IPSOS-MORI have released their monthly Political Monitor and it has a double dose of good news for the Liberal Democrats.

This is probably the month in which Tim Farron has had the most exposure since his election as leader. His speech in the Syria debate was highly commended and he’s been on both Have I Got News for You and Russell Howard’s Good News. The fact that he’s ended up as the most popular leader in Britain speaks for itself. Before we all get too excited. his rating is only -7, compared to Cameron’s -14 Corbyn’s -15 and Farage’s -15, but he has a lot of don’t knows, 45%, to win over.

This has to be an encouraging sign.

IPSOS MORI Political Monitor 2015, Leaders' satisfaction

What’s interesting is that although Corbyn has been trashed here, there and everywhere, he’s still only 1 point net behind the Prime Minister.

There’s also good news on the voting intention front – we’re up 2% to 10% from last month. This comes on top of a ComRes poll that shows us on 10% in Scotland with the possibility of winning 3 constituency seats. That second poll comes with massive health warnings as the sample was very small, but it seems that, perhaps, some of what Willie Rennie has been saying about schools, GPs and the Police is starting to resonate.

So, a bit of Christmas cheer all round. However, there’s a long way and a lot of hard work between this and decent election results in May.

* Caron Lindsay is Editor of Liberal Democrat Voice and blogs at Caron's Musings