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Reflections of a Hong Konger

Anyone who knows me knows that I am one of those who loves reading and analysing everything to death after. This makes me a somewhat useful yet, sometimes, annoying tutor. This skill suited me well when I was in the market intelligence and industry analysis world, but, that is another story I will tell another day.

Recently, I tutored a Hong Kong student who migrated with his family to the UK in 2021. He was undergoing his GCSEs and I was helping him with English Literature. One book that stood out to me, which I explored with him was “An Inspector Calls” by JB Priestly.

In my analysis with my student, we discussed how this Yorkshire playwright and writer subtly and yet openly criticised the class segregation and discrimination in society, the double standards and the hypocrisy behind women’s charities which are said to help the destitute women in society. Sounds familiar? In today’s society, with the advent of social media, which I see as both a blessing and a curse, non-profit organisations are under more scrutiny than ever before.

Since the launch of the British National Overseas visa scheme for Hong Kongers to settle in the UK, support groups, organisations, charities and CiCs have been set up claiming to lend a helping hand to the new migrants. In one of the conferences I attended recently, a very good question was asked: “Why isn’t there a common platform to bring these organisations together to put out their offerings to those who are moving or have moved to the UK?”  Of course this has to be done with the consent and willingness to collaborate from the organisations.

As Kevin Lam, Chair of Hong Kong Subgroup in Chinese Liberal Democrats, once shared: Hong Kongers have the mentality of not wanting to be a burden or kick up a fuss. They just want to make the best use of their skills and contribute to the economy. While many are prepared to face challenges and adapt, there are still hurdles to jump over and unexpected issues to face being in a different culture and environment. The recent suicide of a 27 year old BNO visa migrant has brought about shock waves in the community. It also brought the community in UK together, reaching out to each other.

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Social Justice, from Hong Kong to Rainham

I appreciate having the opportunity to come live in the UK from Hong Kong. It is a humbling privilege to play a part in the Liberal Democrats, as local champions in the Local Elections 2023. I am standing as the candidate for Rainham North with Stuart Bourne and Alan Collins, honestly advocating for social justice.

The campaign in Medway is determined and real. Canvassing and Focus delivery were steam-rolling a year ahead. I was a late-comer, busy moving from Gravesend and changing my profession into law. So, it was a pleasant surprise when the local party called me while I was on holiday and encouraged me to stand in a promising three-member ward. I grew fond of road works and potholes.

Truthfully, I do see my local campaigns as an extension of my pro-bono legal work in social justice. The power of persuasion, pressing public bodies and utility companies to act in resolving street works, is no less than advocating for my clients who are unfairly punished by Community Protection Notices or fighting for Child Arrangement Orders even as they are estranged by domestic violence.

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What support do Hong Kong people need in the UK?

A few weeks ago, there were some social media feeds celebrating the 2nd anniversary of the opening of the Hong Kong British Nationality Overseas (BN(O)) scheme on the Home Office’s Twitter, such as “the UK is proud to have welcomed 144,500 people from Hong Kong”, “many Hong Kongers have said living in Britain is like coming home”.

Unfortunately not every Hong Konger in the UK feels at home.

A recent tragic story, that has been discussed a lot amongst the Hong Kong community, was that of a 27 year-old Hong Kong migrant who took her life after seven months in the UK. This news even spread to mainland China, but unfortunately was even less known here in the UK, where this heartbreaking tragedy took place.

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