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Jo Cox Foundation calls on election candidates to take Civility Pledge

We have received an interesting press release from the Jo Cox Foundation which we want to share with our readers.

It reads:

Ahead of local elections across the UK on 5 May 2022, polling from the Jo Cox Foundation (conducted by ICM Unlimited) shows that over half (54%) of the public would be less likely to vote for a political candidate who spoke insultingly about others in the running, as the charity calls for candidates from all parties to promise to campaign respectfully.

With official candidate lists for the local elections expected to be published today (6 April), the Jo Cox Foundation is urging candidates up for election on 5 May to publicly lead by example in rejecting abuse, by sharing their Civility Pledge on social media.

Su Moore, CEO of the Jo Cox Foundation, said:

“We strongly believe robust debate and scrutiny are essential aspects of public life, but abuse and intimidation shouldn’t be. Jo was passionate about encouraging more women to be active in political life – women make up 51% of the UK adult population but only 35% of MPs. Yet evidence has shown that abuse at all levels disproportionately impacts women. In order to ensure our politics is truly representative, we need to stamp out abuse and champion civility instead.

“What this polling shows is that civil behaviour from politicians is important to voters too. Change must begin at the highest levels and we strongly urge all those up for election this May to set an example by pledging to uphold the dignity of all candidates.”

If you’re running for election next month, visit the Civility Pledge webpage for instructions on how to share your pledge.

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