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1 November 2019 – today’s press releases

  • Farage warns Tories of Lib Dem General Election threat
  • Trickett’s comments show Labour are a Brexit party
  • Swinson: Liberal Democrats can win in seats we have never won in before
  • Lib Dems: Johnson and Corbyn running scared of Swinson

Farage warns Tories of Lib Dem General Election threat

Commenting on the Brexit Party’s campaign launch, Liberal Democrat Deputy Leader Ed Davey said:

Nigel Farage is correct that the Conservative Party should be very worried about the Liberal Democrats in this election. We are the strongest national party of Remain and we are ready to take the fight to Boris Johnson as well as Jeremy Corbyn.

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  • User AvatarDavid Allen 17th Nov - 8:04pm
    That's the person...
  • User AvatarDavid Raw 17th Nov - 7:58pm
    @ David Allen Do you mean the former man leader of the Liberal Democrats, Sir Vincent Cable, David ?
  • User Avatarmarcstevens 17th Nov - 7:05pm
    Yes you're right they should be open about what Liberal Reform stands for otherwise this is very undemocratic and misleading voting party members. I wouldn't...
  • User AvatarDavid Allen 17th Nov - 6:37pm
    "The petition states “Boris Johnson and Jeremy Corbyn are running scared of debating the woman leader of the strongest party of Remain.”" No need to...
  • User AvatarMick Taylor 17th Nov - 6:05pm
    There are also a number of well known former members of committees who were defeated this time. Not least long-time chair Robert Woodthorpe-Brown, Mark Valadares...
  • User AvatarJohn King 17th Nov - 5:59pm
    Should Sal Brinton have said "the two persons who want to deliver Brexit", then? Two men is just normal speech, no need to read anything...