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Labour councillor apologises for using hose pipe during ban

GetReading reports:

One of Reading’s newest councillors has been spotted using a hosepipe to clean his car – despite the ban.

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LibLink: Tim Leunig – I’d pay extra to fill my little girl’s paddling pool

In the Telegraph, Tim Leunig argues that the hosepipe ban falls unfairly on domestic users, and that there are other ways to use less water:

We are among the 20 million people in southern and eastern England affected by a crude prohibition that falls unfairly and disproportionately on domestic users. Drought orders are about to be extended to the Midlands and the South West. Yet there is a better alternative: why can’t those of us who want to fill up our children’s paddling pools, or turn on

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  • User AvatarJohn Bicknell 19th Feb - 9:22am
    I can empathise with some of David Warren's comments. I passed my 11 plus (my parents were told later that my scores were amongst the...
  • User AvatarDavid Evans 19th Feb - 9:16am
    Joe, Please try to be helpful. If you think it is particularly relevant, perhaps you could provide a summary for those of us who studied...
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    I am surprised there has not been any mention of the ways people can return to learning, including the Open University - but many other...
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    @Martin. Agreed the EU meeds to build bridges by acknowledging that the aspiration of ever closer union is a mistake. that it is too centralised,...
  • User AvatarNeil Fawcett 19th Feb - 12:42am
    @Ian - the Revoke policy didn't go through this committee. It was a combination of the parliamentary party and Conference that decided it.
  • User AvatarJoe Bourke 18th Feb - 11:26pm
    Paul Holmes, "What especially qualifies someone from the private sector or the military.." Have you not read Plato's republic?