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Friday fun: What could you talk about for 30 minutes with no prep?

I was captivated by this on Twitter last night.

My initial response:

Though I could add in things that Alex Cole-Hamilton has said that made me laugh, the amazing brilliance of the Lib Dems in coalition…. in Scotland 1999-2007, fighting Labour in Chesterfield 1992-2000, Willie Rennie, farm animals and all.

I thought about adding in “Amazing Women in the Lib Dems” but I only have 30 minutes, not 30 days. And if you added in awesome women from other parties – Kezia Dugdale, Alison Thewliss, Caroline Lucas, Stella Creasy and Harriet Harman just for starters – then the whole enterprise would take a lot longer.

And my god I want to her Jennie do 30 minutes on Tom and Jerry. Can we please start crowdfunding for the fringe meeting at Bournemouth now?

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Friday fun: Tom Brake and Sarah Olney in Twitter video controversy

I don’t think Tom Brake, Sarah Olney or Simone van Beek, the staffer from LDHQ who directed the video, actually meant to amuse Twitter in quite the way that they did with this campaign video for Fairtrade Fortnight.

The message was good, although it may not have had quite the chemistry of the old Gold Blend ads of the 1990s.

For those readers who are too young to remember them, this was a series of twelve ads over six years advertising Gold Blend coffee. The romantic tension between stars Anthony Head and Sharon Maugham built up over time and everyone was on tenterhooks waiting for the final instalment. It made the fuss over Christmas department store ads we see today seem very small.

As a long-time boycotter of Nestle products, I had the pleasure of watching them knowing that I would never give the company a single penny in return for the entertainment.

Anyway, back to Sarah and Tom and the reaction on Twitter. This comparison seemed a little strange:

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Friday Festive Fun as LDV does #christmasjumperday

Today is the day that Save the Children asks us to wear Christmas jumpers and donate £2 towards their work across the world.

We thought it was only right that we should get into the festive spirit to follow the example set by our Scottish leader. Here’s Willie Rennie with the other Scottish party leaders looking uncharacteristically bashful.

As you can see from the photo above, mine is a gingerbread man this year.  And I’ll point out the word “balderdash” above my head before someone else does. It’s a fun game which will no doubt be played over Christmas in this house. And, yes, that is Matt Smith’s Doctor lurking behind the tree.

Technical guru Ryan goes for the festive cardie chic:


And here’s Alex Foster looking very cool indeed.

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