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LDVideo: Citizens UK thank Liberal Democrats for ending child detention for immigration purposes

I wrote recently of a very emotional and heartwarming presentation at Conference in Brighton by Citizens UK who came along to thank the Liberal Democrats for what we had done to end child detention for immigration purposes. Nick Clegg and Sarah Teather both spoke in response. To cheer you up on an autumnal Friday afternoon, here is the whole thing in video. Enjoy.

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Liberal Democrats thanked for ending child detention for immigration purposes

Celebrating the end of child detention with Citizens UK #LDConf
Photo: Helen Duffett on Flickr.

One of the highlights of Conference so far was a warm, emotional and bright interlude yesterday when Citizens UK (@citizensuk on Twitter) took to the stage to thank the Liberal Democrats for ending child detention for immigration purposes.

A line of smiling children and young people,who had got up at 5 am, filled the stage holding gold balloons spelling out a message of thanks.

Nick Clegg & Sarah …

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