7 October 2020 – today’s press release

Liberal Democrats: PM’s speech no more than a pipe dream

Responding to Boris Johnson’s speech to Conservative Party Conference, Leader of the Liberal Democrats Ed Davey said:

The Prime Minister’s speech utterly failed to deliver a credible plan to beat Coronavirus. With the Government’s tracing system in meltdown, a quarter of the UK in lockdown and millions set to face unemployment, this speech was nothing more than a pipe dream.

People and business need not only reassurance from the Prime Minister, but concrete measures to help them face the next six months of this pandemic. They got neither.

Even when talking of recovery, Johnson’s plans were unambitious at best – the money being spent on wind power is just a fraction of what is needed to ensure we achieve a green recovery. Equally, it is more than ironic for the Prime Minister to cast himself as the saviour of the care sector, given the treatment of carers by his Government during this crisis.

It is time Boris Johnson got a grip of the crisis at hand, and committed to an independent public inquiry to begin its work straight away. This is the only way that this Government can learn the necessary lessons as we face a second wave of the pandemic.

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  • I am having a moan! Johnson talks of a new Jerusalem. Has he not noticed that to build a new one he is wrecking the existing one? Are the lock downs a way of ‘cutting down on human stock’ with unemployed chaos, devastating the economy. Wind farms, a pathetic sum when he ploughs billions into his PRIVATE T and T. I also note that in this pandemic the billionaires seem to have been getting richer.Are these the people he has been awarding juicy contracts to, under ’emergency measures’. Remember these are PUBLIC funds being given to PRIVATE companies.
    Equally with all the chaos shares fall businesses are scooped up at chicken feed prices and ‘wonders of the market’ gives the billionaires more. Is his new Jerusalem for them?and we have not got to Brexit yet. End of rant.

  • But what is our plan?
    6 weeks ago I said shut the pubs and do not send students to University. I was the subject of criticism! What did the party say?
    With the greatest respect this is why we are on a steady slope of , what did Tony Greaves call our “decay and decline”. So right.

  • richard underhill 8th Oct '20 - 9:30am

    n hunter 7th Oct ’20
    90 minutes watching tv from the USA can give hope for the world and be positive that fake news from the White House in Washington DC will be reduced of its power and remove the consequential risk of damage to the mental health of millions of people. A better policy In a few months in the USA can be achieved by Biden-Harris. Even the death of one justice of the US Supreme Court, which has caused widespread grief, can be affected by US citizens changing their President and thereby enlarging the Court by say two members, realistic according to Mike Pence. Tshere is no mention of a Constitutional Amendment being needed. Biden-Harris would enable the US to join the world in the Paris Agreements as President Obama would have liked and also provide Affordable Healthcare in the US and give a big reason for many people to vote positively in their next general election. The election of Kamala Harris as VP provides further hope that racial injustices and consequent violence will be seriously dealt with as many have been singing “We will overcome”. Police officers convicted of a crime will be put on a national (published) list and reduce the motivation for looting and arson in shops and housing areas.
    What more could you want? There would be no need for Boris Johnson to follow the intellectua influemce/s of an eccentric in too much power.

  • richard underhill 8th Oct '20 - 9:33am

    There is no mention of a Constitutional Amendment being needed in the USA.

  • richard underhill 8th Oct '20 - 9:36am

    theakes 8th Oct ’20 – 7:27am
    Please think bigger.
    If you are Liberal you are international.
    You cannot be one without the other.

  • richard underhill 8th Oct '20 - 9:48am

    Try the Today Programme today 8/10/20020. How to get the kids to bed. Tell them that a programme by David Attenborough will be played and they will come running.

  • By way of contrast……… a bit of good manners, proper debate and good humour in Holyrood today at First Ministers Questions :

    Willie Rennie asked the First Minister about covid testing for students at St Andrews University (I listened…..it’s one of my Alma Maters).

    Nicola with an impish grin began her reply with, ‘Willie Rennie is a smart and intelligent man’. Willie grinned back.

    Nicola then accepted Willie’s suggestion and said she would report back to him, and ended ……. “but please don’t include what I just said about you in your next election address”.

    Things seem so much better ordered and intelligent up here despite everything.

  • The consensus on the virus is at last collapsing as it becomes more obvious that the measures did not work and never will work. Our government’s real mistake was to follow the disastrous political fad hyped up by the press and was inspired by too much admiration for the dystopian actions taken in the one party police state of communist China.
    Look around at the social wreckage caused by the over indulged lockdown enthusiasts. It is plainly a disaster that needs to be consigned to the dustbin of history and subjected to full open public inquiries. That is what we should attack the government on rather than their “failure” to enact these damaging policies earlier or with enough vigour, which would just have meant more loss of liberty and social destruction for eight months instead of seven.

  • Richard Underhill
    A political party needs votes and MP’s, we have neither. That is the reason for their existence. I was in the tranche of people who joined the party after the 1959 election, and over a long period of time we got it in a great position, over 60MPs, loads of very good second places, thousands of councillors, great numbers in almost all the northern urban areas, now where on earth are we. Destitute. The average person doesn’t care whether we are internationalist, federalist or whatever, they want answers to their daily problems, where are we, still banging on about Europe, still telling the world, which does not listen anyway, that everyone else is wrong and we, tiny we, are right. Another year of this and we might as well pack up. Perhaps we should have arranged the transfer of Kamala Harris before the window closed!!!.

  • Katharine Pindar 8th Oct '20 - 9:04pm

    For hope, Theakes, I suggest you look at the new Social Liberal Forum website. It indicates a rejuvenated party grouping under a dynamic new director in Ian Kearns, and I warmly recommend long-standing members to join it. There is to be a talk on Liberalism in the evening of October 14 which should be worth hearing and is free, one of a number of events being organised. They also want to be involved in local activity including campaigns, in which I hope to encourage them. They could give a real boost to our party.

  • Katherine, best of luck with all that.
    I am afraid it’s all dreamland to me. Sometimes Hope disappears with reality.
    I am a member of the Forum as well!

  • richard underhill 9th Oct '20 - 10:31am

    theakes 8th Oct ’20 – 5:53pm
    The party in question is the Democrats in the USA.
    They will win the Presidential election and get rid of the eccentric current President.
    They do think that BLACK LIVES MATTER and have demonstrated that by putting a black senator on the ticket.
    She has spelt out the main points of the Biden-Harris manifesto (Platform in American English) of which the only thing that worries me is the legalisation of weed, but even that might attract voters who might otherwise not bother to vote. Biden-Harris are six points ahead of Trump-Pence in t/he opinion polls and pollsters from both sides agree that most people have made up their minds and are unlikely to change. Large numbers have already voted because the electoral rules are decided state by state. Biden-Harris also are way ahead in the published amount of fundraising which is often decisive, donors like to back winners. Possibly Trump could spend some of his own money if he can liquidate something. You may have seen a suggestion from me that President Biden should have a constitutional amendment to enlarge the Supreme Court, but Mike Pence has admitted that he fears that could happen and he said nothing about a constitutional amendment, only that the Supreme Court has had nine members for many years, so as a conservative he opposes change from the eight current members and the one which Donald Trump has nominated and which the current Republican leader in the Senate has promised to rush through before President Biden can be elected.
    None of this depends on what our little party in the UK can do. Even Boris Johnson is irrelevant.
    Biden has said that he might make way for Harris early. She is pro-choice. Biden is the opposite, pre-life. Two years ago the Democrats won a majority in the House of Representatives by selecting lots of pro-choice women, irrespective of their views and irrespective of what was happening in the Senate or the presidency.
    Please check it out. No need to apologise. Just wit for the results.

  • richard underhill 9th Oct '20 - 10:32am

    Correction: Just wait for the results.

  • richard underhill 9th Oct '20 - 10:40am

    Typo, Correction. Mike Pence is the opposite, pro-life.

  • What is wrong with the legalisation of cannabis to get voters. People use it for recreation, health uses. Not to mention of raising funds for the economy . We used to be laughed at when we campaigned for green issues .Look at those issues now, becoming common place. You can already purchase CBD Hemp products . The next step is? Is it not time we, again, became radical and lead the field?

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