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An open letter to Allison Pearson: Don’t use terror attacks to justify Brexit

I read the following tweet by Allison Pearson yesterday in response to the terrorist attack in Brussels.

Here is my letter to her in response.

Dear Allison,

We all agree today’s events were terrible. However we have a choice as to how to react.

Even Nigel Farage managed to be restrained within the first hour of the attacks today. Today you have won the “who can make political capital out of a terror attack the quickest award”.

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  • User AvatarSimon McGrath 2nd Jun - 9:34am
    This sounds like just another bonkers conspiracy theory
  • User Avatarterry 2nd Jun - 9:22am
    All these people campaigning to remove Cumings have probably spent the week end laying on the beach ,spreading the coronavirus & leaving the beaches strewn...
  • User AvatarNonconformistradical 2nd Jun - 9:19am
  • User AvatarPeter Martin 2nd Jun - 9:10am
    cont/ Thus, Studwell isn't advocating mercantilism or growth at the expense of other nations. Studwell also is no advocate of picking winners, or of promoting...
  • User AvatarPeter Martin 2nd Jun - 9:09am
    @ Thomas, Thanks for the interesting link. It's hidden behind a paywall unfortunately so I've extracted part of it here. Studwell is partially right ....
  • User AvatarJames Fowler 2nd Jun - 9:08am
    Fine stuff from Layla, but which Party leadership is she standing for? Where's the distinctive liberalism? The problem that there's nothing there that you won't...