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BNP announce Parliamentary Candidate for Buckingham

The BNP has announced its Buckingham candidate for the 2010 General Election, adding another candidate to a slate which already includes UKIP, John Stevens (former Lib Dem member and before that, Conservative MEP,) Patrick Phillips (“conservatively minded” Independent candidate) and Geoff Howard (former Conservative and UKIP member).

With the three main parties refraining from standing against the Speaker, it will be interesting to see how the vote is split by the minor parties and independents, all of whom have or have had right-wing leanings.

The Liberal Democrats have chosen a spokesperson rather than a candidate.

From the Buckingham Advertiser:

The British National

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    It's good that William Francis has raised this issue. The commitment of the Liberal Party to co-ownership in industry goes back to well before the...
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    Thanks, Mark. Finance is key to effective campaigning, and our party’s relative lack of money in comparison to Labour and the Conservatives is a major...
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    When I hear the name of Hong Kong I think of the Victorian opium trade and how we and other western nations exploited the old...