As the election draws closer and the polls seem firmly stuck in or near hung-parliament territory, the latest Guardian/ICM poll suggests that the prospect of no one party having an absolute majority isn’t scaring voters as much as Labour and the Conservatives might like.

As the Guardian reports:

Voters remain unconvinced by the Conservative alternative, with 29% thinking a clear Tory victory would be best. Only 18% think Britain would be best served by a strong Labour win this spring. Both groups are outnumbered by the 44% who want a hung parliament in which the government works with smaller parties such as the Liberal Democrats.

Accepting all the caveats about individual polls and not knowing exactly how the questions were asked, it’s striking that about a third of Labour and Tory voters would seem not to want their party of choice to win an outright majority (or not know whether they do or not).

Might it be that the public really is ready for a hung parliament; and, if so, can the Lib Dems turn it to their advantage and persuade more people that a vote for the Lib Dems is a positive choice for change, not a wasted vote?