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Horwood and Burstow take part in Westminster Dog of the Year

Guide dog puppyThis year’s Westminster Dog of the Year gets underway shortly. The aim is to celebrate that great bond between dog and human and to promote responsible dog ownership.

Last year, the Liberal Democrats were represented by Tessa Munt and Poppy. This year Paul Burstow and Martin Horwood are taking part.

Paul takes part with his dog Indy, who came to them as a rescue dog 4 years ago:

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Poppy’s pawlitical perspective: Working for Tessa Munt MP and entering Westminster Dog of the Year

Poppy at laptopMy name is Poppy and I have the privilege of working in Tessa Munt’s office and I thought readers would enjoy my take on what is my most exciting week at work to date!

The Monday reshuffle was exciting stuff, I was monitoring twitter all day – that Tim Farron gave me all the updates I needed! I am especially pleased for Susan Kramer going to Transport, we need more girlies in Government. Today I have been working on some messages about what we have done in Government.  I started as an apprentice for Tessa so I really like the jobs campaign…also I am enjoying keeping more of what I earn and have bought myself a new sparkly collar this week as I have a special event to go to. Tomorrow I have been given the day off to prepare for my special day on Thursday, where I will be leaving Somerset for the first time and going all the way to London to compete in Parliamentary Dog of the Year!

When the boss lady asked me to go I was thrilled! She said I deserved to go as I have done an excellent job at keeping morale up in the office as well as getting ‘Team Tessa’ fitter. The pressure is high because the Tories always win and I want to be the first Liberal Democrat doggie to win the crown for us. You can help me do this by voting for me here

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Vote for the Westminster Dog of the Year

Call the Feline Rights Commission! How, in these equality sensitive times, did anyone think it appropriate to set up a beauty contest for MPs’ dogs whilst ignoring all the much-loved cats in MPs’ homes?

Last year’s winner of the Westminster Dog of the Year even got interviewed by Andrew Marr! Where’s the fairness in that? When did you last see him talking with a cat?

Of course, while dogs are owned by their humans, cats own people.  So getting my fellow moggies to express our collective opposition to such undeserved canine fame is like – well – herding cats. But a tactical Early Day Motion from a cat-loving Parliamentarian would not go amiss (can you hear me, John Hemming?)

But – I am a Liberal Democrat cat, so I am used to forcing my political loyalties to overcome my distaste. I therefore feel obliged to draw your attention to two of the entries.

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