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Predicting the future: we didn’t turn Japanese

Shortly after the Conservative Party won its fourth general election in a row in 1992, a symposium met to consider the question of whether Britain – formerly a country with regularly rotating government between the two main parties – was turning into a political version of Japan, where the same party had been in power for nearly forty years.

Even between the event occurring and the publication of a book based on it, Turning Japanese? Britain with a Permanent Party of Government (eds. Helen Margretts and Gareth Smyth), political events in both countries had taken a dramatic turn. In Japan the LDP lost power, starting a period of much greater political fluidity with even subsequent LDP Prime Ministers struggling to restore their party’s previous dominance. Meanwhile in Britain the collapse of the Conservative Party’s economic policies following Britain’s enforced exit from the European Exchange Rate Mechanism (ERM) quickly made the government appear very vulnerable, even if debates in Labour continued on whether, as John Smith preferred, one more heave was all that was needed or whether, as Tony Blair insisted on after John Smith’s death, a more radical reshaping of the party was required to win the next election.

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Book review: Total Politics Guide to the 2010 General Election

One of the first publications from Iain Dale’s new Biteback publishing imprint dedicated to political books, The Total Politics Guide to the 2010 General Election (Eds, Greg Callus and Iain Dale) weighs in at just under 300 pages divided into two (unequal) sections: the first is a series of 14 articles examining different aspects of the coming election; the second non-half comprises over 200 pages of regional and constuency profiles. As you might guess, this is a for-geeks-only book. But, then, if you’re reading this review that label probably applies.

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  • User AvatarSean Hagan 12th Jul - 11:44am
    Apparently, the Yorkshire and Humber Hustings has had to be postponed until further notice “due to unforeseen circumstances”.
  • User AvatarStuart Crawford 12th Jul - 11:42am
    Agree with all of this except the implied position on the next independence referendum. To enter the Holyrood elections on a stop indyref ticket will...
  • User AvatarLaurence Cox 12th Jul - 11:39am
    @Jenny Barnes You are obviously too young to remember, or perhaps you have already forgotten, the fuel tax protests of 2000: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fuel_protests_in_the_United_Kingdom It is not...
  • User AvatarAdrian Collett 12th Jul - 11:36am
    It is great that both candidates are making themselves so available, but yesterday was a bad start. We live in South Central Region and wanted...
  • User AvatarManfarang 12th Jul - 11:23am
    Anti-Chinese Marxism? https://www.libdemsoverseas.com/hksurvey
  • User AvatarGeorge Cunningham 12th Jul - 10:49am
    I thank Merlene for reminding Paul. In fact, missing from Paul's welcome and almost comprehensive list is the FIRC subcommittee called LibDems Abroad made up...