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So what’s Miranda Grell, formerly convicted of homophobic smears on her Liberal Democrat opponent, up to these days?

Way back in 2006, Miranda Grell was elected as a Labour Councillor in Waltham Forest, East London. The following year, she was convicted of making false statements about the Liberal Democrat candidate. From the BBC:

Waltham Forest Magistrates’ Court heard in police interviews Grell admitted she had discussed the candidates’s sexuality with one local resident.

She said she told the man the Lib Dem claimed to be married despite having a 19-year-old Thai boyfriend.

Grell put the mistake down to political immaturity and inexperience at campaigning.

But another resident, Caroline Dargan, told the court Grell had a similar conversation with her.

Outside court Ms Dargan told BBC London: “(Grell) just started to talk about the Lib Dem candidate. She made some suggestions about him being gay, and I sort of knew that.

“But then I felt the conversation deteriorated into her saying that he was actually interested in young oriental boys.”

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Why is Labour accepting the help of someone “willing to use homophobia to get elected”?

The choice of helpers in a council by-election isn’t normally of wider interest, but Labour in Redbridge, London are showing very poor judgement in their choice of helpers today. For out campaigning for Labour today is Miranda Grell, the Labour councillor who was booted off the council after she was convicted of smearing her Liberal Democrat opponent.

As the Labour Campaign for Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender Rights put it:

We are furious that a Labour candidate, Miranda Grell, was willing to use homophobia to get elected.

Discussing the sexuality of her opponent and spreading innuendo about his relationship was a disgrace

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Chuka Umunna: it’s not a question about Obama

Chuka Umunna, the recently selected Labour candidate in Streatham, has been the object of some fairly wild comparisons with Barack Obama (one is yet to become an MP, and if Chris Nicholson has anything to do with it, certainly won’t become one for a good many years yet; the other is running for President of the United States and is down to the final three).

Sam Coates on the Red Box blog questions Chuka Umunna’s judgement regarding the way he’s responded to these comparisons, but this seems to me to miss the real questions over his judgement. They are over Umunna’s …

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Newsflash: Winnie wins for the Lib Dems in Leyton

Winnie Smith with Nick CleggLiberal Democrat Winnie Smith has decisively won the Leyton Ward by-election in Waltham Forest, which followed the disqualification of Labour’s Miranda Grell.

Winnie received 1,360 votes – a 56% share and nearly double the Labour candidate on 695. The Conservatives saw their vote share decline and came fourth, behind a left-wing Independent candidate. The Green candidate came fifth.

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Where are they now?

Two updates:

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Labour group condemns Miranda Grell

Full credit to Katie Hanson and LGBT Labour for these comments from the Waltham Forest Guardian:

The Labour Campaign for Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender Rights (LGBT) has issued the following statement: “The Labour Party has a proud record of equal rights and promoting gay equality.

“Over the last ten years the Labour government has transformed Britain into a more equal and tolerant place.

“We are furious that a Labour candidate, Miranda Grell, was willing to use homophobia to get elected.

“Discussing the sexuality of her opponent and spreading innuendo about his relationship was a disgrace and made her unfit for office.

“To also

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Miranda Grell loses her appeal

Waltham Forest Labour councillor Miranda Grell lost her appeal today over her conviction for falsely smearing her Liberal Democrat opponent in the 2006 elections. The smears involved painting her opponent as a child abuser.

It’s worth remembering the awful personal tragedy behind this case – the terrible effect on Barry Smith, the Liberal Democrat councillor who was defeated by Miranda Grell:

In the months after his defeat he was abused, threatened and spat at in the street and on one occasion two men followed him home from a shop and accused him of having sex with children.

Hat tip:

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Miranda Grell and the case of the mysterious court transcript

Well, well, here’s a puzzle.

In response to my previous blog posting about the Labour councillor convicted of smearing her opponent, Joanne made numerous comments defending Miranda Grell, including this one:

Rubbish. I have read the transcript of the trial and Grell said during that trial that she thought Mr Smith’s partner was 19 because she had seen him with her own eyes and that is the age he looks. She said nothing about knowing or not not knowing about him being 39. Read the transcript before sounding off.

and also:

Read the transcript.

not to mention:

I have read the transcript

and then:

I have just had

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Labour’s verdict: it’s ok for our candidates to lie during an election

Miranda Grell, the Labour candidate who was convicted of smearing a political opponent as a paedophile, is back in the news.

She’s appealing the guilty verdict, and Labour supporters are mostly (though with a few exceptions) using the pending appeal to argue that, “oh, nothing’s been proved yet, she’s really a lovely person, all will come right on appeal”.

(Do you notice the irony here by the way? Labour is also the party that is oh so keen for people who haven’t been convicted of any offence to be locked up, given detention orders or have their DNA records kept by …

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Miranda Grell: the verdict is in

Waltham Forest Labour councillor Miranda Grell has been found guilty of falsely smearing her Liberal Democrat opponent in the 2006 elections as a paedophile. She has been fined £1,000, ordered to pay £3,000 in costs and banned from public office for three years.

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Police investigation continues into Labour smear claims

The police have been gathering in new witness statements for the forthcoming trial of Labour councillor Miranda Grell. She has been charged with making false statements about her Liberal Democrat opponent, Barry Smith in the May 2006 elections in Waltham Forrest. The trial is expected in September.

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