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The curious case of Nadine Dorries’s website traffic

Reports of Nadine Dorries’s website traffic levels appear to greatly exaggerate the truth, but the Conservative MP has not been willing to put the record straight.

Earlier this month Bedford Today quoted Nadine Dorries as saying:

Having so many people visiting the site can be quite scary – according to Google I had 800,000 readers in July.

Google Analytics doesn’t provide a “readers” figure, and it’s therefore not clear exactly what her figure refers to (plus it is always possible either she made a slip of the tongue or the reporter got the phrase slightly wrong).

But let’s see how this figure might …

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LDV doesn’t do statporn, but if we did…

We’d probably note that in July we had almost 15,000 ‘absolute unique visitors’*. That’s a little down on June’s record of almost 17,000 – but still our third best month overall. For comparison, Iain Dale received 59,000 absolute unique visitors and Guido Fawkes 113,000.

Thank you to all our readers, whether you visit only occasionally, or pop by often.

Remember, if you’ve got something to say, and you want to say it to thousands of readers, then do consider writing an article for LDV, and email it to [email protected]. We publish some guidance for those wishing to write for the …

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Guido, did you really think Vince wasn’t way ahead of you?

Over at Guido Fawkes’ blog, Paul Staines attack-dogs Lib Dem demi-god Vince Cable, accusing him of “naivety” in relation to the Government’s botched nationalisation of Northern Rock:

What about the naive politicians Vince, who welcomed the nationalisation, without having done any due diligence on behalf of the taxpayers?

Why didn’t Vince ask the key question, what are the taxpayers billions in loans secured against?

I guess Mr Staines isn’t an avid reader of Hansard, but as any fule kno’ it has of course been the Lib Dem shadow chancellor asking just these questions of Gordon Brown and Alasdair Darling throughout the shambolic …

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Gordon Brown leaves Treasury, stress levels drop

An interesting graph from Guido Fawkes today.

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How to crack someone’s computer password

A new survey claims:

Women are far more likely to give away their passwords to total strangers than their male counterparts, with 45% of women versus 10% of men prepared to give away their password,to strangers masquerading as market researchers with the lure of a chocolate bar as an incentive for filling in the survey.

Hat-tip: Guido Fawkes

PS I wonder if Grant Shapps has a sweet tooth?

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When is a boycott not a boycott?

When Gordon Brown is involved:

Question: Will you boycott the opening ceremony of the Chinese Olympics in protest at their policies in Tibet?

Answer: No I will not be boycotting the opening ceremony, I will not, however, be attending.

Glad that’s been made clear.

Gordon ‘decisive’ Brown seems to have landed himself in the worst of all possible worlds – neither standing up for human rights (by boycotting) nor ingratiating himself with the Chinese (by attending the opening ceremony).

We’ve also had the rather bizarre spectacle of being told that this is what he intended to do all along; it’s just he hadn’t told anyone …

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How well are the Conservatives doing online?

If you’re a keen reader of political blogs you’ve probably noticed the latest bun fight over traffic levels to sites such Iain Dale and Guido Fawkes. One bright spot in amongst the postings and comments of, err…, varying quality on this topic is this one from Ministry for Truth, which casts its eye more widely over the Conservative online presence. It’s not a successful picture that is painted.

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Blogging and campaigning: the more things change…

As a moderately inactive Liberal Democrat blogger, I read Lynne Featherstone’s piece on ‘are we making the most of blogging?’ with some interest. Her key point was to compare blogging in our party (largely local, anecdotal, and inward-looking), with political blogging in the US (largely campaigning and outward-looking):

What we seem to be mostly missing are those combative, outward looking souls who spot a story and want to help spread or extend the message or the point or the attack.

Or in other words where are the campaigning bloggers? Where are the people who create a story, link up the stories others have sparked, get the traffic moving to a petition site, and mobilise action on and off the web?

I think there are a number of answers to that question.

The first is that the situation in politics is rarely as bad or as good as it appears to be on the surface. Our bloggers do campaign, and the state of blogging in the US is no campaigning nirvana. Like US television we largely get to read the best, or more usually reports on the best, not experience the long tail of low-impact material that we see more of here, largely because we’re looking for it and indexing it on Lib Dem Blogs.

The second is that blogging is a form of journalism, and campaigning journalism has always been a minority pursuit, or rather one that is best done occasionally rather than all the time. Perpetual invitations to give a damn about some perceived slight or injustice can be hectoring rather than engaging. The Independent for example, produces worthy but dull shock-horror front pages every day of the week and is one of the least read national newspapers. You’re more likely to overhear a friend or colleague discuss the latest celebrity gossip in the Sun or Hello than the Independent issue of the day. Guido Fawkes made much this point in his response to Lynne’s original piece.

But people should care, you might rage. Well maybe. But the kind of campaigns that work well by push communications like face to face engagement on doorsteps or leaflets are not necessarily going to play with pull-media like blogs that people seek of their own accord. With a petition shoved in your face you might well agree you’d like to Save the local Post Office, would you actively seek to read about it though?

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Peter Hain: latest donation trouble round-up

It all started off with Peter Hain (in the Cabinet with two jobs – Work and Pensions and also Wales) admitting that he had failed to declare a £5,000 donation to his Labour Deputy Leadership campaign. But it didn’t end there, oh no…

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The five blogs nicest to the Lib Dems in 2007

Based on the amount of traffic they’ve passed on to www.libdems.org.uk during 2007, the top five blogs were:

  1. Liberal Democrat Voice
  2. Iain Dale
  3. Ming Campbell
  4. Lynne Featherstone
  5. Liberal England

Although LDV and Ming’s site regularly had links through to the party’s site, none of the others did. Iain Dale’s presence at number two isn’t though simply a reflection of his traffic levels: something I’ve noticed on other sites too is that links from Iain Dale often drive far more traffic relative to Iain’s readership than links from other people. Not sure though what it is about readers of that site that …

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Labour donations saga: round-up of the latest key points

1. Labour Deputy Leader Harriet Harman (and former Solicitor General, one of the country’s most senior legal posts and responsible amongst other things for giving the government advice on how to keep to the law) has admitted failing to properly declare the financing for her Labour Deputy Leadership campaign. She extended her mortgage to loan money to her campaign but failed to declare this to the Electoral Commission. The problem? The law says you have to declare such loans.

2. Scottish Labour leader Wendy Alexander is in trouble over her claim that she had known nothing about Paul Green’s illegal donation …

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£1.7 million: the price of TB’s farewell

This from today’s Mirror:

TONY Blair entertained celebrity guests as part of his farewell world tour with a string of leaving parties and foreign jaunts that cost taxpayers £1.7million. The former PM racked up a bill of £235,285 on a visit to say goodbye to George Bush and California governor Arnie Schwarzenegger. Mr Blair’s overseas travel came to £1.66million between May 2006 and March 2007.

Lib Dem MP Norman Lamb is scathing:

“Many names on this list reveal the frivolity and celebrity-obsessed nature of the Blair administration.”

But, according to Mr Blair’s former adviser, Benjamin Wegg-Prosser, it was all part of the

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Guido Fawkes goes mainstream

Blogger Guido Fawkes interviews political journalists for the BBC’s Newsnight tonight.

I think my favourite lines from Jeremy Paxman in the package are “that’s complete bollocks” and “I’m sorry, I think you’re just living in a pathetic conspiracy world.”

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Death by Chocolate

The big issue in the blogosphere at the moment obviously is not Guido Fawkes vs Tim Ireland, but the matter of how best to melt chocolate. (I think it is safe to say that only in the Liberal Democrats would a pink fluffy toy melt chocolate and make a YouTube video, though the least s/he could do is sort out their stylesheet for Firefox).

All of which seems a good excuse to mention Death by Chocolate, an excellent and very funny satire by Toby Moore about a future in which fat is treated like alcohol was during Prohibition, with high-fat food being …

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Tim Ireland takes on Guido Fawkes

Tim Ireland, independent political activist who has done some work for the Lib Dems in the past, has written a post taking on uber-blogger Guido Fawkes with an appeal to the bloggersphere’s better nature. From what I’ve skim-read there are some good points.

If I might make a suggestion in one word, Tim: “footnotes”.  Any chance of separating the point out from some of the yards of detail? (the summary doesn’t quite cut it)

In other news, Mark Pack (Lib Dem propellor head in chief & Lib Dem Voice blogger) is on 18 Doughty St tonight.

Hat tip for Bloggerheads: Liberal England

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The five blogs nicest to the Lib Dems

Based on the amount of traffic they’ve passed on to www.libdems.org.uk in the second half of 2006, the top five blogs were:

  1. Guido Fawkes
  2. Iain Dale
  3. Lynne Featherstone
  4. Ming Campbell
  5. Recess Monkey 

No dog or elephant, but at least there’s a red monkey. Somehow I suspect some of them might quibble with the “nicest to the Lib Dems” accolade 🙂 – but thanks for the traffic anyway.

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Is your site in the top five?

Latter this week, I’ll write up the top five list of local Liberal Democrat sites for referring traffic on to the party’s main site, www.libdems.org.uk, in the second half of 2006 – plus also the top five blogs.

Will Iain Dale beat Guido Fawkes? Will Recess Monkey feature anywhere? Will any Lib Dem blog feature in the top five – and if so, will it be this one or the dog or the elephant or John Hemming?

Tune in again and find out soon…

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David Cameron and Saudi corruption

Guido has now picked up on the curious silence of David Cameron on the Saudi arms corruption investigation.

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Cash for peerages – “major developments”

Guido Fawkes’ blog claims to have a copy of correspondence sent from Inspector Yates of Scotland Yard to Tony Wright, chair of the Public Administration Select Committee, which speaks of “major developments” not yet in the public domain.

If the letters are not fakes they present a serious breach in the security of the investigation.

That is, however, something of an ‘if’.

  • At first glance, the letters purport to be scans of the original (eg the text is slightly blurry, the logo is in colour), but there is no evidence of the paper – the scan appears on a pristine screen-white

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Big applause to Ros Taylor

The Guardian’s Ros Taylor, hated by Guido Fawkes (and thus I am immediately a fan), has been writing spoof diaries from all the party conferences. They are genius.

Their mastery is that they are always just believable if you don’t read them too closely. So far, to my knowledge she has caught out me (though I mercifully didn’t blog it!), blogger and flirt of the year Stephen Tall, and even the Blogosphere’s very own Iain Dale. There but for the grace of God…

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