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Story telling might lead to economic revolution

It is extraordinary how compartmentalised everything is – especially when we are campaigning in local elections.

We, few of us, who know a little about the way public responsibilities are demarcated between different layers of government, have a kind of sense of corrosive superiority as we expect campaigners to demand the right reform from the right level.

But partly this is just a function of sclerotic centralisation. The Treasury has a crushing monopoly on economic policy because, well – it always has.

Partly because of that, and because there is almost no local economic data collected about where money flows (the exception is bank lending to postal district level, forced on the banks by Lib Dem peers in 2012) – Whitehall doesn’t see the economic innovations at local level.

And in particular, they don’t see the emergence of a new generation of local entrepreneurs who are no longer prepared to wait patiently for the Chinese to invest or the government to give them a grant – and are trying to transform their local economies a bite at a time.

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  • User AvatarNonconformistradical 14th Dec - 7:17pm
    "Who is on the Campaign Committee? We do not appear to elect them, and they have had the same Chair for years." Presumably the Campaign...
  • User AvatarMatthew Huntbach 14th Dec - 7:15pm
    Frank West A lot depends where Boris takes things, if the majority of working people end up with a huge tax cut paid for by...
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    I find Paul's argument a little strange in the context of this election. The LibDem vote has eaten into Tory Majorities and put the party...
  • User AvatarDavid Becket 14th Dec - 7:07pm
    I am sorry Mark, I agree with Peter above. We are in a bad place and we need to get out of it, not boast...
  • User AvatarRichard Duncalf 14th Dec - 7:05pm
    Congratulations to Mark - he will make a great campaigning Party President!
  • User AvatarAndrew T 14th Dec - 7:03pm
    I think James Pugh is right. We should only back tactically voting for candidates of other parties if they are committed to reform of FPTP....
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