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Alistair Carmichael slams Lee Anderson’s Orkney asylum seekers plan

Lee Anderson has become notorious for saying what many right wing Conservatives think but don’t dare say out loud.

“30p Lee” is a total embarrassment to politics and public life.

Today, he suggested that asylum seekers should be sent to Orkney rather than Rwanda.

This attracted the attention of Orkney’s MP, our own Alistair Carmichael, who said:

This is not a serious proposition. I would be astonished if Lee Anderson could even find Orkney – or in his words “the Orkneys” – on a map. His remarks show inhumanity towards desperate and vulnerable people – and disdain towards island communities to boot.

Anderson has form for brainstorming Tory policy live on air. It is a novel sort of brainstorming as it does not actually involve the engagement of a brain but instead looks more like an exercise in corralling as many prejudices as possible into one space and calling it a policy.

If Rishi Sunak cannot bring his deputy chair into line then the only conclusion is that he approves of these attitudes. Yet another attempt by a Tory MP to kick up dust and distract attention from the failure of their government to manage our asylum and immigration system.

Of course, if only there was an actual solution to the asylum system. Oh wait….

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Lee Anderson rejects 48,000 leaflets delivered by Lib Dems

Be careful what you wish for. The controversial deputy chairman of the Tory Party, former Labour MP Lee Anderson took umbrage at a Lib Dem leaflet highlighting his view on the death penalty, food banks, nuisance tenants and the death penalty joked on Twitter that if 48,000 leaflets were dropped off, he would deliver them himself in his constituency. He is trying to lose weight and delivering 48,000 leaflets would certainly help.

In a cunning move, Liberal Democrat peer and councillor for Cleckheaton ward on Kirklees Council Baroness Kath Pinnock duly dropped off 48,000 leaflets at Anderson’s constituency office.

They were rejected by Anderson’s staff who said that political leaflets could not be stored in a constituency office. When asked where the constituency office was, the office staff refused to divulge the information.

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