Statement from Liberal Democrat Women

Liberal Democrat Women is whole heartedly against sexual harassment and unwanted indecent or sexually inappropriate advances of any kind.  This includes within the workplace and throughout our Party at every level.

We believe strongly that positions of power should never be abused.

We need to trust that there was a thorough and impartial investigation. Whilst our Party has made mistakes in the past we need to look to the future and ensure that the culture in the Party continues to change following the suite of measures implemented following the Morrissey Review and those measures are remain under constant review.

We expect an apology from Lord Rennard to the women to whom he has caused distress.

As an organisation, we take seriously any complaints made by our members and any women who come to us with concerns.

We need to ensure that there are robust procedures in place for the party to handle similar complaints. We particularly commend the appointment of a Pastoral Care Officer Jeanne Tarrant to facilitate such complaints.

We realise that the problems we have been facing in our Party feature more widely in the political sphere, and we are working to address this both cross-party and with outside organisations.

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