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Welcome to my day – 13 November 2017

Week 3 of my return to the frontline, and it seems to be getting a bit easier, somewhat like riding a bike. Admittedly, I haven’t ridden once of those for at least three decades, but nonetheless…

Today is the 1151st anniversary of Pope Nicholas I answering the envoys of Boris in relation to the creation of a ecclesiastical establishment favourable to Bulgaria. He sounds a lot smarter than our Boris. Also, on this day in 1789, Benjamin Franklin wrote;

…but in this world nothing can be said to be certain, except death and taxes…

He …


30 October 2017 – the day the dogs didn’t bark…

And so, a relatively quiet day has come to an end at LDV Towers. Thank you to our contributors, readers and those of you that have added to the debates here.

Time for some final thoughts…

We now know that the identity of the thirty-six Conservative MPs alleged to have behaved inappropriately is now known by at least two media outlets, following the Channel 4 report earlier this evening. It does trouble me that there is a risk that, in having the information, but not making appropriate use of it (and that doesn’t necessarily mean publication as much as passing it on …


Welcome to my day: 30 October (once more into the breach, dear friends…)

Today sees the 200th anniversary of the declaration of independent Venezuela by Simón Bolívar. Frankly, there isn’t much to celebrate there at the moment, the pile of notes pictured being what $100 looked like in bolivars two years ago (and it’s much worse now), and perhaps the Danes might not be celebrating the 153rd anniversary of the end of the Second Schleswig War either, given that they lost.

However, it might not all be doom and gloom, as Liberal Democrat Voice has a new Day Editor. To be strictly accurate, and because …

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LDV’s Sunday Best: our 7 most-read articles this week

7 bestMany thanks to the  25000visitors who dropped by Lib Dem Voice this week. Here’s our 7 most-read posts…

Ed Davey MP writes…My family, my party (79 comments) by Ed Davey MP

If they say you’re a Red Tory or a Yellow Tory, ask about Corbyn’s welfare cuts (53 comments) by George Kendall 

There are worse things than a coronation for Vince (97 comments) by Caron Lindsay

May’s Brexit setup denies remaining EU states what she wants to recover for Britain: sovereignty over their nation) (37 comments) by Bernard Aris

Well that didn’t take long. Vince answers questions on Brexit, freedom of movement and single market (35 comments) by Caron Lindsay

Sal Brinton writes…What you need to know about the leadership election (29 comments) by Sal Brinton

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LDV’s Sunday Best: our 7 most-read articles this week

7 bestMany thanks to the 20,600  visitors who dropped by Lib Dem Voice this week. Here’s our 7 most-read posts…

Daisy Benson stands aside as Yeovil candidate (20 comments) by Newshound

David Ward removed as a candidate (55 comments) by The Voice

Lib Dem candidate won’t stand against the Speaker after all (42 comments) by The Voice

The “hit list” of pro EU Tory MPs the Lib Dems are targeting in Brexit purge – Telegraph (28 comments) by Paul Walter

Encouraging poll news for the Liberal Democrats (26 comments) by Caron Lindsay

Could Rachel Johnson stand as a candidate for the Liberal Democrats? (42 comments)  by Caron Lindsay

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LDV’s Sunday Best: our 7 most-read articles this week

7 bestMany thanks to the  13.500 visitors who dropped by Lib Dem Voice this week. Here’s our 7 most-read posts…

Catherine Bearder MEP writes: Why we want to let Brits keep their EU citizenship after Brexit (14 comments) by Catherine Bearder

The UK’s ritual humiliation of disabled people Part 2: The PIP Interview (16 comments) by Geoff Crocker

 So this is how Jeremy Corbyn will be holding Theresa May to account on Brexit (41 comments) by The Voice

A whole load of love for the Lib Dem Press Office (15 comments) by Caron Lindsay

Liberal Democrat Voice gets over its trauma and moves on (25 comments) by The Voice

The Observer on a hard Brexit (18 comments) by The Voice

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    Little Jackie Paper I don’t have a point. I was leaving it to commenters to make points. At the time of writing the post I...
  • User AvatarTCO 20th Nov - 6:43am
    Blair achieved something that those on the left never will - a working majority- and they hate him for it
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    I suggest everyone adopt my home town team of little old Huddersfield Town as their 'second club'. They have the lowest cost season tickets in...
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    Andy Daer is right. I have no problem with the idea of a cross-party review. But if a party, ANY party, is simply going to...