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Opinion: We need a proper inquiry into Patrick Finucane’s murder

In the midst of an economic crisis, a climate crisis and a Secretary of State for Defence who seems determined to turn his life from an uplifting drama into a crisis, it’s easy to forget the sins of governments past.

But some issues shouldn’t be left to lie as footnotes in the pages of history. One of those is the case of the solicitor Patrick Finucane, and Liberal Democrats should return to their campaigning roots, within and outside Parliament, to press for a full inquiry into the case.

Finucane was a Catholic solicitor in Northern Ireland, where among his most famous clients was the …

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BNP announce Parliamentary Candidate for Buckingham

The BNP has announced its Buckingham candidate for the 2010 General Election, adding another candidate to a slate which already includes UKIP, John Stevens (former Lib Dem member and before that, Conservative MEP,) Patrick Phillips (“conservatively minded” Independent candidate) and Geoff Howard (former Conservative and UKIP member).

With the three main parties refraining from standing against the Speaker, it will be interesting to see how the vote is split by the minor parties and independents, all of whom have or have had right-wing leanings.

The Liberal Democrats have chosen a spokesperson rather than a candidate.

From the Buckingham Advertiser:

The British National

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  • User AvatarRoss McLean 10th Dec - 11:56pm
    I don't think these debates have had any significant impact on this election. There have been too many, and once it was established that leaders...
  • User AvatarCaron Lindsay 10th Dec - 11:51pm
    @Ross That is exactly what I mean! Now amended.
  • User AvatarRoss McLean 10th Dec - 11:49pm
    I think you mean Caithness now has a 4% LibDem lead?
  • User AvatarTony Greaves 10th Dec - 10:09pm
    Ms Newman is a disgrace. The rest of the C4 political/news team are okay or better.
  • User AvatarBrian Ellis 10th Dec - 10:02pm
    Jo Swinson should be given full credit for leading the party in this general election. She has stuck to her guns and been honest and...
  • User AvatarPeter Davies 10th Dec - 9:28pm
    The only real problem here is housing benefit. Keep that as a tapered benefit and you can easily produce a universal basic income for working...
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