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Referendum polling day is fast approaching and the polls are narrowing

Pledge card00The result is going to be decided by whichever side can get their supporters out to vote.

As the Chief Executive of ALDC and the Deputy Director of Campaigns (as well as us both being local councillors in Bury and Hull respectively), we know Lib Dem campaigners are the best in the country at driving up turnout.

That expertise and experience is what the referendum needs – and has been recognised by a £30,000 donation given specifically to incentivise Lib Dem activity in the next few weeks to win the referendum for Remain.

We’re using that money to fund the Referendum Pledge Challenge.

In short, here’s how it will work:

– Every local party will receive 1,500 pledge cards in the post this week. A Riso-friendly version is available on the Google Drive now, so you don’t have to wait for the printed cards to arrive. In the meantime, you can print on the riso or even a laser printer. If you don’t have access to the Google Drive, you can get access to it by emailing [email protected].

– Use the target pools in Connect that identify the most likely Remain voters to pick which doors to knock on. When you speak to a Remain voter, ask them to sign on the dotted line and pledge to vote on June 23rd. Make sure they give you an email address so we can keep in touch with them about our campaign. When someone signs their name to say they will do something, extensive research has shown they’re more likely to go on to do it.

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