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Paul Burstow MP writes: Getting better at waiting

Most of us know what it feels like to sit in a hospital waiting room, and it is not often a pleasant experience. The time spent waiting can be worrying, stressful and uncomfortable. Indeed, waiting for any kind of treatment is never going to be easy – which is why the Liberal Democrats are committed to keeping waiting times low. We aim to do this while engaging in the difficult task, set in motion by the last Labour Government, to find £20 billion of efficiency savings by 2015.

Last year I said that people needed to be seen and diagnosed

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Nick Clegg’s speech on NHS reforms: “We’ve listened, we’ve learned”

Nick Clegg has given a speech today at a joint press conference with David Cameron and Andrew Lansley, on NHS reform and the results of the listening exercise.

This comes on the morning that a Telegraph leader declared:

The Lib Dem conference changed everything. Grass roots activists made it clear to Nick Clegg that they would not accept the wider involvement of the private sector championed by Mr Lansley or what they considered to be his undue emphasis on competition. Ever since, the reforms have been in trouble and the three-month “pause” ordered by Mr Cameron sealed their fate. The NHS

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    David, According to the ONS 10,393 persons died in the week ending 3 July (about 1,500 a day not 148) but that is fewer than...
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    Maybe Director of Strategy is a misnomer. I welcome Mimi Turner and wish her every success, but when I saw the press release I said...
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    John Marriott I'm a Lib Dem voter and I've posted hundreds of comments on LDV about a variety of subjects for nearly ten years.
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    Campbell was political editor of the Mirror and went on to be head of communications/Official Spokesman. Phillip Gould was perhaps the better comparator in terms...