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Vince on Sky Ruling: This should be the end of the matter

Not going to lie, it was good to see that the Competition and Markets Authority provisionally blocked the Murdoch bid to take over those bits of Sky they don’t already own. The decision was made on the grounds that it would give the Murdoch family too much influence across UK media. This isn’t over yet. A final report will be submitted to the Government by May.

Vince Cable, who has a bit of form on Murdoch, it has to be said. was adamant that this should be final


The CMA has reached the correct decision on the Murdochs’ attempt to take

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Something to keep you giggling on the campaign trail

Possibly not if you are going canvassing though. You can just imagine knocking an a door and then an image of Sky News’ mash up of Clegg, Miliband, Cameron and Farage singing Boyzone’s I Swear pops into your mind unbidden. By the time the voter opens the door, you are giggling, and possibly drooling. Not the best way to win votes.

The thing about this is that after Thursday night, it seems so dated with just the four of them.

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