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Ditch the pigeon? – from our archive

Libby - Some rghts reserved by David SpenderLiberal Democrat Voice has a fantastic archive of posts going back to our establishment in 2006. Here’s an interesting article from our founding editor, Rob Fenwick, which was published in September 2006. You can read the post in its original form, with comments, here:

Iain Dale has seen the Tory logo future, and it’s… scribbled.

Some months ago I was sat in a pub in Bath, with a friend who was hovering on the brink of becoming a Liberal Democrat party member.

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Today’s leadership news links

The only thing I could find this morning was this Q&A between Chris Huhne and the readers of the Independent which includes questions on the nature of liberalism. drug use, whether Chris should be ashamed to be wealthy, and a couple of good policy questions.

If you know of more news web links, do post them in the comments.

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Shameless plug for my other gaff

I’m blogging the leadership contest from the perspective of a floating voter over on my personal blog where you’ll find:

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Your Sunday papers

The Sunday Telegraph says:

In an article for this newspaper, Chris Huhne aims the first personal shot at Nick Clegg – claiming that his rival risks being seen as little more than a “Tory twin”.

You can read the article here and make your own mind up. While in the Observer a saccharine, though at times revealing, interview with Nick Clegg brings such revelations as:

He wields politics’ deadliest weapon, charm. There is also a sprinkling of stardust. Next week he will meet Halle Berry at a film premiere of his mate Sam Mendes’s Things We Lost In The Fire

And you’ll find that …

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Leadership contenders go head-to-head

Nick Clegg and Chris Huhne will go head-to-head at the South Central Regional Conference in Newbury, Berkshire today.

I’m sure it will be carried on News24, so if anyone can enlighten us in the comments as to when the hustings is due to start (for some reason News Online systematically deny their readers information like this) then we’d be very grateful!

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Acting leader says entire Northern Rock management board should have been “cleared out on day one”

Vincent CableThis story appears in the Guardian and other places:

Commenting on the resignation of Northern Rock’s chairman Matt Ridley, Liberal Democrat Acting Leader and Shadow Chancellor, Vince Cable MP said: “The Government should have made Mr Ridley’s departure a condition of its loan, rather than waiting for him to go.

“Furthermore there are other directors, including Derek Wanless, who are equally culpable. All of the senior management of the company led by Mr Applegarth should have been cleared out on day one.

“I nonetheless welcome this step as belated recognition that somebody in Northern Rock should be

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Nick Clegg launches campaign, pledging to take Liberal Democrats “beyond our comfort zone”

You can find an introduction to Nick’s leadership bid on the web site of his local paper (thanks to Andrea for pointing out) – no campaign web site yet.

He began by sending condolences to the friends and family of Jonathan Matondo. He then paid tribute to Menzies Campbell.

He said the party would have to be “bold” and “move “outside our comfort zone” as “three party politics was in the balance.”

He said “we cannot test the patience of the British people” and that a long term commitment must be made to liberalism.

Clegg said the party should “extend our reach” and …

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