Special post-election LDV members’ survey now live

imageThe new LDV members’ survey is now live. So if you are one of the 1,600+ registered members of the Liberal Democrat Voice forum — and any paid-up party member is welcome to join — then you now have the opportunity to make your views known.

This is a brief survey, focused on the performance of the Lib Dems and party leader Nick Clegg at the most recent set of local and European elections. It should take no longer than 5-10 minutes minutes to fill in. All registered members of the Forum should have today been e-mailed with a unique link to take you to the survey. If you haven’t received yours, or if you are signing up to the Forum now, please drop Ryan Cullen a line at [email protected]. Please do check your spam folder first, though, in case it’s ended up there!

We’ll publish the results in full on Tuesday evening, so make sure you vote as soon as possible.

You can access the results from our previous LDV members surveys by clicking here — and you can access a Google spreadsheet of our ‘Coalition tracker’ and ‘leading Lib Dems’ ratings here.

* Stephen was Editor (and Co-Editor) of Liberal Democrat Voice from 2007 to 2015, and writes at The Collected Stephen Tall.

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  • What is the point of asking about a new leader? With the Scottish referendum and a GE in the next year who knows who will be left as an MP and a temporary leader is unlikely to gain us votes.

  • Member of Liberal and Liberal Democrats until the inept handing of the Tuition Fees issue so cannot vote on your Forum.. Held every sort of constituency office post, campaigned in more by elections thanI can recall and still contribute financially to the party each month. But that will probably end if there is no immediate change of leader.

  • Charles Rothwell 26th May '14 - 11:05am

    @Peter Hayes: I am of your view (and answered the survey accordingly) in terms of unleashing a leadership contest before the GE. I think it would pull apart/ruin the Party once and for all. We certainly need to PROVE that we are responding to what the electorate is saying (not just say – that is what all the politicians do (except Farage – one of his real strengths for ordinary voters when he says (complete with gurning/cheeky chappie grin) “Oh dear, we got that wrong by allowing that bigoted, xenophobic moron to join us!”) and the general public are just sick of it (Harriet Harman was on usual “oh, we are listening, really, really” all over the air waves yesterday). Clegg should announce he will step down after the GE (when the true state of the Party will be clear and the (massive) work of re-building can begin).

    @theakes: Desperately sorry to read what you have written. Tuition fees did it temporarily for me as well but the “IN” campaign worked in my (probably very isolated!) case in attracting me back. As stated above, though, I believe a full leadership contest would allow the media to just pull us totally apart (plus give Farage enormous room for further self-congratulation/enhance his smug grin to an unlimited extent!) (> “Cameron next” + “Force Milliband to promise a referendum”: No thanks! The man has got to be stopped/shown up for what he is (a neocon libertarian in a ‘Wat Tyler/Peasants’ Revolt’ sheep’s clothing who will do anything (within the law (just)) to garner votes, not afforded even more reasons for his admirers (in what is essentially a one trick/one man political confidence act) to worship him yet further).

  • Bill le Breton 26th May '14 - 11:10am

    Thanks Stephen for this opportunity.

    I was not able to enter anything into the boxes – perhaps it was just my form, but someone might wish to check.

  • I’d rather get more people to sign the LiDems4

  • Change petition. I’ll be putting all my energies into it over the coming days so we can get a change of leader and defeat the Pangloss brigade. Now I’ve only forwarded it to one party member so far so local London branches here we come.

  • Peter Hayes. Elections are lost for a reason. Politics is not like the weather, we do not have to put up with it we can change it. That is what those MPs in our party who know the game ISP should be acting on. otherwise most of them will NOT be MPs this time next year.

    Stephen Tall
    I will take part in this survey but I ask you now not to spin the result to shore up Clegg.
    Please do not go to the media with the result and say “This is what Liberal Democrat members all think”.
    It will at best be a survey of 1600 members who take part in LDV. No more or less than that. A straw in the wind.
    This time please make your small print warning that this is NOT representative your LARGE PRINT warning, loud and clear.

  • A Social Liberal 26th May '14 - 11:43am


    With the who would you like to see as leader question, you drag the name you want from the list on the left to the blank space on the right

  • The results of this will ensure that EVERYTHING IS OK. As long as the handful of remaining members like Clegg, there’s no problem apparently!

  • We should boycott this survey. It is clearly designed so that it can be ‘spun’ . LDV are so predictable.

  • Radical Liberal 26th May '14 - 12:16pm

    Phyllis – I agree.

  • Could I suggest an additional question?

    Seven years ago you gave the family car to Nick Clegg. Since then he has crashed the car in May every year. Yesterday he crashed the car in such a spectacular way that you lost some of your oldest and dearest friends.
    Do you —
    1). Ask him to carry on driving the car in just the same way and climb into the front seat next to him?
    2). Find someone else to drive the car, who is both reliable and able to drive without crashing the car?
    3). Go onto the BBC News and tell the world that Nick Clegg has been a fantastic driver and you admire him for taking the brave decision to keep on smashing the car ?

  • John Nicholson 26th May '14 - 12:33pm

    If this survey really is focused on the performance of the Lib Dems and party leader Nick Clegg at the most recent set of local and European elections” it is completely irrelevant. The more pressing question is about the performance of NC and the LibDems since the press conference in the garden of No 10 in May 2010. Disappointing doesn’t begin to describe it. And, frankly, whatever the merits or otherwise of the Coalition and Nick Clegg’s leadership, the narrative in the public mind is unremittingly negative, and can only be repaired by radical action.

  • These surveys have always shown a strong disconnect with reality. If it’s anything like past surveys, a majority of members will simultaneously believe that that Lib Dems will take crippling losses in 2015 and will say that “the Party are on the right track” — an incoherence I have only been able to explain by supposing that the latter question is mentally rephrased as “are you really a Liberal Democrat?” But perhaps it’s a sign of a deeper gap, a failure to understand that political results are a consequence of political decisions, and that “the right track” cannot possibly be one that leads deep into a slough.

  • Phyllis – I am not touching it with a bargepole in the same the way Orange Bookers and their ilk on here are trivialising us http://www.libdems4change.org

  • Stephen – I was happy to send this in but would have preferred not to have been obligated to select an alternative to Nick before I could return the survey.In effect I ended up selecting a couple of names,more or less at random purely so my view, that Nick has to lead us until after the GE would be registered.Surely it would have been more meaningful if everyone had been given the OPTION of selecting other names if they so wished,or at least given the opportunity of adding a caveat?

  • Peter Hirst 26th May '14 - 3:03pm

    We should not act hastily yet the time-scale is tight and I am keen that we do what is in the best long-term interests of the Liberal Democrats.

  • Bad survey. Makes it compulsory to choose a successor to complete the survey even if you don’t want a leadership change. Ridiculous!

  • Tracy and Ryan

    Ok I decided to do the survey but I found that I too cannot complete it unless I complete the ‘future leader’ question ! Why couldn’t there be a choice of ‘Don’t know’ or ‘Rather not say’ which is a standard feature of most surveys? It’s absence suggests something sinister in my view! as it happens, I cannot do the ‘drag and drop’ on my Ipad anyway so I am prevented from completing the survey!!

  • “@Ryan Cullen 26th May ’14 – 8:18pm
    @johntilley and if the results come out in favour of your position will you be ensuring that you use “that this is NOT representative”?”

    We all know fine well it won’t. LDV Surveys are always spun to say people are in favour of the Coalition and in favour of Clegg.

  • chris j smart 27th May '14 - 9:53am

    perhaps the survey would be more accurate if it allowed the many ex members of the party to participate. having recently lost all patience and lapsed my membership and voted green last week you have now lost my view and a large body of opinion from the many disaffected who have left the party since 2010. The views garnered from the blindly loyal rump are unlikely to guide the party back into the sunshine.

  • Chris Greaves 27th May '14 - 10:39am

    I totally agree with Chris J Smart above. Spinning like crazy to try to keep Clegg in place cannot possibly do us any good in the GE next May. I also laughed in admiration at the additional multi-choice question posed by John Tilley; think I’ll take that one to our next Exec! If we are seen to have got it wrong, and to have taken decisive action with a new leader, it will surely show that we are NOT out of touch with what people say, and that we do hear them. A fresh start with a fresh face will show that we are not aloof, not wrapped up in our own bubble, and that we really are serious about working with and connecting with voters at their level.
    The whole point of a political party is to win elections at whatever level, so we can make a difference and improve the lives of those who elect us. Changing our leader now won’t let us win the next election, but the fact that we would be seen to be responsive to what the public are saying should surely help us to save at least one or two of our MPs who would otherwise be lost. It really is time to wake up and smell the coffee. There’s a real world out there!
    Chris J Smart above says he’s left the party and voted Green. Sadly, so did most of the people in my ward. I got 13.7% of the poll last Thursday. In 2010 we won with a full 50% of the vote.
    Wakey, wakey, people!!!

  • Chris Greaves 27th May '14 - 10:41am

    Just a quick point to clarify the final paragraph in my post above: My ward swung to the Greens – they won.

  • Graham Morgan 27th May '14 - 2:06pm

    Just after 9a.m. today I receive an e-mail reminder that this survey closes at midnight. Less than four hours later I receive a further e-mail reminder stating that as there have been more than 1000 responses the deadline has been brought forward to 3p.m. I wont even bother to state my reaction. The facts speak for themselves.

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