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Lib Dems are the natural party for Eastern Europeans in Britain

Britain’s always changing. That is one of the best things about our country.

Liberal Democrats, and before us Whigs and Liberals, have long supported outsiders seeking to make this place their home.

Whigs supported Huguenots – religious refugees from France. In the nineteenth century Liberals supported equality for Jews and Catholics, who were denied basic civil rights.

It is well documented in history that the arrival of new people has made our country greater. Immigrants have brought new talents and energy.

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  • User AvatarDavid Evans 25th Feb - 2:16pm
    TCO - In your response to @Paul Holmes you say “And no, many Councils do not have suitable smaller accomodation [sic] to offer for tenants...
  • User AvatarJoe Otten 25th Feb - 1:40pm
    I recall Tim Leunig's Community Land Auctions were one idea to capture planning gain for the public purse. What happened to that?
  • User AvatarJenny Barnes 25th Feb - 1:31pm
    We need to change the rules about planning gain so that the owner of a piece of agricultural land worth 7k£ per acre no longer...
  • User AvatarJoe Otten 25th Feb - 1:22pm
    The term "affordable housing" has a technical definition - rent at 80% of average local market rents; more complex when it comes to "affordable housing"...
  • User Avatarnigel hunter 25th Feb - 1:12pm
    I have not heard a lot about modular housing lately.Why? There is plenty of experience/knowledge/production about the success of this kind of housing in Europe...
  • User AvatarRhys Taylor 25th Feb - 1:04pm
    Absolutely. I'd urge caution on just sticking a target out there through. We need to make sure that we're delivering the right sort of housing...