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On Farron’s lurch to the left…

If you read some commentators, you’d think that in less than a week of leadership, Tim Farron had virtually turned us all into revolutionary socialists.

Matt Dahan wrote a story for the Independent which suggested that Nick Clegg would be “shaking his head” in “uncomfortable dismay” at Tim Farron’s bid to “form a Lib/Lab pact” to oppose welfare cuts.

The former deputy prime minister has been left sitting on the backbenches in the House of Commons, where he is forced to choose between toeing the party line or causing what would be a major rebellion in a party of just eight MPs.

It seems Mr Farron is leading the Lib Dems further to the left than Labour, even sending a letter to interim Labour leader Harriet Harman telling her to form a Lib-Lab alliance to fight the Government’s spending cuts.

Except Tim’s stance on the Welfare Reform and Work Bill is entirely consistent with the stance Nick Clegg took in Government. He stopped all this nonsense about taking Housing Benefit off young people and limiting tax credits to two children and further reducing the benefits cap. If Tim had supported them, it would have been a massive story.

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Jane Merrick: “How we can all stop worrying and learn to love the Lib Dems..”

We haven’t seen many nice things written about Liberal Democrats in the last couple of weeks. However, in today’s Independent, Jane Merrick outlines reasons that we can be cheerful.

First she describes what a Liberal Democrat MP overheard on a train from two people talking about the party:

The MP (who was relieved to be unrecognised by his fellow commuters) listened as these two seasoned observers took apart the Lib Dems. One of the men said: “They’re always in trouble, aren’t they?” “Yeah, there was that bloke with the dog,” the other chipped in. “Who was that one who, you know

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    We now have Ed Davey and Sal Brinton as co-leaders, as Sal announced this morning. Ed will lead the Party in the Commons and Sal...
  • User AvatarPaul Holmes 13th Dec - 1:08pm
    Martin, I think you will find that President (to be) Mark Pack played a significant role in this particular Campaign Strategy -Core Vote and all.
  • User AvatarIain Coleman 13th Dec - 1:06pm
    Good plan. I hope Federal Conference Committee takes it seriously.
  • User AvatarMartin Land 13th Dec - 1:02pm
    Firstly, count The Party President ballot papers. Then we can look to Mark Pack for campaign strategies that work. Then, elect Layla Moran as leader,...
  • User AvatarPaul Walter 13th Dec - 1:01pm
    Crikey. Welcome back Jennie!
  • User AvatarJennie 13th Dec - 12:59pm
    Yep, this newly minted member agrees 100% with this post
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