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Election heroes: Agents

We are now half way through the election campaign and most of us will be feeling a bit knackered.

Elections are a bit like the Tour De France. A massive daily effort with actual and metaphorical daily climbs and sprint finishes.

We thought we’d take a minute to appreciate the key people in the election in a series of posts which will hopefully sustain us through to polling day.

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  • Nigel Quinton
    Excellent article. For many who feel ignored it is possible to offer positive messages that will counter the populist nonsense from Farage et al. I used to reck...
  • David Franks
    The less publicity Farage and his bunch of Fascists gets the better. They use the standard extremist right wing tactic of inventing a grievance and then identif...
  • Geoffrey Payne
    Reform managed to get nearly 5,000 people to a rally just before the general election. I wonder how many other political parties could do that? To be fair from...
  • Fiona
    I think that's where the various Farage offerings succeed - they are good at selling their message as 'common sense' and logical and simply being rational. They...
  • Peter Martin
    " Patriots for Europe is a political oxymoron.." Why? I don't see the contradiction. However, if you'd said "Patriots for the European Union ....