Iain,

    So why doesn’t ET just say “I live in xxxxx” ? Why the “local” and “in this area” ? Why not just be straight with people ?

  • Iain Dale wrote: “At least we didn’t impose our candidate!”

    What, like you did in Arundel? Very democratic, that.

    Beckenham is in the London Borough of Bromley, in case you hadn’t noticed.

    Still, I don’t suppose you had any problem with Horace Cutler running the GLC while living in Gerrard’s Cross.

    Alix Mortimer has an appealling personality. You don’t.

    A bottle of Grecian 2000 might help, however.

  • This is a truely desperately embarrassing small minded dim witted attack.
    Do we really have nothing better to do?
    Nothing better to discuss?
    I despair.

  • Nobody expects anybody to go to university or run marathons in the constituency. You’re an idiot. By-elections may be the last legal bloodsport but you’re clearly bloodhound turds.

  • You give the impression that Crewe/Nantwich is like that creepy village in “League of Gentlemen” – “Local candidates for local people, we don’t like outsiders coming all the way from, er, Chester”.

    Grow up.

  • When will the Conservatives find a genuinely local candidate to stand in a parliamentary by-election?

    The hollowness of their results on Thursday will be repeated again when they fail to win this by-election.

  • Andrew Woodmanw 4th May '08 - 11:32pm

    What an absolute load of bollocks. Don’t you stray 2 miles out of your area. Idiot.

  • Elaine Woodard 4th May '08 - 11:32pm

    Why do all Parties seem to want to get into a debate about how local a candidate is, particularly in by-elections? What is more important is what a candidate stands for and how good an MP they’d make. This sort of sniping just turns me off.

  • Hywel Morgan 4th May '08 - 11:40pm

    “So why doesn’t ET just say “I live in xxxxx” ? Why the “local” and “in this area” ?”

    If the election is going to be conducted on this level I won’t bother getting in my car!

    We referred to both Michael Carr (Ribble Valley) and David Chidgey (Eastleigh) as the local candidate and neither of them lived in the Constituency. Both had strong links with the area which meant that it was firstly credible to make such a claim but also that any attacks on them for not being local would backfire.

    He may not live in the constituency – but lets not try to make him out to be Tim Palmer mark 2

  • Mark Pack leads the smears (again)

    What a sleazeball.

  • How can this be a smear (pointing out that the Conservative candidate does not live in the constituency) be so bad without the smear put about by Mr Timpson (pointing out that the Labour candidate does not live in the constituency).

    What’s sauce for the goose is sauce for the gander.

  • Iain says he couldn’t give a toss whether someone lives five miles or ten miles from the constituency but the latest Tory offering refers to the LD candidate being a “West Midlands councillor”! Obviously the Tory campaign machine is not listening to you Iain!!
    As for the comments on Mr T’s web site entry re his local ties let’s stop taking everything so seriously people – surely it’s just a bit of tongue in cheek fun designed to provide some lighter moments in what is going to be a busy and tiring campaign schedule coming on the back of a busy and tiring local election campaign and we all deserve – and need – the odd laugh o two right now don’t we?

  • Apparently he’s a Tory toff too (see the exchange of comments on Iain Dale’s Diary).

  • Tory in USA 5th May '08 - 6:25am

    From Elizabeth Shenton’s (your own candidate’s) website —

    “Since 2006 she has been a Liberal Democrat councillor in neighbouring Newcastle-under-Lyme (******OUTSIDE THE CONSTITUENCY******) with a track record of delivering results for residents, including securing major improvements to the local bus station and taking up local parking concerns.”

  • Tory in USA 5th May '08 - 6:42am

    From http://www.nickclegg.org.uk

    “Nick Clegg is MP for Sheffield Hallam and Leader of the Liberal Democrats.

    He was born in 1967 and studied at three universities: Cambridge (******OUTSIDE HIS CONSTITUENCY******) , Minnesota (******OUTSIDE HIS CONSTITUENCY******) and College D’Europe (******OUTSIDE HIS CONSTITUENCY******).”

  • Ruth Bright 5th May '08 - 9:21am

    Mark – whilst I was Lib Dem Parliamentary Candidate for East Hants (claiming to be a local) I had the temerity to give birth to a baby outside the constituency. I am really sorry about that – sort of feel I let the side down there.

  • Now that I have read the “Thumbnail” at the top of the page and the, quite frankly, puerile comments attached to it.

    I can honestly say that if this is the best the Lib-Dems can do, then you’ve lost.

  • Mark, this is pathetic stuff. You are the Head of Innovations for the party. I effectively pay your salary out of donations, whilst small I admit, I make to the party so how about some innovative thinking.

    This constant desire for “local” candidates is a real hindrance on LibDem progress and getting good quality candidates. It is an ethos, which results seemingly in the lead local councillor/activist getting selected. I am quite keen to become a PPC, however, I grew up on the south coast, have worked in London, and now work in the South West and discover my local party chair needs to sponsor my application. I am not really local to anywhere so I have decided not to bother whilst the party has this “local is best” mindset.

  • I find myself agreeing with many of the comments above. Crewe is NOT Royston Vasey – as a town that grew out of a tiny hamlet it shouldn’t get hung up about whether somebody is “local” whatever that means.

    BUT, since Mr Timpson is making such a thing of being “local” I’d still like to know where exactly he lives i.e. what town or village.

    Hardly unreasonable.

  • Edward Timpson is from Cheshire, born, bred, and resident. The Lib Dem carpet-bagger is from Staffordshire. This is an election for a Cheshire seat. End of.

    Look if you guys dish it out (cf. Bromley, in far bigger spades-worth), then expect to get it thrown right back in your faces.

  • While what you say may be true Mark and I accept the fact that the Tories may well have ‘fierd the first shots’ as it were I really don’t think you can use the fact that somebody runs marathons and goes to University outside a constituency as evidence of their lack of local ties.

    It’s perfectly correct to critcise the nature of this propaganda used against our candidate but to hit back in this way is to descend to the level that we started at; and that is what has riled people I think.

  • This thread of comments really is very funny. I’m sure that most people in the country, like me, don’t know where Crewe is and have never heard of Nantwich. So your parochial little rant about whether a candidate lives just inside or just outside the constituency is bordering on the surreal. Most Labour MPs in England are Scottish, and it doesn’t seem to dampen their chances. The real question, of course, remains: Is your candidate any good? And the answer equally clearly is no, or they wouldn’t be a Liberal Democrat. Would they now?

  • Hywel Morgan 5th May '08 - 2:27pm

    “The reason I picked up on this is that the Conservatives are running the message that their candidate is local whilst also saying ours isn’t.”

    If I recall we did the same in Eastleigh, referring to the Conservative from Basingstoke. In fairness it was only used a couple of times and I didn’t really seen the point

  • Ruth Bright.
    How thoughtless of you.
    Please think ahead next time your waters break!
    Decent of you to apologise [although in a queue of people who need to apologise on this thread, you are way back].

  • All hail Laurence Boyce [well Jennie and I anyway…and if there aren’t more volunteers, there ought to be].

  • I BELIEVE that I may finally have tracked down Mr Timpson’s home address – Tirley Lane, Kelsall.

    So, the Tory candidate lives approx 13 miles outside the constituency.

    The Lib Dem lives approx 10 miles outside the constituency.

    So why the Tory claims that she is an “outsider”, “carpetbagger” etc ???

    Perhaps we could get back to issues of policy, experience, skills etc ???

  • Two issues:

    1) candidates and campaigns should show scrupulous consistency (the tories have not)

    2) indicating the opponents inconsistency may only follow after legitimately highlighting our own relevance (which this article does not, if not at all, then at least well enough)

    Glad to find that good dairy country still produces a predictably cheesy culture!

  • Iain Dale is now running scared of commenting on the by-election. If the Tories believed that they will win the next election then they’d have the guts to go for it.

  • That’s just what Tories are like, Jo. He no doubt leaves it up to the drones to do all the work.

  • I loathe and despise the Tories and everything they stand for (sorry Iain!!) with a searing passion but certain things about this debate have just turned me off totally. Nit-picking about where the Conservative candidate runs their marathons is an example of the kind of things which do turn people off politics in general. When we engage with the oppostion we should be taking them to the cleaners on their ideas…not how far they live from their constituency….

  • David Brackenbury 5th May '08 - 8:22pm

    If Mark Pack can’t do better than that, then he should try another job…

    The funniest thing is most of the evidence of Edward’s lack of localism comes from his own biography on the Conservative website. He doesn’t seem too ashamed of himself and the fact that he has done things elsewhere in the County / World!!

    What is Edward like? What is his experience of life? What has he acheived outside politics? What can he offer to the people of Crewe and Nantwich? What can the other Candidates (and Parties) offer? These are some of the questions that should be asked, rather than a stupid rant about whether he lives 10 (or 20?) miles from the Constituency. If that’s the best dirt to dish on him, I will be pleased to join his campaign.

    What a mean-spirited and shallow article!

  • It appears that Edward Timpson’s crime of running a marathon was to raise money (1,300 pounds) for the cancer unit at Leighton hospital, which is , er, INSIDE the constituency!!

  • passing tory 5th May '08 - 11:15pm


    Edward could have performed a miracle, or found a cure for AIDS, but no doubt if he did it outside of the immediate environs of Crewe and Nantwich then Mark Pack would be saying that this made him unsuitable for public service in the constituency.

    There is simply no pleasing some people.

  • Martin Land 6th May '08 - 10:46am

    Why are Cowley Street officials not free to make jokes? Doesn’t sound very Liberal to me! Mind you, most people I know at Cowley Street aren’t very funny, so perhaps that’s why!

  • I can’t believe I wasted 10 minutes of my time reading this thread

  • passing tory 6th May '08 - 11:13am

    Are you seriously suggesting that the post was meant as a joke? Either you have a VERY strange sense of humour or the Lib Dem spinning department is working overtime this morning.

    Face it, it was just a very poor piece of analysis. Maybe it would be easier to forgive Mark Pack if he were slightly more forgiving of the small foibles of others.

  • Shouldn’t we be saying that experience of the world outside one’s own back yard is a good thing in an MP (since though they represent the locality they pass judgement on national and international matters)…if we had taken that approach rather than descend to the Tories level then things would surely have turned out better than they have with this piece…….

  • Isn’t it about time the Lib Dems grew up?

    They’ll never be taken seriously all the time they indulge in 6th form politics,

    For the record, I don’t give a damn where my MP grew up, studied or worked … as long as they’ve done all three!!!!

  • While views may differ on the importance of being local, surely it’s legitimate to point out that the Tories are misleading people by saying their candidate is local and ours isn’t, when ours actually lives closer to the constituency.

    But I will agree with Mr Dale that, compared to the Labour candidate from West Wales, they are both relatively local.

  • I tell you what… Typical LibDem campaign, smear everybody else to the top… I hope you lose massively, at the hands of the refreshing Conservative Party, not the party that has a leader that has slept with “no more than 30 women”

  • Who’s being sleazy and low down now….I really wouldnt go in for cheap shots about how many women Nick Clegg has slept with given the private life of the current Tory Mayor of London….

  • I care less about where Edward Timpson-nice-but-dim comes from than what he’d be like as an MP for the area. He strikes me from the little I’ve seen of him so far as a clueless Tory toff.

  • Is this still going on? One might suspect that Tories are feeling a bit sensitive that their candidate is not local and lives outside the constituency.

  • Oh joy, the gloves are off!

    By-elections always bring out the best and worst of our characters, but I think it is a bit lame to have a two-sided slanging match in a three-way fight.

    The only beneficiaries of this competitive emnity is the Labour party – something that I don’t think either we LibDems, the tories or the electorate can be accused of wanting.

  • Someone who knows Mr.Timpson 6th May '08 - 10:19pm

    I am quite frankly astonished at how pathetic and ill-educated this thread is. I suggest, to make some sort of positive headway, that the Lib Dems gather their flock and guide them to do something useful other than spout utter tripe on this website, which simultaneously also damages the environment with the energy consumption used to host it and allowing for such garbage to be printed. I went to school with Mr.Timpson, pre-Durham days, and he was an exceptional student, far outstripping most other children academically and in many sports, whilst trying his hand at pretty much everything else to the best of his ability. I do live within his constituency and Mr.Timpson lives 4.5 miles away from me. I reckon he could run to my house quicker than most of you could type that he doesn’t live within his constituency! If that is the height of your damning of him, if I were you, I would personally take a long hard look at why you are raising your voice in such an embarassing fashion. Is there really nothing else which concerns you? Mr Pack, you obviously have nothing better to do. If you would like a few suggestions on how to aid the Lib Dems efficiently, please feel free to email me. And for the record, no I don’t particularly vote Conservative, presently, neither Labour nor the Lib Dems. I merely wish for the best and most suitable candidate to win, for all our sakes. From the contenders, knowing what each stands for, personally and towing the party-line, I believe Mr.Timpson is by far the most superior. Get with the script people, multi-party politics is long-dead in our so-called democracy. Choose your future by applying new benchmarks – emotional intelligence, vision and leverageable experience. Believe me, by doing so, you won’t go far wrong and will be doing your borough, as well as your country, a true service. Make your vote count, don’t waste time by suffocating the new-era debate with such naive spin. Haven’t we had enough of that already?

  • Someone who knows Mr.Timpson 6th May '08 - 10:33pm

    I stand corrected – Mr.Timpson lives 7 miles away from me. I must have been thinking as the crow flies, or by walking across the fields. Which reminds me, Mr.Timpson has been instrumental in many environmental campaigns too, one of which in particular, if it had failed, would have seen swathes of beautiful virgin countryside (green-belt) ruined forever and replaced by thousands and thousands of houses, roads and pylons, with no doubt the odd completely futile useless wind turbines thrown in too. Who said green is the new black? Looks like it could be blue….

  • multi-party politics dead?

    I guess that’s toeing the party line too, rather than reflecting the blinding truth that can be experienced and savoured on every square inch of this planet.

    I’m guessing the opinion of Mr Timpson’s close personal friend is as equally inaccurate and subjective on all matters.

  • http://www.manchestereveningnews.co.uk/news/s/1048385_women_battle_for_dunwoody_seat?rss=yes

    Would appear the press thinks Mr T is rather wealthy as well as living outside the area….

  • Someone who knows Mr.Timpson 7th May '08 - 6:28pm

    Surprise, surprise. More drivel. Firstly Mr.Oranjepan, I have not stated that I am a close personal friend of Mr.Timpson’s. I knew him well at school a long time ago, though keep myself abreast of his present progress. Although you obviously enjoy schoolboy politics, it is not something I choose to spend my time on. Secondly, it appears you did not read my comments about multi-party politics closely enough – I said in ‘this’ so-called democracy. That being England in case you aren’t sure. International affairs are of no interest in this matter, though I dispute your ill-founded comments and suggest you gain a better understanding of the geopolitical landscape before using the verbs ‘experienced and savoured’. As to ‘on every square inch of this planet’, I wonder what your thoughts are about Russia, the entire Middle East, swathes of Africa, Central Asia, South East Asia, China, and much of Latin America, to say the least. With that, it appears, even though you are content spouting irrelevancies online, your underlying knowledge of British politics, it’s players, the relationships between them and of those who really (try to) run this country is very thin on the ground too. Thirdly, I am not towing any party line. Once again if you had read my previous post thoroughly you will have noted that I adhere to no particular party. And finally, none of what I have written is inaccurate in any way, nor subjective. That includes this post too. May I suggest you spend less time online and go back to school? Once you have an education it can’t be taken away from you.
    I will not be returning to this page so feel free to write whatever you wish in response. It’s of no issue.

    For you Paul.L, does it really matter if Mr.Timpson is rather wealthy? What about your boss at work, if you work? Do you have no aspirations? Besides, as I’m sure you are aware, having lots of money does not equal happiness. It sounds like you have a chip on your shoulder. If I was you I would buy some sandpaper and find some new principles to live by.
    That all being said, I wish each of you the very best going forward. May goodness win through.

  • Someone who knows Mr Timpson – you’ve got a silver tongue, to be sure!

    I wonder if your asserions are as sterling as you make them out to be, but I’m sure it would be illuminating to meet up and discover the facts of the matter for ourselves.

  • You candidate is far from local. She is a unremarkable cllr in a different county! Get a grip. Edward Timpson is local in the sense he lives in the area, and has a reltionship with the constituency.

    Dont be padantic about the word local.

  • closer to Crewe maybe, but the constituency goes considerably beyond Crewe.

    And anyway, I said he is local because of his involvement with the constituency – What relationship does Elizabeth have with Crewe & Nantwich?

  • Grammar Police 9th May '08 - 2:41pm

    Er, Owen, didn’t you say “don’t be pedantic about the word local”?

    Perhaps you should take your own advice (instead of trying to suggest having some connection with an area makes you “local”, but living in it does not)

  • matt severn 9th May '08 - 3:41pm

    A question for ‘someone who knows mr timpson’- Grant Shapps, is that you again? Trying to create false election buzz?

  • “lives closer to Crewe ” Oh does she?

    Well this tells us all we need to know anout LibDems view of the Crewe and NANTWICH constituency.

    Lets hope Conservatives from ALL OVER the constituency rise up on the 22nd and tell the LibDems and of course our ‘Great Leader’ where to go.

  • What rubbish comments! Liberal as shown in today’s BBC NW TV interview, of course you can make promises when you will never Govern!

  • Good 2 see the LD campaign having such a big impact on the polls:))

  • Davy, it is. We are either up or holding our own in every national poll. Whatever magic Cameron is sprinkling on voters, it ain’t working on the LibDems. And the polls from C&N show that our vote is holding up very well, thank you. And on 1st May, we saw off the Tories in our seats in the South, whilst winning big cities on the North.

  • Yes I was especially impressed with the number of wards won in ….the whole of london!!

  • At my ripe old age of xx!!!!!! do I not remember that Timpsons had shoe shops as well as shoe repairs? How many people did they sack when they closed?

    Not to mention that the Tories keep banging on about housing. Wasn’t it one M Thatcher who sold off the council houses which has caused this present problem of many people not being able to climb on the property ladder or having to move miles away from their families to afford even a broom cupboard

  • Alex Sabine 18th May '08 - 9:47pm

    No, selling council houses was an excellent policy that met the aspirations of many working-class people much better than the paternalistic statism that had been their lot beforehand. It was an actually an authentically liberal policy in that it gave people a direct stake in their property and their future.

    The problem was that the Treasury pocketed the proceeds of the sales rather than allowing councils to keep it for new building and improving the existing housing stock.

  • The article this thread is based on is utter drivel. The comments defending it are, broadly, drivel. Timpson is head and shoulders the best candidate and deserves to win.

  • Like Edward, I am a practising barrister.
    I was in Chambers with him until recently and got to know him very well.
    He is very intelligent, articulate, caring and genuine.
    It is quite extraordinary that someone with those qualities, who wants to become an MP and to represent people, should be criticised because of where he has chosen to buy a house and bring up his family. Why should he have to sell up and move a few miles? How will that make him a better candidate than he already is? Would it not just be an entirely artificial device to make him look more appealing to the voters?
    I thought the Labour Party’s wholly negative and unwarranted attack on him as a ‘toff’ (whatever that is in 2008?) was pathetic.
    I used to be a supporter of the LibDems but if this childish criticism is really the best that this party can come up with, then shame on you! How very small-minded you are.

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