New Members: 15,000 join the Lib Dems since the referendum

A milestone reached tonight:

This is a 10 year high for the party.

Party President Sal Brinton said:

Only the Liberal Democrats are left to make the positive case for Britain remaining in the heart of Europe. We respect the result of the referendum but the Leave campaign failed to present any kind of plan for post-Brexit Britain. For the sake of British jobs, services and the freedom of young people to live, work and study across Europe, Britain needs a pro-European voice more than ever.

With Conservative leadership contenders fighting over who will drag Britain out of Europe first, and Labour leadership contenders simply fighting among themselves, only the Liberal Democrats are focusing on the vital issues facing the country at this moment of national crisis.

If you like the fact that we are the only party at UK level to be unequivocally saying that we stand for this country’s future as part of the EU, if you like the fact that our Tom Brake today filed a bill to give EU citizens already here the indefinite right to remain, then why not join us too?

If you are one of the 15,000, why not write for us telling us why you have joined? Send your contribution (500 words or less, please) to [email protected].

And if you want to know more about the party, here’s our editor Caron Lindsay’s Lowdown.

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  • Is it really only the Liberal Democrats ? If it is the country is stuffed. While I welcome new members, lets not ignore the fact that Labour has added 4 times that many, the Greens have added the same number and the Liberal/SDP Alliance had around 200,000 members.

    Having destroyed the Liberal Democrats why was Ryan Coetzee employed as strategic advisor to the remain campaign? (yes Nick Clegg recommended him!) Who decided Will Straw, who’s never won an election in his life would be a good executive director for the remain campaign? Having prevented a referendum time after time when it would have been won, who in the Liberal Democrats takes any responsibility for those decisions ? As usual the questions will be swept under the carpet.

  • you are rather an embittered soul Caracatus. Of course people are becoming more politically aware for a variety of reasons,the £3 Socialists are preparing for an election from both sides of their divide,the Greens are a safe haven you can pretend the world is a happy place.Of course the old salad days attracted 200,000 people the press was solidly promoting them(I was one) but the Lib Dems are now the thinking persons party prepared to promote unfashionable causes because they are right…dont keep harking back, look forward there is a better world out there somewhere and we should keep looking

  • Caracatus: “the Greens have added the same number”

    Where have you seen this? I cannot find anything on the internet saying this or anything like it.

  • Does anyone have the actual number of members?
    It would be good to see how many of the new members who signed up following the election catastrophe have renewed.

  • If anyone is looking for a plan there is one here and it’s actually very simple:

    Of course you might not read it because the glorious leader of the new LibUndems has already decided the course of action is to pretend it’s all been a bad dream.

    Already 11 countries are looking for a trade deal with poor old isolated Britain. Some of them could not get a deal with the 28-member EU and others, like Germany and the US, are realistic even if disappointed. What we need now is for folk like Mark Carney to stop talking Britain down. The campaign is over; no need for any more false prophets/models of doom. That approach already lost! Nobody actually knows what lies ahead but there is no reason to sit in our prison cells fearful of what might be outside.

    The EU trading negotiators had long been superseded by the WTO anyway and so it morphed into a political entity that was steering us all towards a greater unity that many folk in Europe just do not want. It will surely now reform itself, oust Juncker and his Federalist ilk and retreat somewhat back to what it was meant for in the first place.

  • Simon Hebditch 6th Jul '16 - 10:46am

    It is simplistic and untrue to say that the Lib Dems are the only party promoting a pro-EU position. The Greens reflect that position as well and, frankly, Caroline Lucas has been the most regular and consistent advocate of the need for a transformed EU. We need to build alliances not play a party game around who is the most pro-EU entity!
    The fact is that we will only be able to confront Toryism, both Brexiteers and others, through a genuine progressive alliance which encompasses the Lib Dems, Labour, the Greens, the SNP and a range of extra-parliamentary campaigning organisations. We will need a common programme covering federalism in the UK, an economic plan geared towards public investment and the end of austerity, electoral reform and the need for a major affordable housing drive. Are people in the Lib Dems up for such an alliance which will also have to promote specific electoral pacts across the country?

  • Michael Cole 6th Jul '16 - 12:39pm


    A progressive alliance with Labour ? Do me a favour !

  • Jamesg: the ultimate plan is simple, just depends on the time, all parties will suffer too much us leaving, so at the appropriate time it will be announced, probably by a leading Leaver that it is better to stay.

  • Bernard Aris 6th Jul '16 - 2:59pm

    To Caracatus:

    It may well be that the SDP/Liberals Alliance had 200.000 members, but you forget the Liberal Party constitution, and the constituency situation on the ground. The party Leader himself wrote every election platform; members were often member because their (local) friends were member, but didn’t feel a obligation to attend local Liberal meetings or even to regularly vote Liberal; and only where the Penhaligon Young Liberals were able to install a durable “Community Politics”_culture did the Liberal constituency parties have a durable hard core of activists around their local or district councillors. Read the biography of David Penhaligon for a lively picture of Liberal constituency party life and habits before “Community Politics” was introduced around 1967-’70.
    It was the SDP who professionalised and reformed the members’ relationship to the party, just read any book about the merger process to see that. And better 75.000 committed membes than 200.000 with only half of them feeling no more than a a partial commitment.

  • Well we might be heading for SDP mark 2.

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