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In the spotlight: Anna Arrowsmith and Paul Walter

For the delectation of LDV’s readers, you might be interested in clicking on the following two links:

1. Mark Thompson interviews Anna Arrowsmith

The Mark Reckons blog carries an interview with the Lib Dems’ candidate for Gravesham in Kent, Anna Arrowsmith, who shot to prominence last week owing to her successful career as the UK’s first female director of pronography.

2. Total Politics interviews Paul Walter

The Lib Dem blogosphere’s very own Burbler-in-Chief Paul Walter is profiled here by Total Politics magazine. Find out Paul’s least favourite blogger, his political idol, and what would be the one thing above …

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LibLink: Anna Arrowsmith – Why I’ve gone from porn to politics

You want proof that the media is male-dominated? Look no further for your proof than the ludicrous level of attention given to the news that Anna Arrowsmith (or to give her her industry name, Anna Span, the UK’s first female porn director) is standing for the Liberal Democrats in Gravesend at the next general election. Anna has an article on today’s Guardian Comment is Free website explaining her decision to stand for Parliament – here’s an excerpt:

Since news of my selection broke on Thursday, many people have asked me why I want to be an MP. The answer is: for

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A little fact Iain Dale didn’t mention

If you’ve read Iain’s post about Anna Arrowsmith “The LibDem Candidate Who Supports Labour” there’s one little detail you won’t have seen. The shocking piece of text saying that Anna Arrrowsmith supports Labour is … six years old. Yes verily, it’s shocking news that the party has selected as a candidate someone who was a Labour supporter six years ago 🙂

Hat-tip and further details: this comment from Alex Macfie

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Telegraph: country’s first female director of adult films selected as Lib Dem parliamentary candidate

Here’s the story, Female adult film director runs for parliament with Lib Dems, which presumably earned its place in the Torygraph thanks to the titillating headline it teed-up:

Anna Arrowsmith, managing director of adult film company Easy on the Eye, will stand for the party in Gravesham, Kent. Under her pseudonym Anna Span the 38-year-old has produced around 300 pornographic films. She has specialised in “women friendly” films, with titles like Where’s the Rent Boys aimed at female erotica enthusiasts.

Mrs Arrowsmith asked the people of Gravesend not to judge her on the sins of her industry and pointed to her

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