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An open letter to Allison Pearson: Don’t use terror attacks to justify Brexit

I read the following tweet by Allison Pearson yesterday in response to the terrorist attack in Brussels.

Here is my letter to her in response.

Dear Allison,

We all agree today’s events were terrible. However we have a choice as to how to react.

Even Nigel Farage managed to be restrained within the first hour of the attacks today. Today you have won the “who can make political capital out of a terror attack the quickest award”.

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  • User AvatarBarry Lofty 30th Mar - 2:39pm
    We need to get behind Ed Davey and our other MPs and also with other like minded MPs from other parties, to achieve the best...
  • User AvatarPaul Barker 30th Mar - 2:33pm
    We should remember that there are small numbers of powerful people in The Media & in other Parties who do care about what we do,...
  • User AvatarJohnny McDermott 30th Mar - 2:32pm
    It sounds a lot like you think we should lie low for a year, Paul Barker? I get the logic, slow build - but that...
  • User AvatarPaul Barker 30th Mar - 2:25pm
    @Glenn The water inquestion is not just poisonous but likely to give you burns if you touch it. That hasnt stopped idiots swimming in it...
  • User AvatarMary Reid 30th Mar - 2:24pm
    @John Marriott - thanks, and I did see it. I haven't been out of the house at all for 2 weeks now, and I'm beginning...
  • User AvatarBarry Lofty 30th Mar - 2:18pm
    Hear Hear Phil Wainewright do we really need all this controversy during this present crisis?