Farron attacks Theresa May for failing to condemn Donald Trump’s Muslim ban

We might have hoped that someone sensible would have managed to talk Donald Trump out of actually banning Muslims from the US. After all, even one of the more hawkish Republicans, George HW Bush’s Defence Secretary and W’s Vice President Dick Cheney had condemned it previously. Even Trump’s Vice President was against it before he was for it. He doesn’t seem to listen to reason, though, so today’s news, however disappointing, is not surprising.

What we should expect, though, is for our own Government to condemn something so blatantly discriminatory, e especially when it affects British citizens. One example on tonight’s news was Mo Farah who holds dual nationality with Somalia but who trains in Oregon.

Refusing entry to people if you have evidence that they are actually a threat is one thing, refusing entry to a group of people just because they follow a particular religion or come from a particular country is beyond the pale.

But Theresa May didn’t condemn Trump. She just washed her hands of the whole thing, saying it was up to the Americans what they did.

That wasn’t good enough for Tim Farron:

Theresa May has failed to criticise President Trump for turning away and banning refugees whose only crime is to believe in a different religion.

Not only is this shocking even by her standards, it cannot be allowed to stand. The President’s actions have horrified the world, and this is a moment when she has to show what side she is on.

Perhaps she feels in a weak position on Syrian refugees because her own record on this is so lamentable.

At the press conference she contrived to make the Turkish government look liberal. They said it was wrong to build walls. Rather than fighting to build a world that is open, tolerant and united, Theresa May is dividing the world in a very dangerous way.

If Theresa May would stay in the Single Market none of this humiliation would be necessary.

He added that the Foreign Office should issue urgent advice to British citizens who might be affected by the ban:

No doubt he’ll get the chance to elaborate on these comments on the Andrew Marr Show tomorrow.

* Caron Lindsay is Editor of Liberal Democrat Voice and blogs at Caron's Musings

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  • Eddie Sammon 28th Jan '17 - 11:59pm

    Silence helped the persecution of the Jews in the 1930s, so everyone should speak out against this. I’m not saying there’s going to be a holocaust, but I am saying it is persecution and these kinds of attitudes make it easier for people to be reckless with military action when it comes to civilian casualties. It’s dehumanising.

  • Mrs May made a big error not condemning Trump’s disgraceful muslim ban immediately. However, Tim as normal goes way over the top in his attack on her. Fair enough to call it shocking, but why does he have to add “even by her standards”. All the polls show Mrs May to be a popular and respected politician – miles ahead of Tim in the polls. Now instead of most people thinking May has let the UK down, many will end up defending what they see as a decent woman doing her best in a difficult situation.

  • malc,
    You obviously love Mrs May, perhaps your on the wrong forum. A transfer to a Tory one would seem to be appropriate. It does puzzle me why so many obvious Tories hang out here, your unlikely to change are minds no matter how hard you try, we are just not idolgically Tory
    The darkside is not for us.

  • Frankie – this is a Liberal website and I for one am happy that people come here to challenge our beliefs. I would just say to Malc that someone on here was criticising Tim the other day for being too soft on Theresa May. I don’t much like hyperbole, but Tim is never going to be a ‘statesman’ and by and large he is doing a good job of getting a currently electorally insignificant party noticed again.

  • @ malc “However, Tim as normal goes way over the top in his attack on her.”

    However, malc as normal goes way over the top in his attack on him..

  • David Raw

    “However, malc as normal goes way over the top in his attack on him”

    Perhaps true, I just think that Tim would be more effective using fewer words and less personal in his attacks.


    I have never voted Tory in my life, I’m normally Labour who in the past occasionally voted Lib Dem. However, at the moment I do intend to vote Tory because the Labour and Lib Dem parties are so weak.

  • Malc,
    I fear you are mistaking stridency for strength. I see little strength in May’s desperate attempt to suck up to strong men across the world. Who next Putin?

  • Richard Underhill 29th Jan '17 - 10:10am

    As a former Home Secretary Theresa May should know that the 1951 refugee convention is a United Nations convention. Being the same for all its signatory countries is a great strength. She is wrong to say that it is different for each country. One of the conditions of joining the EU is to sign up in full to the 1951 refugee convention. Often that had limited effect, for instance an ethnic Hungarian from Romania would transit Hungary without claiming asylum, or asking for nationality, but would then claim asylum in one of Germany, France, Holland, UK, etc.
    The refugee convention came into force on 1/1/1953 and was strengthened in 1967, both before the UK (Ireland and Denmark) joined the EEC on 1/1/1973.

  • malc 29th Jan ’17 – 8:50am…………I have never voted Tory in my life, I’m normally Labour who in the past occasionally voted Lib Dem. However, at the moment I do intend to vote Tory because the Labour and Lib Dem parties are so weak……….

    I do not understand your logic..Surely one should vote for beliefs, not ‘winners’ (unless you are a Man. Utd. ‘fan’)?…
    If Tory policies have changed enough to attract a Labour/LibDem voter I must have missed it…Tim is, at least trying, to leave the Clegg era behind (although LDV often seems determined to rewrite history and revitalise Clegg’s leadership) and Corbyn (once you leave personalities behind) has policies that resonate with my liberal beliefs…May is, if anything,’trying to recreate the Thatcher years; a period whose policies I detest…

  • May is in trouble. The growing movement to prevent Trump’s state visit has shown her to be the lightweight ineffectual leader she is. Her honeymoon is coming to an end. If Labour replace Corbyn later this year then the opinion polls will close sharply.

  • Peter Watson 29th Jan '17 - 11:36am

    @expats “Tim is, at least trying, to leave the Clegg era behind …”
    I agree and empathise with pretty much everything in your last paragraph here about the Lib Dems, Labour and the Conservatives. Unfortunately the “Clegg era” often seems to be the elephant in the room for Tim Farron and rather than proudly ‘own’ that inheritance or distance himself from it, it is simply ignored. Consequently I don’t really know if he and the party are leaving it behind, and the focus on Brexit to the exclusion of much else leaves me none the wiser.

    I can also accept Malc’s point about voting for the Conservatives when they are faced with such weak opposition. I can’t imagine myself following his example, but no other party at the moment (with the exception perhaps of the SNP) look like an alternative government.

  • May has a serious manner which is being mistaken for a high level of competence as a leader. Does this actually stack up against her record as a politician? She has often been cruel, too happy to play politics and capable of making gaffes which should put her in the same category as Boris rather than the sensible headmistress to Boris the school boy character. I don’t think pointing this out is a mistake just because she scores well in the polls. May is putting her Brexit’s need for a successful deal with the US way above what is best for the UK in the long run.

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