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General Election Webinars 2017

We will be hosting a series of webinars for party members in the run up to the 2017 General Election. These sessions will arm you with essential skills needed during the campaign, including media training, fundraising and campaign skills.

Full details below:

How to get confident & in control with the media

Tuesday 25 April 2017|Time 5-6pm| Trainer: Laura Shields – Media Trainer, Director of The Media Coach & chair of Brussels Lib Dems.

This session will cover:

  • How to understand a journalist’s mindset
  • Tricks of the media
  • How to build effective messages
  • Staying in control

Register here


Wednesday 26 April 2017|Time 5-6pm| Trainer: HQ Fundraising Team 

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Register for the Lib Dem Summer webinar series – refugees, EU campaign briefing and same sex marriage

The Lib Dems are holding a series of monthly webinars. Last month saw the first, on the election campaigns. On Wednesday, the second, on the refugee crisis, takes place at 6:30 pm.

If you are a party member, you will have had an email from Sal Brinton on 26th April which will have all the links to register at the entire Summer series. Those links are unique to you.

Next month’s, on Wednesday 8th June, is a briefing as we head into the last fortnight of the referendum campaign.

And on July 27th, we celebrate 3 years since we introduced same …

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Fancy a chat with a Cabinet Minister? Sign up for Monday’s Mike Moore webinar

michael-moore-mp-secretary-of-state-for-scotlandOur Michael Moore is many people’s favourite cabinet minister. He is also one of our most successful. As a Scot, I’ve seen at first hand how he played a blinder in ensuring that both Holyrood and Westminster parliaments were willing to pass the Scotland Act 2012. Then he brokered the Edinburgh Agreement, setting out the process for the Scottish independence referendum. For this feat, he was described by John Rentoul as Westminster’s answer to James Bond. Because of his work, 16 and 17 year olds will get their first vote …

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Tales from the Webinar: Lynne Featherstone on equalities and international development

When Lynne Featherstone first agreed to do an online webinar for party members, she was Equalities Minister. Then the reshuffle happened and now she is Parliamentary Under Secretary of State at the Department of International Development. Last night she took questions for three quarters of an hour on both roles in an informative and lively session.

“Most of us never question our gender”

Lynne spoke with great passion about her work as Equalities Minister. She said we now had the best equalities law in the world. Her last act, at about 4:30pm on the afternoon of the reshuffle was to sign off …

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