Hemming threatens to name social workers in Parliament

Liberal Democrat MP John Hemming has claimed that Trafford Social Services recently attempted to abduct a new-born baby from hospital. He says: “Because Amanda (the mother) was her self in care many years ago Social Services have continued to harrass her over the years.”

John has alleged that the social workers may have committed a criminal offence, and if they take out an Emergency Protection Order to take the baby in to care he has threatened to name the individual social workers in parliament on the grounds that they would be preventing the child from being breast-fed by its mother.

Naming the social workers in parliament has no direct consequence, but it would almost certainly lead to one hell of a stink.

NOTE (2/10/08):  We are sorry, but the Lib Dem Voice team who run this website are unable to help in individual social services cases.  You can find contact details for John Hemming MP on his website.

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  • Angus J Huck 7th Jan '07 - 5:36pm

    John might also be in trouble with the local MP, whoever that is. Trafford is not in Birmingham Yardley. But if the local elected representative is unwilling to speak out, someone somewhere has to. If the issue is of sufficient importance, Parliamentary etiquette comes second.

    But recall. Jeff Rooker once used Parliamentary privilege to accuse a British Leyland executive of accepting bribes, but was unable to substantiate his claims. It left Rooker looking foolish. And Geoffrey Dickens likewise outed the former High Commissioner to Canada, Sir Peter Hayman, as a paedophile, making out he was ever so brave so to do; when, in fact, “Private Eye” had been running the story for the previous month.

  • I think its amazing that John Hemming is standing up for what he believes in. He is a true Gentleman, others in parliament and other areas of Authority should congratulate and support him for his true professionalism and reward him for his courage to speak out and act on something so close to his heart.

    congratulations John, a true Gent in every sense of the word.


  • Mr Hemming, I salute you. These people NEED to be restrained NOW and made fully open and accountable. The whole system is corrupt and needs to be torn down and rebuilt properly.

  • lisa-marie graham 8th Jan '07 - 9:08am

    john i wish there were more people like you in this country. i too was a victim of the care system and i’m fighting to get my children home. the local authority have lied, manipulated and wrecked my childrens future. the sw involved is twisted and will stop at nothing to keep my family apart.
    amanda’s only crime is being looked after as a child, are our childrens’ children at risk from the same fate in the future?
    i have upmost respect for you mr hemming

  • Mr Hemmings you are doing a great job standing up and speaking out. This country needs the secret Family Courts OPENED and let in the public and the journalists so the country can all see that this kind of thing that is happening to Amanda right now is just the tip of the iceberg of a very huge problem – this baby should remain with the mother Amanda, after all she knows better than others who have not been in the “care system” themselves (as have I, another “care” leaver) the harm that it inflicts upon those “parented” by the system and social services.


  • Well done John.
    Even if we were all in some kind of so called legal trouble for speaking our TRUTH,then this shows how much of a Dictatorship we live under.
    This is how all wrong doing is made right by people having the “guts” to say it out loud and not worry about the consequences through FEAR.
    So many people say to us oh be quiet the SS have more power than you think. Look at what they did to X and Y.Even lawyers say as I well know..”kiss their feet if you have to ,to keep your children”
    It is this fear to makes these vile people UNTOUCHABLE, that allows the evil to continue and wreck so many families and extended families too.
    This in turn extends to all of our society where decent people are now afraid to show love by a hug etc through fear of some busy body calling in the ANTI LOVE SQUAD….SS.
    Not all social workers are like that but the temptation of a bonus for every child they steal from a family is often too tempting to resist.
    It is 2007 and why would any Government put a quota on the number of children adopted.????
    The SS have sold themselves for money.Yes, this they are free to do, but not at the expence of children.
    I hope 2007 brings all of these corrupt people out into the open for all to see and drag them through the courts in a civilised manner not like that which they bestowed upon others.
    Good Luck John.
    You have restored my hope for the future.

  • Tallulah Milliat 8th Jan '07 - 10:39am

    Well Done Mr Hemmings, keep fighting the good fight.This is sheer evil and Trafford SS and all the others around the country feeding this cruel system must be held to account for their actions.

  • brokenheart9 8th Jan '07 - 10:52am

    Well done Mr Hemmings for standing up for what you believe in.
    I hope more MP’s will follow, ss should help family’s, NOT remove children on probability, THE COURTS NEED TO BE OPEN AND SOCIAL WORKERS NAMED.
    Love ans support to Amanda and Family.

  • Well Done John for exposing this abuse of the system at a national level. Ok naming and shaming the social workers involved might not achieve anything legally but I bet they are quaking in their boots as we speak at the very thought.

    They know their lives will become hell, just as they have made so many families lives hell over the years.

    I have no axe to grind with social services having never had them involved to any great extent in my life, however on a professional level I have experience of social workers lying in court, manipulating evidence and refusing to meet their clients most basic Human Rights.

    There are many problems with this whole system and we need an independent review carried out to improve future outcomes for families wrongfully accused and ensure our most vulnerable children are cared for with love and respect.

    Last thing we want is for baby J to have to fight a similar case in 20yrs time because he was “forced” to enter our dismal care system.

    Best wishes John, and of course to Amanda and all the family. We are all here for you.

  • sharon edwards 8th Jan '07 - 1:33pm

    well done john this barrbaric action needs redressing best wishes to amanda and family

  • Congratulations
    Name every one of those corrupt liars

  • melanie nixon 8th Jan '07 - 5:41pm

    I fully support Mr John Hemmings in the naming of the social worker publically in the house of commons involved with trying to take amanda’s baby into care. Once one has been named and shamed others will certainly follow, this is the only course of action as the child protection system will only get worse (if that’s possible) if nothing is done. Thank you John for all you are doing to save our precious children from the care system, and good luck in all that you do.

  • Tony Walker 8th Jan '07 - 6:02pm

    Go for it!!

    The SS done the same thing to myself and my x girlfriend, they came and took my son from hospital without my knowledge, just because the x had her daughter taken into care when she was in a previous relationship.

    Have fought the SS in court to no avail 🙁

  • Hi

    I want to congratulate John Hemming on helping this poor distressed mother and her newborn baby. This country’s system is draconion, barbaric and inhumane. This “snatching” which is based on “balance of probability” needs to be stopped. Do these numpties have crystal ball? No they do not so how can they know how a baby will turn out in 5 or 8 years time. They talk utter bulls**t!


  • Hi I have been with Amanda and Baby Jach, I have never witnessed such absolute humiliation and intimidation, Stress and physical pain put upon someone who has just given birth. There was a prisoner there being allowed to bond and by happy by the new arrival of her child, even had a lovely person handcuffed to her. Amanda has been denyied any of this, not sat down, not stopped desperately phoning to get immediate help as they given her hours to get representation, she has nearly collapsed and they refused my request to see a Doctor for her. They have used an Inspector Smith to go in and threaten that if she leaves the hospital they will arrest her or if anyfamily try to intervene, made her sign documents under duress, I have tried to act as a shield to some of this for her as I dare not take her out as she is terrified of the police as they brutally attacked her last year, she has had to take them to court, you really have no idea what Trafford Social Services and Greater Manchester Police and Wythenshaw Hospital have put her through within 5 hours of giving birth. She is still in there under house guard, without a court order saying this should be the case, they are keeping her and Jach prisoners and there is nothing I can do. This is so brutal, this is why John Hemming is prepared to act, She has had to attend court as they tried to get an order to forcibly remove the child, they didnt get one but she is still a prisoner, She has got to go and register the baby, in manchester, AM be in Court in Manchester, 3 pm county court, she can hardly walk. Oh and through out all of this she has had the sole care of Baby Jach and has brest fed him constantly, phone in one hand, pen behind her ear, feeding Jach under one arm and fighting off Social Workers and Police. http://www.e-j-a-c-h.spaces.live.com The Hospital are failing and aiding in no care of Amanda,s needs, she has no money so she cant buy anything, she cant afford to top up the tv to hear a background sound and see whats going on in the world,

    John Hemming Thank God your alive right now.


  • Guess who,s the MP for Amanda area is, she has written to her for support but never replies to. That is why another MP has had to do it. Her name is Beverly Hughes, the childrens minister. I hope she can explain how she is allowing this to happen right under her nose. And she cant use the excuse of not knowing what methods are being used in her constituants as many have written to her. Now we have it on tape and in the open, A brave man to take this on.


  • Craig Grant 9th Jan '07 - 10:14am

    Go go go,

    Perhaps you should look leeds as well. I put a complaint in about my SS and they told me that they felt that i wasn’t complying 100% (which i was) and said that they where considering placing my son into foster care. I had to retract the complaint..

  • Craig Grant 9th Jan '07 - 10:17am

    I can also add that I have seen forced adoption… parents with learning disabilities hassled to the point of given up there children. I have been lied too, held improsened, blackmaild, nealry lost everything because of the SS.

    name the lot 🙂

    I really hope John get his way *fingers Crossed*

  • Well done John Hemmings,

    The scandal of the SS and Family Courts passion for abusing vulnerable families is reaching into open public debate – ably assisted by the unwillingness of Beverley Hughes MP and Harriott Harman MP to address the matters (presumerably because they are implicated in the scandal).

    Its the biggest story to yet break in the British press – bigger than Iraq, bigger than the Kelly affair, bigger even than any of Blairs lies. The wholesale removal of children from loving families to feed a greedy and malicious (and profitable) forced adoption policy is something unimaginable in say Rumania or Zimbabwe, but almost impossible to comprehend occuring in the UK. Yet it is occuring, regularly and with the assistance of a legal system steeped in secrecy and reluctant to follow the normal bounds of lawful precedence or procedure. Social workers have become some accustomed to perjuring themselves and altering or even destroying evidence.

    I would urge anyone with children or grandchildren to investigate for themselves the media coverage concerning this evolving scandal. It is rare for anyone otherwise unaware of it to not rapidly come to the conclusion that something is horribly wrong with the Social Services and Family Courts in this nation. Some people and organisations are figuring it out for themselves (such as Norfolk County Council recently (http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/england/norfolk/6243155.stm).

    In the meantime I believe it is implicit that any social workers, solicitors and barristers, police officers, journalists and politicians with an ounce of personal or professional integrity assist in identifying the perpertrators of the these terrible crimes being inflicted on children and loving but vulnerable families. FASSIT is increasingly turning to the use of technology to aid the victims of SS injustice and thus protect innocent parties from this immoral and corrupted system of systematic welfare and legal abuse.

  • Dear John Hemming,

    Thank you very much for someone in authority who has a voice standing up for parents against an unjust and corrupt system. The day is coming when all those who have wronged many parents will be brought to account.
    As decent honest upright citizens we are appaulled at what is going on. We are right behind you.

    Someone in Govenment needs to make these people accountable and be able to justify their actions.

    The Pilot Family.

  • Lesley Alvarado 15th Jan '07 - 2:30pm

    Well done, so glad someone is willing to stand up for people being hounded by Social Workers in North Wales. My son and family has left the country to avoid ss taking away his children. After the CPS said there was no incriminating evidence against my son, accused of abuse, sw’s tried to take their children. Even though a report from a “friendly” social worker, who now has been moved away, and is uncontactable, said they were a lovely family, and the children were well adjusted and happy. My son and daughter in law were devastated. Thanks to those in the know, we were advised to get them away as soon as possible. Now they can never come home, but at least they are altogether.

  • lorraine goulding 18th Jan '07 - 6:35pm

    u go for it mr hemmings!, these people need to be named & shamed. it’s digusting how they think they can come & just rip a family apart. these people don’t have aheart, they have a swinging brick!

  • well done, Sir, make this so called officers stand up for their beliefs that they no better than anyone else.

    then do the same, with the CAFCASS officers, then Family Law Solicitors and judges and get them sorted and I will vote Lib Dem for the first time in my lifetime.

    Oh, by the way bring back Charles!!

  • Having dealt with the SS over time regarding my ex’s alcoholism and its effect on the children, I can verify they are worse than useless.

    The whole system of ‘Secrecy’ and ‘Unaccountability’ ensures that nothing ever improves in the family court system and within Social Services.

    This is a national on-going travesty for our children.

    Good luck Mr Hemming, I’m not a natural lib-dem but would certainly vote for you if I was in your area.


  • naming these evil people is not something thats new to me.however i think a MP naming them is going to do nothing but good.
    i for 1 am willing to repost names and wrongs social services have done to my children.
    the sadest thing about this is its not just one department but many throughout the country.

  • George Rolph 23rd Jan '07 - 4:27pm

    While you are at it, check this out too: Female ex internal whistle blower exposes the evils of the America Family Court system.


    Or here: If the link above does not work try this one:

    Once there, click the link that says: Carol_rhodes_and_robert_pedersen

    Then click the small arrow that appears on the new page in the far left of the browser window.

    This is coming here is the left wing, radical feminists are not stopped!

  • Rob, this link was posted on the forum of the Charity – Families Need Fathers (FNF) and the campaign group Real Fathers for Justice (RFFJ). A few of us have had dealings with the SS and hope you welcome our comments.

    Amanda is also being assisted with support and advice from both FNF and RFFJ members, because unlike Family Law and Social Services we do not discriminate against people on the basis of their gender or for any other reason.

    Regards and thanks

  • also link has been posted on dads_uk
    this story has made a lot of people think. i and many others have been treated worse than animals by so called profesional people.i have even been stolen off(i have proof) by a social services worker.i have a letter from a judge condemning social services and cafcass. this country needs to hear the truth.it needs to know this type of thing can happen to anyone.
    please feel free to contact me for more info if you need it.

  • Many New Zealanders will also support initiatives to curtail the family-wrecking power of know-it-all social interventionists. The situation seems much the same in NZ. The question arises: why are child social services and social workers so often seen to behave unreasonably? The answer is probably that feminist and socialist ideologies underly their beliefs and the laws under which they operate. When the principles are misguided the outcome is unlikely to be sound.

  • hopefully wwe will have John as our next PM we need someone with heart

  • Go for it name em anyway i am suffering a similar problem no nazi (SS) is willing to help, thank god for an MP who can see sense

  • newzeland likes our SS an old 1 i have had the mispleasure of knowing tried to get a job there

  • Heartbroken mum 13th Feb '07 - 5:35pm

    My only baby has just been taken from her daddy and I. We are under suspicion of harming her but they have got it wrong. We love her more than anything else. I can’t sleep and can hardly eat. The social workers are cruel, spiteful and heartless, spreading lies about us and invading our privacy. They have not once investigated or even been to our house. She was taken from the hospital. No-one is telling us anything. How can they declare we are child abusers when they know nothing about us and have not spoken to our family or friends?

  • Thankyou Mr. Hemming,what a relief for future decent families.I lost one of my four children recently to adoption with no evidence on me as a mother.I,m still left baffled and confused as are my other children.I turned to alcohol(as many of us do in these cases.)My children at home are struggling to cope alot and i am suicidal as a result of ss actions and lies.I wish i could do something to get my son home,but it,s to late.I e.mailed a local councillor for labour.No wonder they didn,t help me,they encourage adoption.I find it unbelievable.Thankyou for doing something to stop these powerful people who make us so powerless at the cost of breaking up our families.

  • could you also add the social workers in Goodhue County, Redwing,Mn to the list of scumbags> They lie so much they convince themselves they are telling the truth.
    Grandma in Florida

  • trafford social services ruined my life! i fell pregnant while in care, i was neglected by them and was never taught about contraception. my social worker tried to force me to abort, i wouldn’t, but she was determined. on the day of my scan, she turned up unexpectedly, and said she was taking me. i realized we were going a different way, and on the way to the clinic to have an abortion. i fumed! a nurse had said to me that i could only carry on with the pregnancy if my mum said i could, otherwise, they could force me to have it done. i walked out of the clinic. she made many attempts, one of them trying to soften me up over mcdonalds, telling me she had an abortion, she did it to get back at her boyfriend. because of refusing to end my childs life, she took me to court, and said i was seen leaning over a child touching him, which is far from the truth, and that i am capable of hurting my daughter, again, far from the truth. i then became depressed, and my gp put me on pills, but when i got them i was refused them, they wouldn’t give them to me. i got worse and worse , but they just left me, they saw i was getting ill, but i was too much paper work for them. there was a point i wanted to die, in november 2001, i left hospital after self harming and got into a taxi, gave him a note, and ran out of the taxi and jummped off holyhedge motorway bridge in wythenshawe, manchester. they messed my head up so bad. for the last three years i have been very well, got married and have just had a baby, as soon as trafford found out, they were on to the services in my new area, to have him put on a protection register, what does he need protection from? my love, everything that a child needs, he gets. a social worker came to see me, she took one look at me and must of thought what are they talking about and dismissed their application. theres no doubt their’ll try again but they haven’t got a leg to stand on. trafford social services destroy lives not make them better.

  • If you go to rottenboroughs.com you can name and shame all the police officers, social workers etc, this site is protected. A lot of MP’s like Frank Dobson won’t get involved with Social Services. Moira Gibb the nasty social worker who gave evidence in the Victoria Climbie case, is now the Chief Executive of Camden, she rakes in half a million for each white kid she gets adopted, black kids don’t get targeted here, they’re not sellable, they get beaten to death over and over again, no many how many reports you make. Even when idiot Social Workers hear it themselves. Also go to the parliamentary megaphone and the newspaper megaphone posted on most of the father’s website, write your plight and it gets sent to every MP and UK newspaper, don’t forget to name and shame the social workers, borough and the excuse they are using, any judges involved, schools, teachers, and anyone else involved they all deserve a beating. Until everyone floods the MP’s with their letters, most of them will do nothing like Frank Dobson. The more letters the less excuse they have but to change the law, think about it a paedophile doesn’t always have to go to jail, but a parent who fights for their child/children can face prison? Yet a Social Worker can’t? I am surprised however there are not vigilante groups beating the hell out of these evil rodents, a poor excuse for a human being. They should go to prison and pay for their hate crimes against parents. As for Harriet Harman, the minister for justice and her solicitor sister, are we really expected to believe that between these 2 they can’t find a loophole to make these scumbags accountable?

  • 20.10.07.
    I have found that much of what is said above by people about “the rotten UK social services and unaccountable government system” that we have to endure, translates over to the state theft climate. State theft is something that the government has allowed social services/nhs partnership personnel to set up, when elderly people start to need extra nhs care. The 1946/48 NHS act flies out the window and in march the solicitors brought in by social services, to take matters through the secret Public Guardianship / Court of Protection corridors in order to push families to one side and eventually sell off the elderly person’s home . The profits are then ploughed back into the system to line the pockets of greedy corrupted solicitors, and to bolster the public purse. By also giving back a minimal amount to family members after the funeral has taken place, the government manages to stop the family members saying that the state took everything and that they received nothing from the deceased person’s Will .

    Isn’t it time to stop social services and their unholy alliance with the dishonest and secretive evil twin departments – the Public Guardianship Office (PGO) and Court of Protection (COP). Executive and legislative powers should be kept separate if we are to continue a civilised and relatively free society. By allowing the PGO and COP to operate and expand it is frightening. Their expanded powers will mean further disaster for family finances. The government is making more and more strenuous efforts to bring state theft by unaccountable bodies, without changing the law on the 1946/48 act – because that would be political suicide. They should be stopped acting so dishonestly and so destructively towards families.

    This can be done by firstly making a separate complaints bodies to strike out corrupt solicitors who help set up a climate of state theft by indulging in unprofessional activities and being found to unduly influence and steal money from their elderly clients. One example is that of Ms J Pleass in Clacton, supported by Ms H Pleass, Ms H Giles and Ms M Giles, Mr R Plummer, plus key individuals at firms such as Pleass Thomson & Co, Birkett Long, HW Law, Gotelees, Giles Wilson and Sparling Benham and Bough (SBB) etc.

    Next the solicitors having been struck out by what ever the complaints and regulating body is, should never be allowed to work in that same field of work again. So if a firm like SBB dealing in matters over the property of the elderly and their property management company gets wound up by the DTI and Companies house, they should not then be appointed by the Official Solicitor to take on matters representing the elderly once again. But in my parent’s case they were appointed re matters concerning their property. If a job is done criminally, unprofessionally or badly, The Official Solicitor should not then reappoint those same bad firms to continue the same type of work with some other vulnerable people. The fact that the Official Solicitor did appoint SBB, shows that they were either ignorant about SBB’s past or else it was done deliberately to help eventually effect state theft, and to support the PGO/COP’s efforts towards selling off my parent’s assets before they could pass them on through the their Will.

    Corruption in this country is clearly sophisticated. It passes most by. We have the illusion of freedom whilst being unreasonably restricted at every turn by networks set up by power hungry or criminally minded officials. These officials allude to policy, which I do not believe the politicians fully agree. These officials are supported by greedy solicitors who in turn are supported by warped social services/nhs psychiatrists such as Dr Mann at Clacton Hospital and compliant GP’s wanting to keep their head down and stay in the UK, such as Dr Kaiser at Tendring PCT board and the 98% immigrant Drs who staff the psychiatric services – especially around the North London.

    If we are saying that we should sell our homes to pay for nhs care after 60 years of age, then let us change the law to do so, and put aside this expensive secret game plan that is currently taking place – and which we call state theft.

  • i had my 2 girls taken from me in 2003 , i did nothing wrong basically my 16 mmonth old baby had a tiny bruise on her face , as babies do wen they start to move around , they made up all rubbish accused me of being on drugs and not feeding my girls , my older girl was 6 and was devastated, i was treated like dirt , they managed to turn my family against me , i had to go to court , was not allowed my family in and on the final hearing i never got to speak , never allowed to say a word to the judge , he simply read their paper work and made a freeing order so i was never given a chance to give my side, it has ruined my life , im still very depressed , trhey are adopted now and im allowed a letter a year
    it makes me sick wen i se drug addicts being allowed to keep their kids and parents who dont care
    last may a posh couple left 3 kids alone in a hotel in a foreign country, so they could go out for a meal . one went missing , If a young single mum left her kid alone in her own house over here social services would take that kid , this just proves that social services only pick on vunerable mothers , usually young single mums and usually those on benefits or on a poor wage , you never ever hear of kids being taken from wealthy upper class people because they know that these people would have money to employ the best solicitors and would have their kids back in no time

  • Kelvin Debiden 30th Jan '08 - 3:26am

    Well done Mr. Hemming it is about time someone stand up for us, Social Services and the enitre system must look at life from a humatarian and family point of view, not draconion brutal methods and the poor, innocent arrested-minded ones suffer as well their Loving Parents.
    Hats off to you

  • Maureen Brown 29th Apr '08 - 11:23pm

    My grandchild was removed from his family.The “rookie” social worker, qualified for one year, was guided through the process by the Guardian from Cafcass. The judge complimented Cafcass on the guidance to the social worker.
    The social worker had waded in with lies and distortions of the truth.My grandson was ear marked for forcible adoption, but we have fought, but our grandson is now in foster care. The carers want special Guardianship, and have described our family as a stumbling block to the proposed long term fostering. The carers came up with their own solution, which social services are attempting to push through…remove all access to our grandson, from the paternal family. We are back in court for the final four day hearing in June. As blood relatives, we want residency.My husband and I had a glowing viability assessment, in Jan 2007, then the rookie replaced the old social worker, and behind her came the Guardian.In Feb 2007, she came to our home , and told us our grandson would have his memories of us. The alarm bells began ringing.We are not an isolated case, and we will fight, because we will not be brow beaten.They have closed ranks to punish us, one by one. We are a decent family, I am a highly qualified nurse, respected in my field of Cancer Care. I feel sorry for the people who do not have the fight we do. The first thing is not to feel shame, if they tell/ write lies about you. Hold your head up, and fight with every thing you have.Once you hang your head in shame, they have the upper hand.I am of course talking about the innocent.We have been denied documents, even though party to the proceedings. Again a common tactic.I am about to put in a complaint to LCC, and if they don’t respond, then my MP, and if he doesn’t respond, then ill do as i’ve done before, get all the MP’s emails (available on the internet) and forward my complaint to them all.
    Blanket saturation, and you may get some one who will take notice.
    John Hemmings is our champion. Its time other MP’s supported him.

  • As a ‘Pom’, and Liberal Democrat now living in Australia (and a mature-age MSW student), I sympathise greatly with most of the above comments. But..we should never lose sight of the fact that there are children being born to chronic drug abusers right now. Many of the latter simply do not have the capacity to care properly for their baby during what I consider to be the most important years of their children’s lives (approx. up to around the age of two). In such sad situations it is surely better that children be removed at birth and placed with an available loving adoptive family before the bonding process takes too great a hold, and not afterwards which simply compounds the problems for all concerned. I speak from personal experience: my partner is caring for the baby of drug-addicted parents (her brother is the father of the child) and she is doing, so far as I can tell, a far better job than could the 25 year old mother who tragically spends much of her time (and has done since the age of 12)’out of it’. Babies rights must come first. The idea is that you get well,and then you have your children. It is simply unfair, even cruel, to condemn an innocent baby to remain in the primary care of parents patently unsuited to parenting during its crucial early years.

    I can’t say I’m aware of the case MP Hemming refers to,and am not suggesting for a moment that the parents in that particular case are chronic drug abusers unsuited to parenting, but I accept, at the very least, that it seems to have been badly handled by social services. Often social workers lack sensitivity but they are generally very caring people simply trying to do the best job possible. It is for the most part, a thankless task. But the needs of the new-born baby and young child must come before (and not secondary to) those of long-term substance abusing parents. Early adoption by stable, caring parents is preferable to allowing the baby to bond with chronically addicted parents, or the tragic often-used alternative, a foster care system where a child goes back and forth from one placement to another. Get well first, then have children, and not the other way around. That is a mantra worth constant repetition until something is actively done to bring about a society where children can reasonably expect to have a stable, loving (and not a chaotic, unpredictable)upbringing.

    Of course, I do not mean to downplay the very real suffering natural parents go through (often lifelong) as a result of losing their children. Nor do I discount the exceptions to the rule where occasionally drug-addicted parents do a great job of parenting against enormous odds. I hear the cries of those whose parents were, on the face of it, stable yet were simply not up to the difficult task of parenting. No doubt,my comments will be attacked on this site (probably often by people who read into my comments something I did not say, or did not mean to infer). But my primary concern is the rights of the child, which should be affirmed every bit as strongly as the rights of the parent.

  • No one is interested un till they are personally affected, then its too late.
    The public would be shocked about what goes on behind closed doors, but its to the benefit of the law and policy makers, to keep every one in ignorance.
    We are very ignorant, of our rights, the power of the family courts, the corruption by social workers, and it goes on.
    My family are fighting now. The one thing I know is, we are helpless. so many people gone through the same thing, we are powerless to help each other. We have been effectively, divided and conquered.
    If this was any where else, there would be protesting on the streets. Liberty, and Mind totally useless.Whats the phrase, as much use as a chocolate teapot.

    Its scandelous whats happening to us and our children.

    Time to stand up and be counted and begin to fight back. The one thing weve all learnt is there is no help for us, so we must make our own. Our young children have a bounty on their heads. Slavery is alive and kicking in the UK

  • Any one who will reform the family court system will get my vote.
    Why is John Hemmings having to fight this, what appears single handedly.
    Why can social workers lie, with impunity.Why cant the judges who act on their information, not recognize a “bum steer”?
    Why is every one so complaisant.
    Its about time we stood up for our own rights, instead of fighting every one elses.
    We are all worried about terrorism.
    We are all worried about immigration.
    We are all worried about global warming.
    We are all worried about the rise in the cost of living.
    Why aren’t we worried about Family Courts, and the children being snatched by social services.
    Why aren’t we worried about our pensioners, living in poverty, with most of them having actively contributed to this country.
    We have our priorities all wrong.
    The UK, and its politicians need to concentrate on the human rights of the people of this country.
    let the immigrants fleeing their own country, go back and fight for them selves.let our politicians, fight for our rights for a change.
    We are too soft, a walk over, and its us who should be changing that.
    Isn’t that why we have elections…..Why do we end up picking the best of a bad bunch.
    More people of John Hemmings caliber are needed, but appear to be thin on the ground.
    Hate the “im alright Jack” mentality of people in this country.
    Well Jack, no ones alright, and it will get worse, so what are we going to do…
    France wouldnt stand for this, there would be protests in the streets.we should be looking at how other people react, and protest, because it simply isnt effective, to give no one your vote.No wonder we have no voice….

  • since you are all on the subject of social workers, have they the righ to not tell a client who’s been phoning the social worker up and acusing somebody of hitting another. becuase the social worker my friend has is terrible and he has been accusing her huspand of hittin her in her mothers home when he did not.
    so has my friend got the right to know who has been acusing her of being hit or if the person saw this happening or heard that it happened?

  • Chris Paul is talking through his rectum, must be a conservative.
    John Hemmings is a highly respected man, and most people do not hear about him, untill like many of us, have become victims of social services.When you have, one of the first people you begin to hear of, fighting for us, and our rights is Mr Hemmings.He’s the one who gives us hope. Change will come, it will take time, but we have to unite, and fight for changes in the Family Court System.There are too many falsley accused relatives.I compare Social Workers to the Gestapo.One day they will come under public scrutiny, and they’ll have no where to hide.The social worker who has victimised our family, I beleive was abused as a child her self,other wise why is she so bitter and twisted, and prepared to lie to give weight to her statements. They should have to have lie detector tests.
    Dont hide away, but fight for your rights. How can we help John Hemmings in a constructive way? How can we get this shamefull system into the public domain, and bring it down.Why hasn’t the press got more guts about this topic.Find out about having an advocate to help you, go to Womens Aid, Families Need Fathers, contact Fassit, the help is there, just no one tells you…seek it out, go on the internet, look in the yellow pages Womens Aid will sign post you….As long as your prepared to fight, you have a chance. Some times help will come from the least expected sources, but it wont just come to you, seek it out.
    defiant grandmother, or as my beloved granson calls me, GRANDMAM

  • Emma Laffin 6th Jun '08 - 7:49pm

    There’s no equity or shame
    in this despotic game
    where they piss on your character
    and shite on your name:
    “Bureaucracy’s got a blister
    and this child’s to blame!”
    These social workers-McCarthy’s
    staunch and statuesque knights-
    blast the warnings of the foghorn
    and throw rocks at the lights,
    at the liberal beacons that warn
    of our hazardous shores
    where childhoods are sabotaged and torn
    by bureaucrats, the creeping Jesus
    and his Babylonian whores.
    “This child’s too big in the mouth!
    I say we flay him, betray him
    and kick him down south,
    far from our rosy realm!”
    Fragments of our social services
    have become infected
    with a bad case of Hathorne and Danforth,
    its anatomy contaminated
    by power seekers Janus-headed policies.
    They’ve tramped upon this innocence
    and ground their heels into his face…
    the face of a child who spoke too loud.
    “Stop shouting! Stop shouting!”
    “I’m not listening!”
    “Your abused childhood’s nothing
    to do with us…but I see
    you’ve got too many CDs!”
    “In the name of all that’s
    merciful and just…”
    but my mouth’s clogged up
    with ground clay and rust,
    my tongue has been shackled
    and my speech is dust.
    My character’s been raped
    and dumped in the gutter,
    but who gives a rat’s ass
    as my opinions don’t matter:
    McCarthy’s knights have
    sided with my oppressors
    who’ve made damn sure
    I sing for my supper…
    or at least that’s the way
    it used to be:
    now I cater for myself
    amongst the word-hordes,
    stroll the poet’s realms
    where there are no borders
    and where bureaucracy
    is afraid to venture.
    These days,
    unpredictable as usual,
    I tend to step aside
    and let the hypocrites fight,
    conflicting opinions
    in a ring of speculation
    and not a referee in sight.
    As for the poet,
    my friend and lover,
    McCarthy’s knights take notice:
    you won’t kill this John Proctor.

    by Emma Laffin

    This poem is dedicated to all the innocent victims of the social services.

  • All week we’ve heard about the detention of terrorists, and the disregard for their human rights.what about the human rights of the children snatched from their parents, because social workers and cafcass have colluded, to allow them to twin track children into long term foster care or adoption, with monetry incentives to social services.
    we are very selective about who has human rights, we disregard those of the child. This country has been fined by the Haigh for their disregard,but it makes no difference, they reoffend, because its the people they offend against, who pick up the tab…their victims.never mind about justice for people who plot to kill and maime, they should be at the bottom of the list.people who for whatever reason find them selves in Family Courts, should have their human rights protected, but its not happening.we arent shouting loud enough.in a few weeks, we as a family will get to know if our much loved grandson will stay in our lives.when you lose the things you value and love, there is not much more they can do to you, you have nothing to loose.There has been a perversion of justice, brought about by a lying social worker, and her co conspirator from caffcass.If I lose my grandson, i will be putting the names of these two people on the internet, and the foster mother who has requested we not be allowed to see our grandson ever again. surely this woman is not considering what is best for my grandson.we have never harmed him, but sought to protect him.She describes herself as self employed, and my grandson is a meal ticket.he has had more visits to the hospital whilst in her care, than he ever had before he was placed with her.we’ll see the outcome of the court.well see if the judge can recognise a lying social worker. these are the PUBLIC SERVANTS, who are accountable to no one, who John Hemmings is fighting. This is a society where grandparents have no rights, and they wonder why there is a break down in family values.Roll on the destruction of the family Court as we know it.let it be replaced by something HUMANE

  • In cases like ours, people sympathize, but because they fear social services, and their unbridled power, are reluctant to put their names to anything.
    We describe how we have found ourselves their victims, because they are prepared to lie, make false unsubstantiated allegations, and snatch children from the families who love them.
    We paint a frightening picture of these state protected torcherers.
    Would you willingly want to become the focus of their attention? especially if you too have children…..Social Services are Englands, Robert Mugarbee, Idi Armin, Adolf Hitler, Pol Pot, and all the other despicable people, who have torchered, killed, and robbed people of their identities, rights, families, and lives.
    I dont think its too strong a comparison, because their out comes are the same.
    I don’t think rallies or petitions do much good.
    I do think naming and shaming is a good tool for justice, but these are employees of the state, and will have the protection we don’t. They can falsley acuse, and make allegations, and the courts even make decisions based on their lies, but you and I would have the full weight of the law used against us. Its not a reason not to do it, but it is a reason to look for a more effective way to fight for our cause.
    John Hemmings, what can we do, how can we help you.We must look for legal ways to fight, and only if that fails, we look at other options.They are there, but only as last resort.Lets hope we never get that deperate.There is a website called Rottenboroughs, have a look, I did.Food for thought
    I believe we should be emailing the programme makers enmass, to at least get them to give our stories a second look.
    Theres stories of tragedy, despair, suffering, grief, loss, dishonesty, futility, and suicide. Children feel rejected and abandoned by their parents, no matter how they fought for them. Who knows what problems these children will develop, in the future, because social workers, do not have the fore sight with regard to the consequences of their actions.If they did ,it would mean they had a conscience, and therefore , couldn’t do their jobs….God forbid.
    I will try and find emails of people we could contact in the BBc, ITV, etc etc.Lets all look, then post them on this site, so we can all put our cases forward, or simply ask for their help. Theres journalists who have an interest in the injustice of the Family Court System, and the lying Social Workers. Lets make it one day a week, where we all post our media makers addresses, shall we say starting next Sunday, June 29th.If we can make it impressive enough, then we can refer them to our site, and ,see the strength of feeling that exists.Without that demonstration of solidarity, nothing can move forward.Now is the time to show we are not conquered or divided, but united.
    ill be online next Sunday, i hope there will be more.
    My grandson, calls me grandmam.I travel nearly 400miles alternate weeks for my contact of 2 hours.I would do it for 2 minutes.We are in court next week for the final hearing, and we will know if we are to be excluded from our grandsons life, at the request of the foster carer.If we lose our grandson, i will post the names and details of those involved, irrespective of the consequences.Two weeks today, i will tell what has happened, and what the outcome was.I pray that the judge will finally see the lengths the lying social worker is prepared to go too.I have little faith, but will not yet, judge the judge.

  • Last week it was the human rights of terrorists.
    This week its about acusers losing their anonaminity.
    The repercussions will be criminals will go unconvicted, cases will fall flat on their faces, and police clear up rates, if thats the correct term, for crimes will fall further.
    Lets look at the Family Courts.I can not bring myself to put Law into the title, because it does not belong there.
    If we tried to apply accusers now being named, what that would show up, would be false allegations with no substance, mainly contrived by social workers, to win their cases.
    Its all about status and promotion prospects, not about whats best for a child, and human rights.there is no innocence untill proven guilty, here.Perhaps then people would not be jailed for trying to clear their names, by bringing the injustices suffered.Just where is the right to free speech here.Families who become victims themselves at the hands of the social workers and Family Courts, here gagged by the system threatening inprisonment.
    A system which would not be out of place in Robert Mugabee’s regime.we did help put him in power after all.
    The media stinks, no back bone, still the best example of the “Im alright Jack” mentality .Next Sunday , all their email addresses will be on this site, and I hope others will contribute
    Our politicians are useless because they uphold and support this social injustice.
    Whos kidding us we live in a democratic society.You have to come from outside of this country to have human rights.For the nationals , we pay for every one else, further afield the better.To put it politely, we are all being defacated on, from a great height.
    John Hemmings is our one ally, and if there are more, let them stand up and be counted, support him, and support us.

  • I TOTALY agree with mirabuum terrosist asylum seekers and imigrants have their humane rights in this country where are our childrens humane rights or ours our children are taken from us by forcing them to live with other people their taken from loving homes to be placed where they do not get the loving care as with the family that love them i am allso aloving grandmother who has had an injustice done to me i have been writting every where for help and trying to fight for my little grandaughter to get her back with us the social services put in fase evidence against us at court as they do to a lot of good people these people should be taken to court for purgery but because of the closed courts we have all these lies and fase evedence said about us then if you speak out about this they threaten yoy with prison they blame you of emotional harm they give the children emotional harm by taking them from their familys and causing damage to the child by scarring the childs mind and then the child has to see a physcolligist is that the right procedure to take we want the open courts back and these evil people brought to justice as they put us and our children through hell ruining our livesand our childrens lives iwill do what ever it takes to get my granchild back and will help with any thing to fight and suport MR Hemmingin every way i can and if we all do this hope fully we try to fight them we want our children back from the child snatchers

  • http://youtube.com/watch?v=8KbOBPHm8eY


  • Only people who are caught up in this awfull process,like our selves, can understand the life numbing pain and grief we feel.
    The grief is like bereavement, but death brings finality to the situation.
    To lose your child/children to social services, is worse, because every thing is a reminder of the child who is no longer there.I am in no way inferring any one would wish their child dead, than be fostered or adopted, but its a thought parents often wish for themselves, and there is evidence, more people are resorting to this final gesture through unbearable emotional pain.The natzis are war criminals, for what they did, what category do we put social workers into?
    It is recognised, more and more of the population will suffer mental health problems. Some of these are caused through Social services.
    If youve ever had a break down, never tell them, because I have to tell you from personal experience, youve lost your case.MIND are totally useless.
    Why are so many people damaged by contact with social services.
    Im not putting the parent before the child, because, some children should be removed.Its the children removed to meet targets, or like my family, where the social worker disliked us.She was not proffessional enough to keep personal opinions seperate.This one woman has destroyed, a respectable and loving family, put a child who should have remained within the family with strangers.We werent drug abusers, criminals , child abusers, paedofiles, we were grand parents, who would have done any thing to ensure our grandson had a safe and nurturing enviroment, in whivh to flourish, and reach his full potential in life. We could have done all that, but its been handed to strangers.
    We will see our beloved grandson, once a year, although we have been part of his life since birth.Even on the day of court, the social worker was still telling lies.
    How big a gesture do you have to make to get people to take notice.
    a big splatt!a noose, car exhaust fumes,overdose, railway track, car crash.
    Dont do any, because, one day, those children will come looking.Make your self a person, your estranged child is proud to find.In the mean time, keep talking, join groups, share your experience.
    While in court, we were reminded it was a court of law…..I have very firm opinions on that one, because judges are making decisions based on the lies the social worker choose to put before them.judges will never admitt, they cannot distinguish truth from fiction, so are they too, victims of the social worker. If these were in the criminal courts, you would be protected.the parents and children, become the victims of everyone else.
    What a shambolic system, it needs destroying, as do the people who uphold it
    The judicial heirarchy sit in comfort in their ivory towers making decisions which affect ordinary people, like you and I,, These public school, fagged, snobs who live in a different world to us. They dont know how orinary people live.
    We are as powerless, as we are when the family…….(cant say it)Court is in action.
    This country, this government should hang their heads in shame.It a good job they cant impose the death sentence, because a lot of innocent parents would have been despatched by now.

    Support John Hemmings, because he is the voice in the wilderness, or so it seems.
    There is no law in the Family Court, its been removed to make it work, thats why the innocent have no protection
    Who is abusing who?

  • What is it about this thread that attracts utter illiterates?

  • Ican emphathise with all of you who get caught up with social services my daughter tried to protect her child then it was all twisted back on her they even involved me the local authority covered up a case then with their lies and false evidenceit was all twisted back on to my daughter and me blaming us of emotional harm the evidence they put into court is lies but they keep the truth hiden you can get your files released from social services dont be put off they will tell you to call in to the office to look at them dont do this be adament and stand your ground if you have been falselyacusedget all files of the court case then you can see what they have against you what is in there and what they put into court could suprise you then you can see what these people are capable of they should staand trial for purgery it is a crimanal ofence these evil people use the same tacticks caf cas side with them to streghten the case against you they conspire then evidence put to the judge and you havent a leg to stand on they crucify you then youhave alife sentence of torture and so to the child that is why we have so much crime rate unbalanced children rebeling and turning to drugs to block their memories of broken homes being beaten been abused their mind goes they have to see physicoligist or some times its even worst its allbecause ofthese evil authorities

  • asquith yousay what is it that atracts ididiots to this thread ask your self we come on this forumtoemphathise as we have had an injustice done to us im sure you have plenty of sites to go on with your intelligence

  • Just so, Valerie, just so.

  • Asquith’s achievements in peacetime were overshadowed by his failures in wartime. Most historians portray a vacillating prime minister, barely handling forces he could not contain, at best acting as the crumbling fulcrum on which men of greater determination and ambition levered their way into power.

    In the 1924 election Asquith was defeated, and in 1925 he entered the House of Lords as Earl of Oxford and Asquith. In 1926 he split finally with Lloyd George and the majority of the Liberal Party.

  • Well, I can kiss goodbye to my self-esteem now…


  • Asquith has returned three times, to this site.
    “What is it about this thread that attracts utter illiterates”?(Asquiths own words)
    I hope he now includes him self ,or is he just slumming.
    He treated us to a picture of him .
    Im sure a psychologist could read a lot in to that.
    We’ll forgive him, he obviously knows, no better.
    I wont be making any further responses to Asquiths utterances.
    Time for us all to move on.

  • These are people work in the media.
    I obtained all these email addresses from the net.
    [email protected]” ;
    [email protected]” ;
    “cassan[email protected]” ;”fiona barton” ;
    [email protected]” ;
    [email protected]” ;
    “rhiannon jones” ;

    Use them well, perhaps some one out There will get help from one of them.
    You never know unless you try.
    I wasnt successfull but you may be.
    One sugested putting me in touch with a programme maker, regarding, “how social services treat grandparents”
    Perhaps if they put in a request to this site, for the help of people in our position, they could open the eyes of the ill informed public.
    Come on journalists, do some thing, please.

  • We may lose some of our battles, but the war has to go on.
    It will end for each one of us, when we choose to end it.
    When the law fails you, and youve explored all other avenues, then you have to be inventive, and thats very individual, how you choose to play it.
    Never lose your dinity, your freedom, or your direction, and never be ashamed.
    Try some of the journalist ive listed, phone your local radio,and try other web sites to post your views and experience.MSN Face Book, goes world wide, any one got any positive experiences of this.People choose to come in and look, you simply make your information accessible.You never know wholl see it.Takes the Social Services outside of the uk, and other people will see how rotten they are.Its another way to exspose them, and the injustices of this country.Well hold our heads up, and keep fighting, because there are so many people in the same boat,or gone through it.Keep the lines of communication open, and share your loss, with people who care.

  • mr mrs gunner 7th Aug '08 - 9:21pm

    good luck to mp john hemings its time social services and so called proffesionals who lie and trump up charges to make a case are held accountable for their actions we have been subject to abuse and neglect charges and my wife has also been accused of sabotarging the help given to our son simply because we dared complain to the hospital about his operation that was botched

  • Mr& Mrs Gunner.
    It seems as though you have more than one battle on your hands here.
    If your unhappy about your sons surgery, commence the complaints procedure.Put it in writing, why you are not happy, so it can be investigated.This is your right.
    If you are not happy with their findings, then complain to the Health Care Commission.they are crap, but you have to go through the “proceedure”. if you feel dissatisfied, then you can consult with a solicitor.Make sure you go to someone who specialises in Medical Negligence.Thats very important.Social Services as we are becoming aware, more and more, do not seem to be accountable to any one, inspite of being public servants.The government permitts this situation to exist.The more people who contribute to this site, the better, but regretably, we are still at a stage where no one takes any notice, unless like myself and other people, whose stories you can read on this page.
    We know, because weve either been there, or are going through it. There is support available,but like many things, you never have it, when you need it most, so lets help each other.Every one is now watching China, and very concerned about their record on Human Rights.Still the same old hippocrits in this country.Its going on here too.All of us contributers are testimony to that.Its easier to point the finger at some one else, than attempt to put your own house in order.John Hemmings is a voice in the wilderness, but it wont always be like that.It demoralising to think, we put gutless people in positions of power.We pay their wages too, perhaps we should all be more discerning, to whom we give our vote.

  • robert patterson 23rd Sep '08 - 2:02pm

    re-grand son kieran bruen d.o.b.19-06-03
    apparantly snatched from mother amanda bruen ,then apparantly fostered out two occasions ,past 18 mths,my son steven patterson childs father,died tragicly 03-02-06.I am angry to only find out about my grand sons predicament by way of letter via s.w. glasgow dated 03-09-08 and subsequent visit my home 19-09-08 re care issues re garding my grandson,i have a large fam., all grown up and all willing to love and support kieren. in conclusion i was unhappy with their attitude in my home. i was also a executor for my sons affairs, swd,obstructing my investigations into this disgusting affair ,and evident discrimination.

  • robert patterson 23rd Sep '08 - 4:53pm

    update: half hr. ago received tel ,call from the receptionest solicitors, tuck keith/company 254 saracen st ,possilpark,glasgow g22.
    Re request contact order request be made to sheriff court glasgow. today advised solicitor, elane occonal unable to keep apointment 10am 24-09-08 which i had arranged on 15-09-08
    I am having great difficulty in obtaining legal representation in glasgow, re long history social injustices in glasgow, scotland.
    i now intend to visit her again 30-09-08

  • Mr. Patterson, change your solicitor, shes fallen at the first hurdle.
    Couldnt even keep an appointment which is so important to you. For them, its only a job.
    Contact FASSIT via internet, may at least be able to give you information which you may find valuable.
    I live over the border, but found a fantastic man who helped us, from Families Need Fathers,
    You must have similar in Scotland.
    We are grandparents, and they still helped us.
    They do it, because they have been through it themselves, they understand.
    Thats what you want, not a solicitor, who will probably be working with social services against you.
    Our support was discovered too late to turn decision, but we fought, and although limited, we are maintaining contact with our precious three year old grandson.
    You fight,as you need to at least be in your grandsons life, and you can go to court for that alone, access.You are the link to his father, his roots, his identity.Your grandson has human rights, and so do you.
    Its not an easy road, they try to destroy every good thing about you, as they did to us ,honest people.
    The last thing on Social Workers minds, is whats best for the child.
    I wish you luck, and determination to suceed.
    The disgracefull situation of the Family Law Courts in the UK persists.
    I hope your legal system is more humane than UK.
    I wish you well.

  • robert patterson 25th Sep '08 - 12:35pm


  • robert patterson 25th Sep '08 - 9:46pm

    greetings mp john hemming(great work)please note in my humble opinion(pendemic social injustice in u.k. is that their are to many lawyers in politics.the country is run by lawyers,judges are also lawyers,acting out their pathetic roll,s,and accountable to no one.another, great work,was shakespeare ref king henry the sixth act 1v scene2 ref dick.the first thing we do lets kill all the lawyers.shakespear,must have known a thing or to / eh/? we ordinary folks in this centuary,are more resourcfull.i would suggest the answear to our problem is dont VOTE FOR LAWYERS.advise mirabullum take note.

  • Thanks Mr. Patterson, had already sussed that one out, regrettably, its when your fighting for the most important things in your life, even when innocent, the law is weighted against you.The legal system in this country is a farce.Like everything, its for the rich who can pay, and the poor remain unrepresented.There are people who will help, who are not part of the legal system, look at the internet.Please try Fassit, and they will point you in the right direction.There is help, but no one tells you, especially when you need it, so im telling you. Dont feel thwarted,fight.You would not believe the number of people have been, or are in a similar situation to your self.
    There are many people who visit this page, so cant we have some sugestions please, to help and support Mr. Patterson

  • robert patterson 26th Sep '08 - 2:37pm

    27TH FEB 07
    DEAR MR MICHAEL mcmahon,
    ref pe995 lodged 29-08-06
    further to our last meeting 30thoct 06
    In ist.inst i
    wish to ask for the record to invite again mr.andy kerr m.s.p. to respond to my petition pe995 for comments regarding public initiative in respect occupational therapy known as ie,

  • robert patterson 26th Sep '08 - 2:59pm

    thread cont, abracadabra= w.e.e.b.a.r.r.a.=occupational work therapy,for recovering drug addicts.i note todate no response from parliament.w.e.e.b.a.r.a.is a scottish social strategic enterprise(not for profit)And will be registered as a charity,when funds become available.this strategic enterprise has apparantly been discriminated by way of exclusion in the fundemental petition process by way of exclusion peoples initiative to reduce further drug related deaths.in viw of forementioned circumstances it is not suprising executive and the agencies are united in entrenched positions,acting as gatekeepers in blocking public participation via request public enquiry into high drug related deaths in scotland.please heed poets prophetic poem by edwin morgan. open the door(for the opening of the scottish parliament 9th oct 2004.in conclusion 1st minister states we must move away from harm reduction,to drug free policy(amen tay o that)
    yours faithfully robert patterson(pe lodged 28thaug2006)

  • robert patterson 26th Sep '08 - 3:23pm

    Please note above letter was not considered???
    please further note s.s. enterprise was born 30-10-06 place of birth the scottish parliament(pe995 birth certificate) todate this enterprise is starved for funds for development,i am still holding fort(premises)
    and wife grace supporting via a pension.
    the association will activly seek work,for recovering drug addicts,glasgow barra,s as market traders,every sat,sunday.the association recycles individuals via recycling 2nd hand goods. the association hopes this public initiative will help individuals to believe in themselfs and improve their self worth.in conclusion i feel this initiative been suppressed,starved of funds, re development.regrds robert.

  • Emma Laffin 26th Sep '08 - 6:27pm

    I come from Northern Ireland, and over here we have social workers who have turned a blind eye to the appalling abuse dished out to children by paramilitary groups. Then the social workers have the sheer nerve to harass the victims when they speak up about their terrifying odeal. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not demonising all social workers, far from it, for I’m very aware that there are many, many good social workers out there, genuinely moral souls dedicated to helping everyone within society, but it has to be said that there are some nasty, dirty elements within the social services and they must be exposed and removed from the agency in order to keep the agency clean. After all, no one wants to buy a soiled product: if the social services want the public, THE PEOPLE, to shake their hands in friendship, then the agency had better make sure its hands are clean. Over here, even one of our greatest poets, Patrick Lewis Strachan, has been targeted by corrupt social workers because he wrote Children of the Brair & The Testimony of Night. The poet, as a child, was subjected to some of the worst abuse ever heard of on Ulster soil, and the social services won’t investigate…but they did approach him about having no garden and having too many CDs…see what we’re up against?

  • robert patterson 26th Sep '08 - 11:45pm

    Mirabulum Your Right,Petitions Dont Work,And Your Right Again ,Countrys Not Demacratic,And Do Know Somthing Else Your Country Does Not Love Us Any More.But The Country Needs Good People Like Us.WHO Is RESPONSIBLE For THE State OF The COUNTRY.I AM Glad I Am Not In Goverment,Its Evident To Anybody,With Half A Brain,People Turning Drink,Drugs,Ect Through Deprivation,And Lack Of Opportunity,In Particular The Younger Generation. Take Care. Re Robert

  • robert patterson 29th Sep '08 - 5:40pm

    In View Of State Of Affairs Re Justice System In Fam/Courts Secrecy Ect, Ect, Run By Lawyers,Juges(more Lawyers)And S.Workers.Which I Have Only Become Aware Of Via My Grandsons Kieran Bruens Predicament.I Have E.Mailed Sacl To Investigate This Closed System.I Would Hope,All Affected Party,s Would Support My Request To [email protected]
    Regards Best Wishes AllParents,Grandparents

  • robert patterson 29th Sep '08 - 6:02pm

    Info Update Re Sacl A.G.M. 18th October 2008
    Venue The QUAKER Halls,Victoria Street,Edinburgh PHone Stuart Usher 01835 864 899 If You Would Like To Go.
    Opportunity To Raise Issue,s Regarding ,Lawyers,Judges Ect, Legal System.Voice Your Concerns.This Group, Meets outside Parliament Ist Wed Of Every Mth Scottish Parliament.

  • my name is christy shelsher.my children are currantly in care,they went into care a year ago,the judge has given me a second chance,but socail services are ignoring her,my children are up for adoption in november,can someone help me get my children back,i wrote to mr hemming and he gave me this website.so if anyone can help please phone me on [edited by moderator],my address is [edited by moderator],thank you.

  • robert patterson 2nd Oct '08 - 9:45pm

    Hi Christy,
    Have You Tried http://www.fassit.com.uk
    Families, Against,Anti-social, Service,Enquiry,Team , If Not Go For It
    Ask For Husky.

  • robert patterson 2nd Oct '08 - 10:31pm

    info check out web -site Ian Josephs.
    States S.W. Wicked Abuse Of Power Has Shockeed Me.Daily Mail 23rd Feb 2008 My Baby Had Cancer,But Social Workers Falsly Accused Me Of Child Abuse And They Took All Three Children.Check It Out / Plenty People Out Their Suffering ,Abuse Of Power/Lets Have A Bit Of Accountability For These Morons.

  • robert patterson 2nd Oct '08 - 10:52pm

    Victims Of Memory(1997 Book)Mark Prendergast,Stated Forward Of Book THE WITCH-HUNT.,Of Alledged Sexual Abusers,By Means Of Memories SUPPOSEDLY Repressed In Childhood,And Recovered YEARS LATER In Therapy,HAS CLAIMED Several MILlION VICTIMS In The Usa AND WELL OVER 100,000 In BRITAIN Prendergrast Tells An Appaling HEART BREAKING HORROR STORY OF THE FORCES OF MENTAL HEALTH GONE BERSEK.

  • robert patterson 2nd Oct '08 - 11:08pm

    Ref Socialist Worker Online 3/8/2008 issue 1811
    The Number Of Children In Jails Are At Record Levels .CRIMINAL JUSTICE ACT.,Comes Into Force SEPTEMBER 2008 Enable Courts To Lock Up Children As Young As 12 For Minor Crimes Like Shoplifting/
    3,000 Locked Up In inHumane And Appaling Conditions.?????????

  • Alix Mortimer 2nd Oct '08 - 11:49pm

    Hi Christy, I’m very sorry but I’ve had to change your post to take your contact details out.

    The reason for this is that this website is open and unprotected – anyone can come onto this site and access your personal contact details, which could lead to junk mail, nuisance calls, identity theft etc.

    The most useful page on the FASSIT site is probably this one:

    This gives a list of helplines and phone numbers to call for free advice. You may have already tried some of these – hopefully someone can help.


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