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Lynne Featherstone MP wins Attitude magazine’s Politician of the Year Award

At the inaugural Attitude Awards, former Liberal Democrat Equalities Minister and current Minister for International Development, Lynne Featherstone received the Politician of the Year Award for her work to secure equal marriage for same-sex couples.

From the Attitude website:

As much of the debate over the issue has descended into hysterical farce, we salute Lynne Featherstone for her clear and concise defence of the reforms. The minister has refused to be sidetracked, stating in March: ‘The

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  • User AvatarMartin 12th Jul - 10:14am
    Given the behaviour of the Westminster government and increasing centralisation, are you really sure that implacable opposition to a post Brexit independence referendum is a...
  • User AvatarPeter Martin 12th Jul - 8:09am
    “…Sunak will have to order steep tax rises to plug a £40bn gap in the public finances caused by emergency spending during the Covid-19 crisis.”...
  • User Avatarrichard underhill 12th Jul - 7:48am
    This seems to assume that we actually want more economists, when we actually want political reform, including electoral reform.
  • User AvatarJenny Barnes 12th Jul - 7:22am
    “Increasing road fuel tax is not a good policy “ Oh yes it is. My side of the theatre can shout louder than your side....
  • User AvatarMichael BG 12th Jul - 3:12am
    Joe Bourke, You set out what might be Rishi Sundak’s thinking. However, he has made a huge mistake in not having a new worker retention...
  • User AvatarMichael BG 12th Jul - 3:06am
    Thank you everyone who has commented. Katharine, Both Ed and Layla are talking the talk but they have not mentioned poverty in their top three...